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  • BANANAS31 August 2013


    Find the bananas! Our banana trees have produced two bunches of bananas this month. Maybe you remember our concerns about not having bananas this year (blog of 22 July 2013). Well, the trees did a good job this month as you can see in this picture of today. The bunch of bananas in the picture probably will be ready for our juices by the end of October.

    Today it is 30 º C in the shade, there is little wind, there are some cumulus clouds and it is 90% sunny.

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  • Thunder29 August 2013


    Vila do Ouro is nice and bright as you can see in today’s picture! The next few days will probably be even brighter, due to today’s rain shower. Around 6.00 pm we had some rain and it washed away all the dust from the plants and trees. The whole day was a bit humid with 28 º C in the shade. We heard thunderstorms in the North during the whole afternoon . Finally at 6.00 pm we had a big rain shower, the first since a few month. Delicious for the garden!

    Today's picture: the eastern part of our pool terrace. Taken around 4.00 p.m.

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  • Souvenir?28 August 2013


    Keep the summer in your home with a real ‘Maggie’ on the wall! The Dutch artist Maggie has made all the paintings of all accommodations at Vila do Ouro. See the photo of today with one of the paintings. This picture is taken in one of our cozy and romantic bungalows. Maggie makes custom paintings. Please feel free to contact her via

    This delicious Wednesday was a bit cloudy, had a humidity of 73%, had quite a lot of sunshine, little wind and a temperature of 26 º C in the shade.

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  • Remote beaches27 August 2013

    Remote beaches

    With a motor boat you'll have an easy access to inaccessible beaches. See photo of today. Great if you want a private beach and plenty of space!

    This day started cloudy and after lunch time it became sunny. We measured up to 28 º C in the shade. Lovely!

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  • OURA26 August 2013


    The bay in this picture has almost the same name as Vila do Ouro. The bay is namely called Praia da Oura. This is a beautiful bay with a beautiful beach and therefore it is always crowded and crammed with hotels. Because of the crowds, this beach is not exactly a beach where the average guest of Vila do Ouro would like to be, but in the off-season it might be worth a visit. If you leave out the concrete, you can still see how beautiful Praia da Oura has been about 30 years ago.

    This day started cloudy and after lunch it became sunny. We measured 27 º C in the shade and we had a nice cool breeze.

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  • Green Pool Lights25 August 2013

    Green Pool Lights

    Yesterday we put a picture of the blue / purple version on the blog, today we have the green version. See yesterday's blog for the difference.

    Nice weather today! A fantastic summer breeze, a hot sun and only 29 º C in the shade. Lovely!

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  • POOL LIGHTS24 August 2013


    The new pool lights of Vila do Ouro give fairytale colors. For those who want to see this with their own eyes: we still have available a studio for 2-4 people and a bungalow for 2-3 persons for 27.08 – 03.09. Our villa for 8 persons is still available for 28.08 – 07.09.

    This Saturday was a lovely summer day with 33 º C in the shade, sunshine and a nice refreshing summer breeze.

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  • CASA DA FONTE23 August 2013


    Albufeira has hundreds of places to eat and we can safely say that 70% of them are not quality restaurants. The remaining 30% is good, but these are difficult to find for a layman in the maze of small streets full of bars and restaurants. In our guide which is in each accommodation of Vila do Ouro, we have put  a number of good restaurants of Albufeira. Casa da Fonte is one of them. Delicious and honest Portuguese food in a restaurant which is already operating for many years The menu is Portuguese, but the atmosphere on the terrace under the pergola of grapes and lemons, makes dining complete (see picture of today). You will find Casa de Fonte in the old town at the steps of the beach tunnel.

    Today 38 º C in the shade, sunny, nice breeze, pools 28 º C, sea 24 º C.

