Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Diving Algarve31 August 2014

    Diving Algarve 'Olá!' De Algarve has the Atlantic Ocean which is an excellent place for diving. Albufeira has two diving schools. Today had great weather with 30C in the shade an no wind. Top of page
  • Baby Palm Tree29 August 2014

    Baby Palm Tree This small palm tree can reach 20 meters high in 15 years. Now it has to fight for some space between the pedras. 35C today and a clear blue sky. Top of page
  • Cloud28 August 2014

    Cloud 'Oh my god, there is a cloud!!' Yes, we have spotted a cloud in the clear sky today. It was about 6:45 p.m. We made this picture from this rare phenomenon. 37C in the shade today. Top of page
  • Sunset27 August 2014

    Sunset This one is taken just after 7:00 p.m at one of the busiest beaches of Albufeira. Especially for you to get the sunset feeling of south Algarve. 36C today and non-stop sunshine. Sea 23C! Top of page
  • Warm26 August 2014

    Warm 39C in the shadow is what we had today so we can call this day a warm day! 100% sunshine and a warm summer breeze. The temperature this evening is still high and therefore excellent for an outdoor diner at the beach (picture). Top of page
  • Mikkie25 August 2014

    Mikkie The 6-week holiday at Vila do Ouro of the stray dog Mikkie is over. Today Mikkie caught the plain to Holland to his new home. Mikkie has to get used to the rain and cold weather, but we have found a good loving family for him. We will miss Mikkie, as well as lots of our guest will do, but now he cannot wake us up with his night time barking. 6 weeks ago, Mikkie turned up in our street, followed some guests and Mikkie made his way into Vila do Ouro. Guests gave him some food and since then he didn't leave our place. Every night we have put him to the street, but the first one who openend the gate, openend it as well for Mickie. Luckely most clients didn't bother his precence. It is a very nice dog. Linda gave him a big hug (picture) just before leaving his holiday accommodation. Today 31C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Fatacil Lagoa23 August 2014

    Fatacil Lagoa Every August, the small city of Lagoa (25 minutes from Vila do Ouro) organizes the "Fatacil". This is a festival-market with local products, local businesses showing their products, horses, cows and small animals, culinaire with lots of regional restaurants, wine tasting, animation for children, dance shows and last but not least music with big stars from Portugal. Like the famous Fado singer Ana Moura who had her show tonight. This Fatacil takes 10 days and starts at 18h00. Thousands of visitors from Portugal and abroad! Todays picture shows one of the culinaire parts of the Fatacil. 29C today! Top of page
  • 100% summer23 August 2014

    100% summer Unlimited summer weather in this August 2014. 35C in the shade today, 100% sunshine and a soft and gentle summer breeze. If you want to enjoy our small and friendly paradise in the Algarve, then please contact us at Top of page
  • Kids21 August 2014

    Kids This is the playing field of Vila do Ouro. Kids can run around here or play a game of soccer. 31C in the shadow today. Top of page
  • Boa noite20 August 2014

    Boa noite Goodnight everybody! Boa noite a todos! Tomorrrow again a beautiful day in the Algarve! Top of page
  • Hibiscus19 August 2014

    Hibiscus Excellent holiday weather today! Sunny, 26C during the morning, the afternoon had 30C but with a nice summer breeze. This yellow hibiscus makes this picture very summery, just what we need today to transfer the summer feeling! Top of page
  • Atlantic Ocean18 August 2014

    Atlantic Ocean The Atlantic Ocean had some small waves at the south coast today due to the current from the south. This current also brings some warmer water. Todays temperature was 31C at Vila do Ouro! Top of page
  • Medieval Festival18 August 2014

    Medieval Festival The Medieval Festival in Silves is defently worth a vist. Every summer in August the small city Silves will completely go back to the Middle Ages for 10 days. A good atmosphere, shows, dances, Middle Age food & drinks, Arabian Markets etc is what it is all about. Check out this small video to get an impression. Today we had 34C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Villa16 August 2014

    Villa Vila do Ouro, the 'village of gold'! Sunsey at the pool of our villa sleeping 8. This villa is still available next week... So if you want to stay in this excellent house, please contact us. Today we had 33C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Party15 August 2014

    Party Ibiza was not the party place to be today. Todays party was in the port of Albufeira where a sunset party had the best DJs of the world like Armin van Buren. Albufeira is in high season famous for its clubs, dancings, bars and other night life things. From Vila do Ouro it is just 10 minutes by car, so if you want you can go for some night life and come back in the peace and natural environment of Vila fo Ouro. Today we had 33C. Top of page
  • Fresh Fruit13 August 2014

    Fresh Fruit In Portugal you can buy fresh fruit along te road. It is usually better and cheaper than fruit from the supermarket. It is also good to support the local economy. Today 34C in the shadow..... Top of page
  • 12 August 2014

    Top of page
  • Outdoor lights11 August 2014

    Outdoor lights Vila do Ouro has 124 light bulbs for the outdoor ligtning. With this, vila do ouro has enough light for outdoor life in the evening and for the romantic atmosphere. The full moon from the last days helps as well. We almost can read a book in the moon light! Today 31C in the shade.. Top of page
  • Algarve Evenings09 August 2014

    Algarve Evenings End of the day, empty beaches, but still warm enough for enjoying the sand and the sea. Today was sunny, 34C and frok time to time a nice summer breeze. Top of page
  • Non-Stop Sunshine08 August 2014

    Non-Stop Sunshine Blue skies at Vila do Ouro. Non-Stop sunshine and 34C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Fruits06 August 2014

    Fruits The soft climate at Vila do Ouro is excellent for all types of fruits. We have bananas, as you can see in todays picture, but as well avocados, pomegranates, olives, papayas, oranges, lemons, grapefruits and many more. Today we had 35C in the shadow, a bit wind and a lot of sunshine. Top of page
  • Bungalow05 August 2014

    Bungalow All our bungalows have a private terrace where you can enjoy sitting outside and having your outdoor breakfasts, lunches and diners. Today was windy, 35C in the shadow and just sunny. Top of page
  • The Beach04 August 2014

    The Beach zoomarine, the biggest leisure park of the Algarve(15 minutes drive of Vila do Ouro) has a new attraction: 'The Beach'. This is a artificial beach with a pool with waves and slides. There is even a real team of lifeguards! Why an artificial beach while the Algarve has lots of paradisiacal beaches itself? Well Zoomarine has a lot of attractions and shows which you can now combine with a day at 'the Beach'. The kids will love it!! Today 30C in the shade, sunny and windy. Top of page
  • Sunday Lunch03 August 2014

    Sunday Lunch Having lunch in one of the many beach restaurants of the Algarve is always a good idea in order to avoid the strong sun during mid day. Today had 28C, 16 knots wind and a humidity of 61%. Top of page
  • Too cold for August02 August 2014

    Too cold for August August has an average temperature of 33C in the shadow, but today had a temperature far below the average: 26C. It was a bit cloudy, but the afternoon was sunny though. Normal temperatures are forecasted for next week. Top of page
  • Pomegranate01 August 2014

    Pomegranate The pomgranates need another 4 month before we can consume them. Today was a nice day with 27C in the shade. Top of page