Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Flamingos30 September 2014

    Flamingos Flamingos in the laguna of Alvor just before the night falls in. The Algarve is rich in all kind of flora and fauna. Today was a semi-sunny day; a cloudy morning, a sunny afternoon. 26C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Bom dia29 September 2014

    Bom dia And there she is again for another sunny day in the Algarve. Bom dia! Top of page
  • Sunny Weekend28 September 2014

    Sunny Weekend And there she goes after again a sunny weekend in the Algarve....26C in the shadow Top of page
  • Algarve26 September 2014

    Algarve A nice and sunny day in the Algarve, with 26C in the shadow. The water of our pools has also 26C during the day. Great weather! Top of page
  • Algarve25 September 2014

    Algarve The small white dot in the center of this picture is an old fisherman. Now you can see how big everything is. The Algarve is a true paradise and has so much more to offer than just sun, food, beach and golf. From Vila do Ouro it is easy to discover the Algarve. Today 26C in the shadow and a lot of sunshine. Top of page
  • Nice Day24 September 2014

    Nice Day A nice and easy day in the Algarve today, 75% sunshine, no wind and 25C in the shade. Top of page
  • Grasshopper23 September 2014

    Grasshopper This grasshopper is as green as the palm leave. He has a great camouflage to live in our green garden. This weather from the last week makes the garden greener and greener. No rain today, just sunshine and some clouds. 24C in the shadow which is a bit chilly for the time of the year. Top of page
  • Apartment 4 pax22 September 2014

    Apartment 4 pax Do you see the top apartment of the yellow house in this picture? Well, that is our apartment sleeping 4 which has the best view of Vila do Ouro. Imagine you open the door in the morning and you see the unspoiled backland of Albufeira and the Atlantic Ocean in the back. Just enjoy your morning coffee on this balcony and you'll have a great start of the day. This apartment is still available from the 27th of September. Contact us if you would like to stay in this apartment! 26C in the shadow today, sunny, but around lunchtime a thunderstorm. Top of page
  • Weekend21 September 2014

    Weekend Excellent holiday weather this weekend. Sunshine, sometimes a bit cloudy, 27C in the shade. The pools of Vila do Ouro have 26C, the Atlantic Ocean has 23C. Top of page
  • On the Rocks19 September 2014

    On the Rocks 'On the Rocks....' The Algarve has enough rocks. This one in todays picture is the big one at the end of Praia da Eulalia. This morning started rainy, but the sune came out around 10 a.m. 26C today! Top of page
  • Fresh Almonds18 September 2014

    Fresh Almonds Fresh almonds! Vila do Ouro os surrounded with a lot of almond trees. Now is the time to harvest. In January it are the first trees with blossom. Almonds are very healthy. Today was a nice day with Fresh almonds! Vila do Ouro os surrounded with a lot of almond trees. Now is the time to harvest. In January it are the first trees with blossom. Almonds are very healty. Today was a nice day with lots of sunshine and 25C in the shade. The water of the pools have 26C.lots of sunshine and 25C in the shade. The water of the pools have 26C. Top of page
  • Jungle17 September 2014

    Jungle The jungle of Vila do Ouro (picture of today) likes this kind of weather: rain and sunshine and an average of 24C in the shade. Top of page
  • Showers16 September 2014

    Showers And there goes another one! A big dark rain cloud leaves the Albufeira area in the direction of Spain. Today we had 4 small rain showers and in between long sunny spells. There is a strong breeze blowing and we have 24C in the shade. Top of page
  • Villa 8 Pax15 September 2014

    Villa 8 Pax The private pool of our villa for 8 pax. This villa is still available for the first two weeks of October. Today we had sunshine, some big clouds, a strong breeze and even a few drops of rain. 25C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Weekend14 September 2014

    Weekend This weekend had good temperatures around 25C which actually is a bit colder than usual for this time of the year. Mostly sunny, but sometimes very cloudy. This weekend has it all. Excellent to be active! This picture is taking this morning at one of the beaches of Albufeira. Beautiful skies! Top of page
  • Stunning Views12 September 2014

    Stunning Views The south east view of Vila do Ouro. Great view to get relaxed! Today 27C in the shadow and lots of sun. Top of page
  • Sunset Galé11 September 2014

    Sunset Galé September is great! An excellent temperature around 26C, a warm sun, a warm Atlantic Ocean and a soft summer breeze. A good thing is as well that the Algarve has fewer tourists in September than in high season, so a lot of space and no waiting in queues. This picture is taken at the beach of Galé; youngsters are checking the waves from a rock. Top of page
  • Rain10 September 2014

    Rain Rain! Finally we had some rain today. Not very pleasant for the guests, but very good for the garden. And after rain comes sunshine in the Algarve. 24C today, cloudy, rainy and sunny. Top of page
  • Cliffs of the Algarve09 September 2014

    Cliffs of the Algarve The cliffs of the Algarve are spectecular for hiking, but if you go, you have to watch out for tricky parts like the one in todays picture. Today was a great day for hiking, 26C in the shade. Top of page
  • Jardim de Vila do Ouro08 September 2014

    Jardim de Vila do Ouro Our garden has beautiful trees and plants as you can see in todays picture. This tree is very popular among the guests of Vila do Ouro, because of the shadow. In the shadow we had today a temperature of 27C. Top of page
  • Rain or no rain07 September 2014

    Rain or no rain The weather forecast predicted rain for this morning, but unfortunately we haven't seen any drop today. The Algarve is very dry and needs rain. So no rain, just a bit cloudy with long sunny spells and a very nice temperature of 26C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Foggy & Sunny06 September 2014

    Foggy & Sunny This picture is taken this morning. A thick fog above the coast line made a beautiful scenery. Although it was foggy, it was very pleasant to be at the beach. Around lunch time the fog disapeared and the afternoon became a sunny one. 26C in the shade and no wind. Top of page
  • Pool terrace05 September 2014

    Pool terrace The pool terrace of Vila do Ouro, an exclusive place to chill, to relax and to enjoy a natural holiday. Great weather today, 29C in the shadow and non-stop sunhine. Top of page
  • Tennis04 September 2014

    Tennis July & August may be too hot for playing tennis, but from now temperatures are a bit lower. Using the tennis court is completely free for all our guests. Today we had 29C in the shadow, sunshine and a soft summer breeze. Top of page
  • Praia da Falésia03 September 2014

    Praia da Falésia Praia da Falésia, a beautiful and very popular beach amonh the guests of Vila do Ouro. 29C today in the shadow. Top of page
  • South coast02 September 2014

    South coast The south coast of Western Europe is a true paradise. All kind of beaches, a fantastic Atlantic Ocean and miles of hiking tracks along the beaches and cliffs. The most popular beaches are still full in effect, but the remoted and unknown beaches are now almost empty. High season is over. Discover the Algarve yourself and book a holiday at Vila do Ouro. Today 31C in the shade. Top of page
  • September01 September 2014

    September The first of September can be reminded as a very nice and sunny day! 33C in the shade, sunny and almost no wind. The ocean had a good temperature as well. Picture of today: the west side of our apartment building, the big 'casa' of Vila do Ouro. Top of page