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  • FATACIL ALGARVE 201322 August 2013


    Every year around this time, the small town of Lagoa organizes the Fatacil. Lagoa takes a 30 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. The Fatacil last about 10 days and is can be recommended to visit once during your holiday. It is a kind of night exhibition / market with many local products, especially handmade products. Think about wine, honey, painted dishes, liqueurs, baskets, nuts, fruits, piri piri sauces, shoes, cakes and breads, tiles, clothes etc. There are also companies that show their stuff. You'll find everything from windows and shutters to computers, beds, engines, cars, hoses and pools. There is also a cattle market and also are sold tractors at the Fatacil. Of course there are many food and beverage outlets serving local delicacies. And Portugal would not be Portugal without organizing something for the children: many play areas and there is a lot of sweetness to buy. The children are happy and you’ll see them running around until 1:00 a.m.. From 10.00 p.m famous Portuguese music artists will rock the Fatacil. The Fatacil starts at 6.00 p.m., ends at 0.00 pm and on weekends at 1:00 a.m. It is visited every year by thousands of people.

    Today we had some thick veil clouds above this part of the Algarve. The sun was not 100% effective, but on the other hand, the earth could not lose its heat. It was quite warm (humid) with 36 º C in the shade.

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  • Massage Vila do Ouro21 August 2013

    Massage Vila do Ouro

    A stay at Vila do Ouro is obviously very relaxed, but what many people do not know is that it can be even more relaxed: Luisa, an experienced and qualified holistic therapist, gives also massages at Vila do Ouro since this summer (see picture of today). Our guests can book her and she will let you experience a high quality massage in your own accommodation. In an instant Luisa transforms the accommodation into a massage studio with massage bed, music and scents. More information about Luisa can be found on her website:

    A Full Body Massage is 50 euros (60 minutes).

    Today was a top summer today: 35 º C in the shade, sunny and a summer breeze.

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  • PARASAILING20 August 2013


    With only one knot you are attached to the speed boat below (see the picture of today). Within just a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro, at Praia da Oura, you can attach yourself to a large parachute. Parasailing is available throughout the day from 10:00 a.m untill 8.00 p.m. It is great to explore the coastline of the Algarve at high altitude!
    The sea had again a lovely temperature (25 º C). There was little wind, just sun and a 35 º C in the shade.

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  • Warm18 August 2013



    Warm weather (35ºC)! So we recommend to take a dip in the fresh Atlantic Ocean! This photo was taken on a beach near Vila do Ouro (7 km).

    Do you also would like to feel a real summer in the Algarve? Our availability:

    -23.08 – 01.09 we have the Bungalow Special available.

    -27.08 – 03.09 we have a studio for 2-4 persons available and a bungalow for 2-3 persons.

    -27.08 – 07.09 we have available our fantastic villa for 8 persons.

    Contact us and ask about the last-minute prices.

    Then something else: If someone wants a small kitten, 3 weeks old, we'd love to hear it As reported last week, we found three kittens. They still get the bottle from us, but they are also already started to eat solid food. Also good to know, they are already housebroken!

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  • The Streets of the Algarve17 August 2013

    The Streets of the Algarve

    It was again completely sunny today! At Vila do Ouro we often have a nice summer breeze blowing, but in the small fine streets of most picturesque villages of the Algarve, the temperature rises easily between the concrete. (See picture of today, taken in Silves) We have measured 35 º C in the shade and especially this morning we had a nice summer breeze.

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    The Algarve has several theme parks and activities, but today we have a special park in the blog, "Parque Aventura". This park is a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. It is near the beach of Santa Eulalia of Albufeira. Here you can feel like a real Tarzan, have an adventure and you can explore your limits. The park consists of a whole bunch of tall trees where you can find some nice trails at different heights. These trails consist of walkways, nets, swing ropes, abseiling jobs etc. All these activities in the shade of the pines and eucalyptus trees with their lovely fresh air! The first course is suitable for children from 4 years. The second course is suitable for children with a length of 1.30 meters. Track 3 and 4 are suitable for children over 1.40 meters. Of course, adults also have a lot of fun. Many adult shake their legs, while children are swinging as real monkeys through the trees. Everyone is of course secured. Definitely recommended for families with children. See also

    Do you feel like having a holiday in the Algarve? Our villa for 8 persons is still available from August the 27th untill September the 7th!

