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  • 30 09 201130 September 2011

    30 09 2011

    The last day of September was another lovely summer day. It was warm with 30 º C in the shade. The morning was windless, but after lunch it started to blow. Tomorrow will be very windy with wind gusts from over 25 knots. Although it is blowing, it's still warm and comfortable. The evening was also nice to sit outside.

    The paragliding, as shown on todays picture, probably won’t be possible tomorrow, but today many people made fun with it.

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  • 29 09 201129 September 2011

    29 09 2011

    A beautiful day, 30ºC in the shadow, blue skies, a lot of sunshine and a warm evening. The ocean had a current from the west which produced big waves at the south coast. Beaches had the yellow flag and some even the red flag in the afternoon.

    Todays picture shows a view from one of our view points.

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  • 28 09 201128 September 2011

    28 09 2011

    This is an ordinary street in our village Paderne. The photo has been uploaded to show the atmosphere of today: nice and quiet, some veil clouds, sunshine, 30ºC in the shade and a high humidity. The evening is still warm with 26 ° C, right now at 9.30 pm at Vila do Ouro everyone is still out and even the street of the picture is more livelier in the evening than during daytime.

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  • 27 09 201127 September 2011

    27 09 2011

    September and October are real harvest months. These months, the olives, grapes, nuts, pomegranates and almonds are harvested. The picture of today shows our neighbor with a long stick and a catch net harvesting  the almonds from the tree. The almond trees look like dead trees without leaves in the summer .

    Today the wind blew from the south and was quite powerful. There was a sort of veil thin clouds over the Algarve and it was humid and warm. The highest temperature in the shade today was 31 º C. The sun was very present throughout the day. The evening was still warm.

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  • 26 09 201126 September 2011

    26 09 2011

    This high palm tree is overlooking our parking lot. At the moment this palm drops its seeds. The seeds resemble black peppercorns. When they end up well, they germinate quickly, and they look just like grass. After one year, the first visible palm leaves emerge. After many years, the palm will reach a length of 15 meters or higher. This kind of trees grow half a meter to one meter per year.

    This picture was made today at 5.45 pm. It was a beautiful day, but it was windy. The maximum temperature was thus stabbing around 28 º C. There was a lot of sun, but at the end of the day, we saw an occasional cloud in the big blue sky.

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  • 25 09 201125 September 2011

    25 09 2011

    This sunday was a perfect after summer day. No wind, 30ºC in the shadow, sunny, a warm sea temperature and a warm night.
    The weather in september is perfect for making holiday: it is warm and sunny enough to relax at the beach or swimming pools and it is not to hot for activities or excursions. Todays picture shows how calm it is on sundays at a popular beach of Albufeira... 

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  • 24 09 201124 September 2011

    24 09 2011

    The westcoast of the Algarve is perfect to make sunset pictures. This one is taken at a beach nearby Alzejur and is called Praia da Amoreira. It is a beautiful unspoilt sandy beach. It takes one hour to get there by car from Vila do Ouro.

    Today had a fresh morning. It was just 17ºC at 8.00 a.m. At midday temperatures were around 30ºC. The afternoon brought some small clouds and the evening is ok with 20ºC at 10.30 p.m. 

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  • 23 09 201123 September 2011

    23 09 2011

    Astronomically speaking, the autumn just begun today and we noticed that the temperature was really like autumn. The morning was very fresh with just 17 º C and the maximum temperature in the shade today was 27 º C. The seawater temperature was 23 º C today.
    The day was very sunny, but there were some wonderful moments with veil clouds.

    The picture today concerns a small beach east of Albufeira.

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  • 22 09 201122 September 2011

    22 09 2011

    At the Dolphinarium "Zoomarine" shows with dolphins can be viewed and it has even the ability to swim with dolphins. But it is also possible watch dolphins in the wild. Schools of dolphins swim every day along the coast of the Algarve and with a boat you can sail along with the dolphins for a while. Several boats depart from the port of Albufeira, but also from Vilamoura, Portimão and Lagos. Different species can be seen. The picture today shows the 'common dolphin, but there are also bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales to be seen. These are wild dolphins, so it's always a question which one you will find.
    Occasionally dolphins are also spotted on the beach.

    The weather today was beautiful: 28 º C in the shade, sunny, no wind and a cloudless sky.

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  • 21 09 201121 September 2011

    21 09 2011

    Today Autumn started and it was therefore right a few degrees cooler than yesterday. The highest temperature today was 28 º C. There was not much sun, we can easily call it a cloudy day. At the end of the day it was quite sunny again.

    The picture from today shows a tower of the Castle of Tavira. For those who like ancient castles can visit Tavira, Silves, Alzejur and our own village of Paderne.

