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  • Water sports29 September 2012

    Water sports

    The Algarve is an excellent place for all kinds of water sports. The catamarans on the picture of today have an easy take off at this beach near the harbor of Lagos.

    Today was cloudy, 26ºC and not that windy at all.

    Since Thursday night we do not have telephone- and internet connection due to problems in the central of our village. Hopefully we have connection tomorrow!


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  • Autumn27 September 2012


    The terrain on the picture of today is the land where the local farmers have to produce their goods. Despite the dry year they still know how to handle it. Today was not dry at all and it was another autumn day with occasional rain, cloudy and a maximum of 24 º C.

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  • CLOUDY II26 September 2012


    The house in the picture has a beautiful location! Today was quite cloudy, calm, occasional a small drop of rain and the temperature did not exceed 23 º C. The late afternoon was sunny. Overall a calm autumn day!

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  • Clouds25 September 2012


    The last two days autumn shows us that the real summer is over: occasional cloud fields, wind and the temperature did not exceed the 26 º C. The nights are chilly  with 17 º C and that makes us even most aware of the fact that the autumn has begun. Today's picture is taken around noon and it shows the view to the east.

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  • RAIN23 September 2012


    Instead of a sunny morning, it was a morning with a lot of thick gray clouds. Eventually, around 11:00 a.m. a thunderstorm passed over and there was finally a fair amount of rain. Around noon it began to clear up and it became a sunny afternoon. The temperature today was 26 º C in the shade. The evening was still warm enough to have diner outside. The restaurant on todays picture is very popular among the Vila do Ouro-guests. This restaurant, called 'Paraïso do Algarve ", is surrounded by orange groves and it takes just 5 minutes by car from Vila do Ouro to get there. The cuisine is traditional Portuguese.

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  • SUNSET22 September 2012


    In this time of year the night comes in around 8 pm. That means that you can take some beautiful sunset pictures just before dinner. Today was a great day with lots of sun, little wind, 29 º C in the shade and a remarkably warm sea with a temperature of 24 º C.

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  • Tunnel20 September 2012


    The narrow tunnel shown on todays picture is the entrance to a beautiful beach. The locals call it 'Paradise Beach'. The entrance is hard to find, but once found, it will be unforgetable. Paradise Beach (or the real name is Praia dos Carvalhos) is surrounded by steep and high cliffs. The beach has white sand and therefore the sea is often beautifully clear. Ideal for snorkeling.

    Today was absolutely a day to go to the beach with nothing but sunshine and 29 º C in the shade.

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  • Umbrella19 September 2012


    In many countries the umbrella is used as a protection against the rain, but here in the Algarve the umbrella is used as protection against the sun (picture of today). This old lady walks in the morning from Cerro do Ouro to Paderne (1.5 km) and back with a bag of groceries. The umbrella helps her having a constant shadow!

    Today it was sunny again and 30 º C in the shade.

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  • Environment18 September 2012


    With the right education we all go for a better world! Portugal pays a lot of attention to give information about the environment. Especially in schools the environment is a hot item.

    Today's picture shows a sticker of waste containers of the beaches. It says that a plastic bag takes 200 to 400 years to decay, a tin needs 500 years, a cigarette five years and glass remains forever. The bottom question is: "How long does it take to decay a beach?" The answer below is clear: "It is up to you!"

    This morning was cloudy, but the clouds went away around 10:00 a.m. and it became another beautiful day with 32 º C in the shade.

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  • Dogs17 September 2012


    Most beaches of the Algarve do not allow dogs during the tourist season, which runs from April to the end of October. 'Dog' in Portuguese is "Cão" and in the plural it is "Cães".
    What you as well can see on todays picture, are clouds that gently covered up the afternoon. It became a cloudy afternoon and evening. Today was 28 º C in the shade and there was hardly wind.

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  • Planes15 September 2012


    Especially on Saturdays it is very busy in the sky with the planes from northern Europe as shown in the picture of today. The last 36 hours we were without internet connection due to a cable theft in the village of Paderne. The weather was nice with 33 º C in the shade, 100% sunshine and a soft breeze.