     Today was a warm day. 36 º C in the shade, sunny and a summer breeze in the afternoon. The evening got some clouds.

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    Yesterday the Algarve had a big party in the stadium of Faro with the match Portugal - Netherlands. The match was sold out and the 29,031 spectators were going crazy. Generally, there were Portuguese and Dutch, but there were also many Englishmen, Germans, Belgians, French, Spaniards, Romanians etc. We heard a lot of languages all around us. The atmosphere could absolutely be called friendly. This match brought no winner, but Portugal is absolute the winner with the game 'who has the most sunny hours in August?'. Over here in the Algarve is just sun sun sun, day in and day out.

    If you need some extra summer, then there are last minute opportunities at Vila do Ouro.
    We still have a bungalow available for 17-26 August, the bungalow Special for  23/8 – 1/9 and a studio for 2-4 persons for 27/8-3/9.

    Today 36 º C in the shade and a summer breeze in the afternoon.

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  • Lily13 August 2013


    The water lily is a beautiful flower as shown in the picture of today. This photo was taken today from our pond at the studios for 2-4 persons.

    It was a wonderful sunny day with 36 º in the shade and not much wind.
    If you also want to stay in the sunny Algarve then we have still a few options for you:

    - A standard bungalow for the period of 17.08 – 26.08
    - The bungalow Special for the period of 23.08 – 01.09
    - A studio for 2-4 persons for the period of 27.08 – 03.09
    - A standard bungalow for the period of 27.09 – 04.09

    (For the guests of the Benelux: the airline transavia has discounted rates to fly to Faro. It's definitely worth it just to investigate and perhaps to make a last - minute holiday booking)

    We hope to hear from you!

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  • SUNSET WEST COAST12 August 2013


    Sunset West Coast Algarve! Today the sun did not ‘sink’ into the sea, but today the sun slowly disappeared into the sea fog. Also beautiful! The beach in the picture of today is Praia de Amoreira near Aljezur. All beaches on the west coast of the Algarve are 'pearls'. If the paradisiacal beaches of our southern coast may be too busy for you at this time of year, you can always swerve once to the beaches of the west coast. 45 – 60 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro.

    Today 35 ° C, sunny and little wind.

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  • Algarve Summer Festivals11 August 2013

    Algarve Summer Festivals

    The first two weeks of August are the busiest weeks in the Algarve. It is not always perceived as annoying. Because of the huge amount of tourists, a lot of festivals are organized. For example the Medieval festivals in Silves, the Sardine festival in Olhão, Summer Street Theater in Tavira, next Wednesday the football match Portugal - Netherlands in Faro and for example tonight the rock band Keane is in concert at the race track of Portimão. The Algarve is in full effect in August.
    But with or without festivals and concerts, people always will enjoy the beaches (see picture of today)

    The last few days were warm with 35 º C in the shade, a light summer breeze, 100% sunshine and balmy evenings. 

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  • Village life09 August 2013

    Village life

    The woman in the picture of today enjoys the shade at her front door. Around the end of the afternoon / early evening most people slowly come out their houses to show their faces again. As soon as the weather cools a bit down, life comes back in the villages of the Algarve.

    It was a hot day today with 35 º C in the shade and little wind. Of course it was completely sunny. 

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  • Praia de Gale08 August 2013

    Praia de Gale

    Spring, pre-season and highseason! The picture of today concerns  'Praia de Gale, a long beach near Albufeira. Throughout the year this beach is popular because this beach offers a lot of possibilities to be active. Think about all types of watersports, long beach walks, cycling, bird watching, all kind of beach games etc. The first two weeks of August this beach is always crowded. We thought it was a great idea to make the changes visually. Therefore we have taken three pictures on different dates: the first one on May the 11th, the second on June the 24th and the third one we have taken today. See the difference in crowds and vegetation. The weather was more or less the same on all three days: sunny, little wind and a temperature over the 30 º C in the shade. 