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  • 20 09 201120 September 2011

    20 09 2011

    When your plane is almost about to land at Faro airport, below you'll see a fantastic piece of nature with brooks of clear blue and shallow waters, sailing boats at anchor and small white beaches with clear blue waters inviting for an immediate swim. It is  the nature reserve Ria Formosa  which looks from the air many times better than it actually is. But it is worth to visit it, though. From Faro, Olhão and Tavira small boats leave for trips through the nature reserve. It is an area where many rare birds are to be seen. The Ria Formosa is not all about tourism; it  is also important for the economy. Salt is extracted, shellfish are grown and of course fishing is very common in this area.
    Just like the picture of today. The fisherman has caught nothing at the time we passed. Please also look at the name of the boat. The blog of September the 12th will tell you more about it ....
    The city of Faro is in the background.

    Today was another great day. It was not quite warm: 30 º C in the shade, sun and occasionally wind.  

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  • 19 09 201119 September 2011

    19 09 2011

    If you walk around in the neighbourhood of Vila do Ouro you will find between the scenery of the campo, mostly white houses with red roofs and colored front doors. This one, on todays picture, is very classic and as you can see, it has its own story. It is probably built 40 years ago. The man who has put it, is still alive and is still living in this house. Many houses are occupied by people who are already living over here for over 40 years. Just like our neighbours; José and Maria moved to this hill 44 years ago.

    The weather today was excellent. It started fresh with just 19ºC, but as soon as the sun got its force, it became a nice summer day with a maximum temperature of 32ºC. The evening is warm and superb to have dinner outside. 

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  • 18 09 201118 September 2011

    18 09 2011

    This morning at 7 o’clock, a strong wind started blowing around. It was just 19ºC at 8.00 am. Around 11.00 am the wind slowed down a lot and the temperature raised fast to 32ºC in the shadow. It was a loveley summerday. Now at night time, the wind is blowing again and makes it a bit cooler. Now at 10.43 pm it is 20ºC.

    Untill 9.00 pm it was nice to sit outside. Todays picture shows the atmosphere. 

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  • 17 09 201117 September 2011

    17 09 2011

    It still feels like august: warm, warm nights and sunny. Today the highest temperature measured in the shadow was 32ºC. Today was not windy and the sea was very calm.

    It was a good day to visit nearby dolphinarium ‘Zoomarine’.

    A 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro takes you to ‘Zoomarine’ in Guia. Over here are spectaculair dolphin shows as you can see on todays picture, but as well shows with sea lions, seals and birds. You can even swim with the dolphins. For the kids they have a leisure park, a big swimming pool, aquarium with sharks and some other entertaining things. It is worth a visit! 

    Check out their website:

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  • 16 09 201116 September 2011

    16 09 2011

    Clouds were having holiday in the Algarve today! It was a nice day with a maximum temperature of 30ºC, a lot of sun, but as well some cloudy moments as you can see on todays picture. Todays picture is taken at 12.30 pm. 

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  • 15 09 201115 September 2011

    15 09 2011

    This is the river of summer. The blog of the 14th of March 2011 shows how this river is in winter.

    Last night at 3.00 a.m. the wind started blowing heavily. When we woke up it still was windy, but very cloudy as well.

    It kept on being a cloudy day, untill 5.00 pm. Todays picture is taken at 5.15 p.m. Highest temperature measured was 28ºC. 

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  • 14 09 201114 September 2011

    14 09 2011

    The hibiscus in the middle of todays picture just has flowers in august, september and october, while other hibiscus plants at Vila do Ouro have flowers from april through october. More information about this plant:

    Today was a splendid summer day: 34ºC in the shadow, sunny and windy. The evening is warm with 25ºC.

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  • 13 09 201113 September 2011

    13 09 2011

    This stunning view is from our swimming pool terrace and it never gets boring.

    Summer is still in the Algarve: 33ºC in the shadow, sunny, a summer breeze and warm evenings. The Atlantic Ocean told us today that it might be still summer, but that autum is nearby; the south coast was getting a huge swell and big waves were rolling towards the beaches as it was the west coast. Normally in summer, the south coast does not receive any swell and the ocean looks like a big blue mirror.

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  • 12 09 201112 September 2011

    12 09 2011

    Portuguese like sport and most favourite is soccer. Almost everybody is going crazy about it. Our lawyer, the accountant, the dentist, etc..everyone has something in their offices, cars or outfit to show their support to a club. Most people over here support the football club of Lisbon: Benfica. A vilage nearby, Algoz, 10 minutes drive, has even a sports club which is called ‘Sport Algoz and Benfica’. Besides being a sportsclub in Algoz, it is a club for Benfica fans as well. Lisbon is 280 km away from Vila do Ouro…
    The Algarve has no major football club.

    Today was warm with 35ºC in the shadow and very sunny. The evening is warm with 26ºC at 10 pm.

