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Many of our regular clients might now her and for sure will remember her magic hands: Noeline, Vila do Ouro’s massagist, who did some massage sessions at our place during the past years. What guests might not know, is that Noeline is not just massage. Besides massage, Noeline also has a yoga studio (Zen Garden) and does all kinds off spiritual healings and coaching sessions. During her visits at Vila do Ouro she felt the magic vibe over here and she knew right away that Vila do Ouro was a perfect place to have some kind of retreat. Linda & Noeline worked out something what is planned for this autumn, just when the autumn kicks in, for the 20th – 27th of September. Exactly time that your body needs to prepare for winter season…….

According to the Ayurveda knowledge, this September week is the right moment to help your body preparing for the winter season. It is like the same at Vila do Ouro; every autumn we give our accommodations a big winter cleaning. That’s what we have to do with our body & mind too. We are not talking about enemas or whatsoever, because in the ayurveda the body cleans itself. From within.

The retreat offers an ayurveda-cleanse-guidance during your stay at Vila do Ouro. The cleanse is all about you. You must let everything go and make time for you. Noeline will guide you through the whole process and after this experience you will go home with a lot of new knowledge and lots of new energy.

Before we offer a service, we always tried it ourselves. Last year we did the autumn cleanse ourselves and if we believe it or not, we definitely got some new energy, new views, new vibes and some new delicious recipes. So, we can say from experience: just try it what it can do for you!

If you are interested in this special week, please contact Noeline at zengardenretreats@gmail.com.

It is not like Vila do Ouro is blocked for this week. We already have normal bookings, so if you had holiday plans for these dates there is nothing to worry about. You just might see some yoga sessions around or smell tasty food……