Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • DRIZZLE DAY30 September 2013


    Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, the whole day. This kind of weather is very rare in the Algarve, but the guests had to deal with it today. Very good for nature, but not much fun for our guests, although some guests did not let them be undaunted by the drizzle and still went swimming. (See picture of today) While swimming you will get wet anyway! The temperature was quite pleasant with 24 º C in the shadow. Obviously, shadow is meant as a joke ...

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  • Cloudy29 September 2013


    It was quite a cloudy weekend with occasionaly small showers. Now and then we had sunny spells and the average temperature was between 21 º C and 25 º C. The picture of today concerns one of our view points.

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  • Wet27 September 2013


    Dark clouds flying over the village of Paderne! Today could be called a rainy day. This afternoon it rained heavily, but after 3.00 PM it was dry. It remained a bit stormy with a strong wind. It was up to 23 º C in the shade.

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  • STORK26 September 2013


    This chimney (see photo) is currently unavailable. A stork has built a nice nest on it. Luckily we won’t need the stove for the time being, because today was, contrary to yesterday’s forecast, a wonderful day with lots of sunshine and 26 º C in the shade. Tomorrow it seems we will get some stormy weather. You read it in tomorrow's blog!

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  • AUTUMN?25 September 2013


    Although the fall already has officially started, we noticed not much of it in the Algarve. It was generally still summer. Until this afternoon of Wednesday, September the 25th. More and more clouds came in during the afternoon and eventually there was a mini rain shower of about 1 minute. This rain might be a harbinger of the weather of the upcoming days.

    Anyway the maximum measured in the shade was 25 º C today and it was quite ok to swim or to sit on the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro. However most guests chose to do something active to do, to visit villages or to go shopping. Today's picture was taken around 12:00. It is the view from the bar.

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  • ORANGE JUICE24 September 2013


    Around Vila do Ouro you still can find the pure Algarve. Read this story of today: this morning we wanted to drink a fresh orange juice (sumo the laranja) in one of the cafes of our village Paderne. We ended up in the cafe / restaurant ‘ZipZip’, just a 2-minute drive from Vila do Ouro. We ordered two juices. The lovely owner of ZipZip watched to the automatic press and then said: "You’ll have to wait a few minutes". Then she yelled towards the kitchen: "Oi, there are no more oranges in the press! When will the new oranges arrive? "A man's voice called from the kitchen that the new load came this afternoon.

    What a downer! Apparently no fresh orange juice for us! But ... the owner called to a regular customer: "Oi, Fernando, please pick a bucket full of oranges from the tree on the terrace!" And there Fernando went with his plastic bucket towards the orange tree, climbed on a chair and picked some thick oranges for our juices. Fresher than this you cannot get! See the picture today and search for the legs of Fernando.

    The juice was exquisite and the two large juices were together 3, - euro. The Algarve at its best!

    Today was sunny with occasional clouds, little wind and 25 º C in the shade.

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  • Apartement 6 pax23 September 2013

    Apartement 6 pax

    At the moment we have still available a standard apartment sleeping 6 for the period of 29 September - 6 October (see picture). If you are interested in a week Algarve, please contact us.

    If the weather of today would be the reference for the Algarve’s weather, the Algarve would not come out very well: this morning around 11:00 am it became cloudy and the wind blew all day. The maximum temperature was 27 º C in the shade.

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  • Cliff Hiking Algarve22 September 2013

    Cliff Hiking Algarve

    Cliff hiking in the Algarve is spectacular (see picture of today, taken near Aljezur). In Albufeira the first cliffs start to form and in Sagres (southwest) the cliffs reach already some 50 - 100 meters high. This Sunday was completely sunny with a 30 º C in the shade.

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  • SUNSET SWIM20 September 2013


    In september it is wonderful to have an evening swim at sunset in the Atlantic. In September the water of the Ocean is warm, calm and crystal clear.
    Currently we have available a bungalow for 2-3 persons starting tomorrow untill September 28. Flight and a car is easy to book, so if you want, it can be you swimming over here in the Atlantic tomorrow.
    From 29/9 – 6/10 we have available a standard apartment sleeping 6.

    Today was just another summer day in the Algarve with temperatures around 30 º C in the shade.

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  • Eco-Boat19 September 2013


    The boat in the picture of today is a kind of canal boat on solar energy. The entire roof is covered with solar panels, which is enough to power the boat. Especially on sunny days like today with 28 º C in the shade, the boat has no problem to create momentum. This boat can be found on the quay of the town of Silves.

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  • First Tracks18 September 2013

    First Tracks

    First Tracks! This picture was taken early and shows the footsteps of the first beach-goers of the day. Beaches that have an  easy access, are mechanically cleaned and prepared as smooth as possible for the next day. Fortunately, most of the beaches here are left clean by the bathers themselves. The majority of the bathers cleans their own waste, but there are always exceptions.

    Today was not super weather with occasional clouds, but still we could again call it a beach day 25 º C in the shade.

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  • FLIGHTS 201417 September 2013

    FLIGHTS 2014

    For the benelux: from today it is possible to book the flight via Transavia to Faro for the season of 2014. Early bookings can save some money!

    Ryanair can be booked untill the end of March, but it won’t take long untill you can book the Ryanair flights as well.

    For the Portuguese: if you would like to visit the Benelux, than you can book your direct flights from Porto, Lisbon and Faro with But for those who want some sunshine, the Algarve is the best place to be right now. It still is summer!!