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  • 11 09 201111 September 2011

    11 09 2011

    The villa for 8 persons has a very nice place at the property where you can sit outside easily on very hot days. The place is shown on todays picture. Even with 40ºC it is a pleasure to sit over here. It is the big carob tree which gives a good shadow and some refreshing air.  

    Today it was not that warm, just 33ºC in the shadow. We had some clouds, a lot of sun and a good summer breeze 

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  • 10 09 201110 September 2011

    10 09 2011

    Grapevinesas far as the eye can see. Around Vila do Ouro are many vineyards.The wines from the Algarveis famous for its fruity flavor.

    We enjoyed a good summer day today. The highest temperature measured in the shadow was 34ºC. We had a soft summer breeze and some clouds around the mountain range of Monchique. The evening is cooler than yesterday. It is just 24ºC at 10.00 pm


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  • 09 09 201109 September 2011

    09 09 2011

    Todays picture is taken around 4.00 pm and it shows the high way the A22 around Albufeira. As you can see there are no signs of any rush hour. The Algarve has almost no problems with traffic jams.

    The weather today was sunny, warm and a few clouds. The maximum temperature was 34ºC in the shadow. 

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  • 08 09 201108 September 2011

    08 09 2011

    While almost the entire tourist world of the Algarve takes place at the coast, continues the normal old fashioned Portuguese world a few miles further inland. Let’s say around Vila do Ouro. And that means that occasionally a sheperd with his flock of sheep and goats passes along Vila do Ouro. Todays picture shows this spectacle.

    The weather today was hot again: 36ºC in the shadow, almost no wind and a cloudless sky. The evenings and nights are warm with temperatures above 25ºC.

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  • 07 09 201107 September 2011

    07 09 2011

    A Southern European sunset! This picture is taken today at 7.50 pm at the beach of Galé. Today was a real summer day with high temperatures (35ºC in the shadow), no wind and a lot of sunshine. Around 6 pm, the coastline got some clouds as you can see on todays picture. People stayed at the beaches long after sunset. The temperature of the sea water is great (22ºC)!  

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  • 06 09 201106 September 2011

    06 09 2011

    Summer is still in full effect! Today we measured 35ºC in the shadow and without wind and clouds, it was a perfect day for the beach. As you can see on todays picture, beaches where not that crowded anymore.
    This picture is from the beach ‘Praia de São Rafael’, a popular beach of Vila do Ouro guests and it takes just 15 minutes by car to reach this beach.

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  • 05 09 201105 September 2011

    05 09 2011

    This picture shows a post office by night. ‘Correios’ is the word where you have to look for if you need any stamps. At night time it is closed, as you can see on todays picture, but the opening hours are: 9.00 am – 12.30 pm and from 2.00 – 5.30 pm

    Today summer was back again. 33ºC in the shadow, almost no wind, sunny and a warm evening.

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  • 04 09 201104 September 2011

    04 09 2011

    Our 8-persons villa is looking great this summer. All guest who have stayed in the villa this summer were very happy over here, as you can imagine when you look at todays picture.

    Today started bright and sunny, at lunch time a big cloud covered Vila do Ouro for a few hours and later on, around 3.00 pm, the sun came back to warm it up again. Maximum today measured in the shadow was 28ºC.  

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  • 03 09 201103 September 2011

    03 09 2011

    Today was a lovely summerday with lots of sunshine and a nice temperature around 26ºC in the shadow. The coastline and beaches were enjoying blue skies and full sunshine, but if you looked to the North, the hills were covered with clouds. You can see this on todays picture, taken from our sun terrace, through an Algarvian tile. 

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  • 02 09 201102 September 2011

    02 09 2011

    A view inside the restaurant of chicken king ‘Teodosio’ in Guia. This restaurant is very famous and serves the best chicken Piri Piri of Guia. Every night the restaurant is three times full. If you come later than 7.30 pm you are sure that you have to wait for a table.

    We already wrote something about Chicken Piri Piri on the 13thof August. If you are interested you can check the blog entries of August and scroll back to the 13thof August.

    The weather today was not what you should expect in early September. The morning was nice with some clouds and some sunshine, but in the afternoon it was raining a few times. The temperature dropped from 26ºC to 22ºC and that felt a bit chilly. 

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  • 01 09 201101 September 2011

    01 09 2011

    Just like the first of August, the first of September started as well with a rainy day. It rained this morning untill 11.00 am, the afternoon was dry and around 5.00 pm another rain shower came in for 15 minutes. It was not windy at all and the temperature was around 26ºC.

    Todays picture is from the ‘campo’ or the agricultural area on the north side of Vila do Ouro. This picture is taken on a 10 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro in the direction of Alte. Here you drive through big hills, wine yards, orchards with oranges, tangerines, pomegranates and empty fields. As you can see on this picture the landscape is empty and just once in a while you see a farmhouse.

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