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  • Faro Island16 August 2017

    Faro Island Most guests of Vila do Ouro will arive in this part of the Algarve (picture). The lights in the back are the lights of the Faro Airport. The Faro airport is situated along a nature park, the Ria Formosa, which gives spectaculair views when landing. The picture is taken from Faro Island, a small island just around the corner of the airport. This island has just access by a small bridge. Faro island is a true beach island where every beach lover will find his goal. Surrounded by the Atlantic it can have a rough sea in the west and a calm sea in the north east. The island has a lot of fisherman and small coloured beach houses which gives the island a typical atmosphere. There are a few restaurants, it has a campsite and a surf club. If you have to wait long for your plane, it is a good idea to make the 5 minutes drive to the island. Greetings from the sunny and hot Algarve! Top of page
  • Holiday11 August 2017

    Holiday As soon as you see a bougainvillea at your towels, you know that your holiday at Vila do Ouro has begun! Sunny regards from the Algarve!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž Top of page
  • Summer09 August 2017

    Summer ๐ŸŒž Top of page
  • 03 August 2017

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  • Local Food01 August 2017

    Local Food Local fruits and vegetables are very very delicious. You cannot compare it to the fruits and vegetables which you buy in supermarkets. The more ucly the tomatos are, the more tasty they are. The local olives are not all equal as they are in the cans you buy in supermarkets, but the taste of the local olives is 1000 times better. Local fruits & veggies you buy at local stores. Our favourite is the small store at the left side of the church of Paderne. At the moment lovely summer weather in the Algarve! Sunny regards ๐ŸŒž Top of page