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  • SHADE16 September 2013


    The sun was hot today! The pergola (picture of today) of our villa for 8 pax gives an ideal shade for the warmest hours of the day. For those who want that too, there is a possibility: the villa is still available from 21 - 28 September (7 nights). Contact us if you feel like coming to the Algarve next week.

    33 º C in the shade has been measured at our pool terrace today. There was no wind, just a clear blue sky and 100% sunshine.

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  • Salgados Sunset15 September 2013

    Salgados Sunset

    This is the sunset of Salgados- beach! Praia de Salgados is a big beach on the south coast of the Algarve, just 20 minutes by car from Vila do Ouro. For golf lovers: next to this beach is a beautiful golf course. For nature lovers: this beach has a lagoon with turtles, flamingos and many other marsh birds.

    The sunset was beautiful and after the sun had set, people still were swimming in the sea. The Atlantic Ocean had very clear water and had about 25-26 º C. The air temperature was 30 º C in the shade today. Clear blue skies with a big warm sun and no wind on Sunday the 15th of September.

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  • September Rain14 September 2013

    September Rain This morning we had some rain. Not so funny for the guests, but very nice for the garden. It is so beautiful today! Most clients are not complaning about the rain, because this afternoon is dry, cloudy though, with 25C. Top of page
  • Amore Vero14 September 2013

    Amore Vero

    A nice thing about the Algarve is that there are many hidden places. Driving from the inlands of the Algarve, we were looking for a place to have diner in the city of the Tavira (East-Algarve). The first thing we saw in Tavira, was a sandy parking lot on the right side of the road. Besides this parking lot was a river and behind the river we saw tall buildings of downtown Tavira. In the back we saw a big railway bridge where a train ran over and on our left were some old buildings of about 4 storeys high, some neglected with graffiti on the walls. A few gypsy women were doing their laundry in the river and they used some clotheslines between trees of the parking lot. Overall it was a parking lot where you prefer your car is well locked.
    Yet our eyes fell on a colorful terrace which turned out to be an Italian restaurant. We had a great time, we ate high quality food (pure and fresh) and there was a very relaxing vibe. ‘Amore Vero' was the name. Remember this when you drive from the backland of Tavira towards the town!

    The evening was lovely to be outside. Actually, it was nice to be out all day: 29 º C in the shade, a mixture of clouds and sunshine and strong summer breeze.

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  • Warm & Sunny10 September 2013

    Warm & Sunny

    Yesterday was warm and sunny, today is warm and sunny. As you can see in today's picture, it is very relaxed at our pool terrace. Children enjoying the good weather in combination with the pools. September is a very nice month, it has a good vibe. At this moment we just have available our villa for 8 pax. If you want some summer in september, you can contact us....

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  • Monte Clérigo08 September 2013

    Monte Clérigo

    The beach of Monte Clérigo at the west coast has a real-Atlantic vibe: many surfers, many fishermen, kite surfers and many colored cottages. Lots of families with young children. There is a good restaurant at the beach.

    The west coast was slightly cooler today with 24 º C and a fair amount of wind. At Vila do Ouro it was 27 º C in the shade and not much wind. The whole Algarve enjoyed the sun today, just the North had some thick cumulus clouds in the horizon.

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  • 26ºC in the SHADOW06 September 2013

    26ºC in the SHADOW

    Photo of the day: the other side of today’s sunset.
    Cloudy, generally sunny, 26 º C in the shade, a humidity of 83% and no wind. That was how we experienced the weather of today. Pretty good!

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  • The Small Pool05 September 2013

    The Small Pool

    Our children's pool has two levels, one with 40cm to the edge and the other half is 90 cm to the edge. Ideal to let small children experience to play in water in a quiet way. A disadvantage is that the kids just want to stay and play in the pool and that there will be no time to visit the rest of the Algarve. Fortunately, it isn’t that bad to spend your days at Vila do Ouro!

    We have received a cancellation for the apartment 'Deluxo' for 6 pax. It covers the period from 10 - 18 September. If you would like to come to the Algarve next week, please contact us.

    At least here in the Algarve it is still summer: sunny, but a bit cloudy, 26 º C in the shade, some wind from the east and a humidity of 71%.

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  • PARADISE03 September 2013


    West coast Paradise! The table just need a bottle of wine, a bottle of water, olives, bread & butter and cheese. Then wait for the grilled fresh caught fish while enjoying this beautiful sunset. The west coast of the Algarve is just an hour away from Vila do Ouro. Due to the central location of our resort, the whole Algarve is within reach. An hour by car direction east and you are in Spain, an hour by car to the west and you can enjoy these beautiful sunsets in Western Europe. The photo was taken last night near the village of Aljezur.

    The Algarve has summer all over the place with temperatures above 30 º C, lots of sunshine and a lovely warm Atlantic Ocean.

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  • A Noite Branca01 September 2013

    A Noite Branca

    The month of August is over and that is a reason for the city of Loulé to throw a party. ‘A Noite Branca’ or 'The White Night' is the name of this huge party. The whole city center is closed to traffic and just open to pedestrians. Shops, restaurants and markets are open, everywhere is live music from Fado artists, violin players, famous bands and DJs. There is street theater, lots of dancing and of course there is always something organized for the children. The party starts at 19:00 and ends at dawn. The funny thing is that everyone in Loulé, and also all visitors from infant to elderly, are dressed in white. A Noite Branca is celebrated every year on the last Saturday of August, so if you are coming to the Algarve next year around this time, you can take something white with you.

    The festival celebrates the end of summer, but of course in reality there still are no signs of the ending of the summer: today was a lovely sunny day with little wind and a temperature of 31 º C in the shade. The evenings are warm and perfect for outdoor dining.

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