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  • High Levelwoensdag 24 juni 2015

    High Level

    Working at high levels at Vila do Ouro! You do not have to have fear of hights when cutting the old dry leaves from the palm trees. We have 4 palm trees from 8-12 meter. Now they will look good for the next 3 month. With the two warmest month in front, the palm trees will grow at least 60 cm this year, as long as we give them water. What you can see else in this picture, is the blue sky. You better get used to this, because it probably won't change for the next couple of month.

    Since the latest update of our I-phones, we cannot upload the blog on this website anymore. Check out our facebook page if you have missed some blogs the last few weeks. Hopefully it will be solved as soon as possible.


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  • Air: 28C Pools: 27C Wind: 8 knotsmaandag 1 juni 2015

    Air: 28C Pools: 27C Wind: 8 knots Air: 28C Pools: 27C Wind: 8 knots Top of page