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  • Kittens08 August 2013


    Every summer we find animals which need help. Last summer someone had put 4 puppies over our fence. Fortunately we found for all four puppies a nice home within a month, but it was very hard to arrange everything. Last weekend we were surprised again, because guests had seen tiny kittens in the gardens near de bungalows. These kittens cried all day and night to their mother who apparently could not come. The kittens were also trapped in the bushes. Monday we finally could cut out all three of them. The kittens had just openend their eyes and they needed urgently bottle feeding. We have purchased a set and now Linda gives the kittens about 5 times a day a bottle. Off course now comes the question again: who would love to adopt one of these kittens?

    Today was a wonderful day with 28 º C in the shade, a blissful breeze and a big shining sun in the middle of a big blue sky. 

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  • PORTUGAL - NETHERLANDS06 August 2013


    At this moment we still have available one bungalow for 2 -3 pax for the period of the 9th untill the 19th of August. In any case what you can do during your 10 nights-stay at Vila do Ouro is to see the football match Portugal - Netherlands on August the 14th in the football stadium of Faro. You can see the big stars as Ronaldo, Nani, Pepe and many others. There are still tickets available at the Continente supermarket. Today's picture shows the road signs, already colored orange, to show that it concerns a ‘jogo amigavel’ (friendly match) :-)

    Today we had splendid summer weather with 35ºC in the shadow, 99% sunshine and just some wind in the late afternoon. 

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    The bungalows of Vila do Ouro are very romantic, aren’t they? It is always nice to stay in one of them! If you want to stay in the bungalow it still is possible.
    The blog of yesterday gave the availability of August, but today the availability has changed a bit. Right now the following dates are still available:

    - 9 – 19 August (10 nights)
    - 10 - 13 August (3 nights)
    - 17 - 26 August (9 nights)
    - 23 August – 1 September (9 nights, bungalow Special)

    If you would like to book a last-minute holiday for a last-minute price, please contact us. Hopefully we can welcome you at our paradise!

    Today had 36 º C in the shade, we had periods with not much wind and periods with a strong wind. Off course the whole Algarve was enjoying the sunshine all the time, allthough around 7.00 pm we had some small clouds in the sky. 

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    Today's picture gives a glimpse into our bungalows! No roof, just the wooden walls… Our bungalows are always very popular, because it is not a standard accommodation for a holiday. Staying in a bungalows gives many people the feeling of a stay in Asia, Africa or South America. Good news for those who are interested to stay in a bungalow for the coming few weeks: we do have some availability for the bungalows in the month of August. The current availability is as follows:

    - 9 - 19 August (10 nights)
    - 10 - 13 August (3 nights)
    - 17 - 21 August (4 nights)
    - 21 - 26 August (5 nights)
    - 23 August - 1 September (9 nights, bungalow Special)

    If you would like to book a last-minute holiday for a last-minute price, please contact us. Hopefully we can welcome you at our paradise!

    Today it was 34 º C in the shade, there was not much wind and we had sunshine all the time.

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  • SILVES MEDIEVAL03 August 2013


    Every year at the beginning of August the town of Silves (a 25 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro) organizes the Medieval Festival. This ancient capital of the Algarve with the largest castle in the Algarve is then dominated by the Middle Ages. The city can only be entered if you have paid the entrance fee of 2 euros. The city is completely in the medieval spheres: the small steep streets are full with stalls, there are many people in medieval clothing, tourists can even rent medieval clothes, there is music, shows and of course plenty of food and drinks. The festival usually lasts for a week. This year it is from the 2nd untill the 11th of August and it is definitely worth a visit. It starts around 6:00 p.m.

    The weather today: sunshine, 33 º C in the shade and occasional strong winds. 

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  • CANNA02 August 2013


    Today's picture concerns a flower of the Cannas at the entrance of the path to our bungalows. These Cannas are red, but our villa for 8 persons has them also in orange. The flowers are beautiful and they love a subtropical - tropical climate. Every year they bloom during the months of June / September. For sure they make our gardens more colorful.

    Today was max 31 º C in the shade and we had a strong breeze. Off course it was sunny all the time.

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