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  • Horse Riding13 September 2012

    Horse Riding

    Near Vila do Ouro is a horse riding school where you can follow courses or where you can join daily or weekly trips. There is also a kids club. Around Albufeira are several horse riding schools. Riding through the dry campo is a wonderful adventure. Sometimes there is a road to be crossed and in some places the motorists are warned as you can see on todays picture.

    Today was sunny, 35 º C and not windy.

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  • Fireworks12 September 2012


    Because of the crisis, most municipalities abolished the summer fireworks. Previous years municipalities spent for thousands of Euros for fireworks for a weekly show in high season. That is over now. Armacao de Pera has at least a constant firework-look-a-like on the boulevard, as you can see on today's picture.
    It was a warm day with 36 º C in the shadow and 100% sunshine.

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  • Sunrise Vila do Ouro11 September 2012

    Sunrise Vila do Ouro

    Sunrise at 7.15 pm. The sun rises just above the hills in the east and gives the whole scenery an orange color. The beginning of another sunny day in 2012. Today was 34 º C in the shade and there was no wind.

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  • Port Portimão10 September 2012

    Port Portimão

    The port of Portimãohas cozy colorful houses, nice restaurants and clear water as you can see on the picture of today.

    Today had perfect weather with 28 º C, lots of sunshine and a soft summer breeze.

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  • Baywatch08 September 2012


    Almost every beach in the Algarve has lifeguards during the tourist season (see picture of today).

    Today was a splendid summer day with 29ºC in the shadow, lots of sunshine and some clouds in the morning. The sea was calm, had crystal clear water and had 23ºC.

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  • Wild dolphins07 September 2012

    Wild dolphins

    Spotting wild dolphins on the Atlantsiche Ocean is very popular among the tourists in the Algarve. With a speedboat it takes two or three nautical miles from the shore to find dolphins swimming in the big blue ocean. It is so popular that sometimes 5 or 6 boats are chasing the same dolphins. If the dolphins really like to be followed throughout the day is a good question, but for tourists it is in any case a very nice experience. A trip takes about 2.5 hours.
    There are many species of dolphins to be find in the Algarve and guests of Vila do Ouro have even spotted Orcas. Sometimes the dolphins come really close to the shore and then they can be spotted from the cliffs or the beaches.

    This morning the day started cloudy, but it turned to be a sunny afternoon from about 12 p.m.. It was 31 º C.

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  • Turtles05 September 2012


    Behind the beautiful beach of 'Praia dos Salgados' is a large wetland area, which is a home for many birds, but also for many turtles. The turtle on the picture of today was with many other turtles looking for some food thrown by tourists. The picture was taken at 1.30 p.m. This wetland area is in danger due to the planned construction of three unnecessary holidayresorts. More information can be found on our blog of the 25th of August 2012. If you put 'Save Salgados' on Google you can also find more information about this project. Or look on this facebookpage:!/SaveSalgadosWildBirdSanctuaryAlgarve

    Today was another sunny day with 31 º C in the shade and a strong summer breeze from the east.

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  • Fresh Fish04 September 2012

    Fresh Fish

    The seafood restaurant on the photo can be find at the beach of Armação de Pera (20 minutes from Vila do Ouro) and here you get the fish directly from the boat, through the kitchen, served on your plate. Fresher than this is hard to get! This restaurant has no cars on the parking, just boats (see photo).
    Today was 34 º C, sunny and not windy.

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  • Warm nights02 September 2012

    Warm nights

    Summer continues in September with 35ºC in the shadow, 100% sunshine, a very soft summer breeze and a warm night (see picture of tonight).

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  • Beautiful beaches01 September 2012

    Beautiful beaches

    Praia do Castelejo at 10:00 a.m. The Algarve has many fantastic beaches and the with the temperatures of today, 34 º C in the shade, it still is nice to be on the beaches. Sea temperature is 22ºC, swimming pools have 28ºC.

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