Outdoor living room Bungalow Special

New in 2024


Vila do Ouro just started up the new season a few weeks ago. Winter has been used for deep cleaning and strong maintenance, but also for renewing and construction. What’s new in 2024?

  • The apartments got a small make over for the living rooms. Better looks, easy cleaning for us.
  • The Bungalow Special got an upgrade: first, a part of the sundeck (which got too hot in summer to sit) now has shading and the wooden tea-table has been replaced by a luxury lounge set with 8 seats. We can proudly say that the outdoor-living room-project has been succeeded! It is an awesome place to sit and to enjoy the spectacular views.
  • New roofs for all standard bungalows.
  • New roofing for the central sun terrace viewpoints. A better shade and when it rains, you can stay dry now.
  • Some new furniture for the central sun terrace. Two new lounge sets will expand your time for complete relaxation.
  • The half of the parking is now covered by a carport, with 33 solar panels on top. This makes Vila do Ouro much “greener”. Since the beginning 19 years ago, we always tried to have a minimal impact on pollution. All hot water, pool circulation and pool heating are already working by the sun. Next to our smart water management and re-using the treated sewage water for irrigation, we reduce our impact on nature.
  • New kitchens for the bungalows and new extractors in the kitchens of the apartments.
  • Vila do Ouro’s front garden and play garden also has a makeover. This one is still under construction. Step by step this time. We are creating a place where kids can hang out. More information will be online as soon as it will be finished.

Off course there are always works that are not visible for guests. Behind the scenes a lot of things has been renewed. Off course small things, but also big things like a new borehole, new pumps for the pools and new pumps for the sewage recycling.

Also new in 2024 is this website + our logo. Everything in a new style!

As you can read, there was not so much time for us to relax this winter. We worked full power to get everything finished on time. Mostly just the two of us, but also together with the team behind Vila do Ouro like the gardeners and cleaning ladies. The big jobs were done by other companies. It is getting more difficult to do business as everything is getting more expensive and some things are really taking long to get. We are very proud of the result, and we hope to welcome more guests than the previous 3 years.

To make a Vila do Ouro holiday more accessible, we didn’t raise our prices this year. If you want to enjoy this special place in the Algarve, please contact us for availability. Hopefully we can welcome you at Vila do Ouro!

Linda & Joris