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  • Evenings in the Algarve31 August 2012

    Evenings in the Algarve

    Tonight we have a warm eveninglike we have many in summer. The local people come out their houses to enjoy the evenings together. See also today's picture.

    It was 35 º C, now and then it was windy and it was completely sunny.

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  • Windsurfing30 August 2012


    Today was a windy day with lots of sun and 30 º C. The wind was great for water sports like sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing. The photo of today is from a windsurfer and was taken around 7.00 p.m. in the Bay of Alvor. This is one of the few places in the Algarve which are excellent for these kind of sports.

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  • Ayers Rock29 August 2012

    Ayers Rock

    You do not need to go all the way to Australia to see the Ayers Rock. The cliffs of Praia de Falesia are a good look-a-like. The beach of Falésia is at a 5 mile distance from Vila do Ouro.

    Today was sunny, 33 º C, and we had a nice summer breeze.

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  • DRY27 August 2012


    This shepherd tries to find some green grass for his flock, but it is difficult. The Algarve is still extremely dry, due to the fact that it has not really rained for over a year. There were occasional some rain showers in the past year, but they were so small that it added nothing to the water resources.
    Today is another sunny day with 32 º C.

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  • SAVE SALGADOS25 August 2012


    You can help too! The municipalityof Silves has approved a large construction project for the nature reserve Salgados. That is a beautiful piece of nature behind the dunes between Albufeira and Armacao de Pera. This piece is such a wonderful place for beautiful birds like the flamingos. In the pictureit ishardly to see, but there are flamingos in large numbers.
    What you can see in this picture as well, is a large hotel with  thousands of palm trees in the garden. Construction work was started four years ago and it's still not finished, because the hotel and the whole project is already bankrupt. The ironic thing is that the municipality of Silves approved theconstruction of three all-inclusive hotels next this bankrupted hotel project, in the middle of the nature reserve. In a radius of 5 km are already 4 skeletons of hotel projects that already bankrupted before opening. So is called mismanagement and probably only a very small group of people is going to earn a lot of money on the construction of the 3 hotel complexes. Maybe for you as reader from the Vila do Ouro blog, it may seemanunimportantarea which is far fromyour home, but it is about a rare place in Europe where the flamingos occur.

    More information can be found on the following website and you can sign the petition Hopefully people can turn this situation and that this piece of nature continues in the same state as it is now. We hope that guests of Vila do Ouro can keep on walking the beautiful trails through this special area.

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  • Swim and Play25 August 2012

    Swim and Play

    In the front of the beach of the port of Portimão is a floating play area for children. The children have to swim to it. There is supervision of a lifeguard and aldults and teenagers are not allowed.

    Today was 34 º C, sunny and a bit windy in the evening.

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  • Massage23 August 2012


    Many beaches in the Algarve have this summer this kind of tents (picture of today). These are massage tents where massage ladies / gentlemen offer the beach guests a massage in the range of 10 euros – 40 euros. Occasionally people stand in line to get a real beach massage.
    The hot weather of recent days is a bit off, though it was again 35 º C today at Vila do Ouro. A nice summer breeze was blowing.

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  • 43ºC21 August 2012


    Organizing a children’s birthdayparty is easy in the Algarve, because you know it's always good weather to be outdoors with the children. That is just how we thought until today, but today the weather could not be called good or nice, but rather hot. Between 11.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. we had 43 º C at Vila do Ouro. Although this makes no difference for the children, it was slightly on the warm side for a children’ s party. Fortunately we have great pools!
    Our daughter had her birthday party this afternoon. See today's picture, taken at 6.30 p.m.

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  • Puppies final story20 August 2012

    Puppies final story

    About a month ago 4 puppies were thrown over our fence, see blog of July 23. These puppies kept us busy untill yesterday. Yesterday the last puppy was picked up by a Portuguese family!
    The day that we found the puppies in our garden, we immediately started with to call our contacts of foundations that could help us. Unfortunately, everything was full and so we had to invent another plan to get rid of the puppies. We received help from our neighbor Lia of the foundation She tried to find a home for the puppies and she gave some toys for them to play with. Meanwhile, we created a home for the puppies on a large area at the back of Vila do Ouro. There they could not bother our clients and their barking was just to soft to annoy people. The puppies were the attraction of Vila do Ouro. Instead of visiting the pool, the children regularly were visiting the dogs on the dusty terrain. Sometimes there were 10 children with the puppies. There was much love between the children and the dogs. After much deliberation, the Dutch family Raven decided as the first family take a puppy back home. After this decision, the Dutch family Gubbels in the bungalow next to the family Raven wanted to adopt a puppy as well. How did we have the puppies had to travel to the Netherlands? They were, after all only 10 weeks and airline Transavia flies only puppies from 3 months and older. We got help from Patricia of the foundation She is an expert in organizing flights for dogs to England, Holland & Germany. She arranged that the puppies could be prepared for a flight by the veterinarian who is helping this foundation. The vet, Kirsten Peters ( put a chip in the shoulders of the puppies, gave them the necessary vaccinations and she made the passports. The two puppies flew with the family Raven from Lisbon to Holland. See also the blog of 5 August.

    The remaining puppies were invited to go to the pet hotel of the brother of Joris. The brother of Joris could help to find homes for the last 2 puppies because of the contacts he has made through his pet hotel in Duiven, Holland ( There was only a carrier needed ... and that one was hard to find.
    It started to be a bit quiet around the puppies. Nobody was in a position to take the puppies with them on the plane and nobody did a serious offer to take a puppy back home, although we had some requests from the Netherlands. But those requests were not easy to realize.
    Meanwhile the two puppies got a lot of attention from the children from Vila do Ouro, including the children of the Dutch family Sluis and the Belgian family Missine.
    Suddenly out of nowhere, we received an email from the Raven family. A family friend was totally exited about their puppy and she wanted one too. At that time the mother of Linda booked a flight to visit us for a few days. She could travel with the pups and she could flew them to Schiphol. However, at the time of booking, Anabela,our Portugeese teacher, rang us to say that she wanted a puppy, only she could get the dog just on Sunday. Maggie, the mother of Linda, ( flew last Friday with one puppy to Schiphol. The last puppy stayed with us all alone and trembling of fear on the large, quiet and dusty land in the back of Vila do Ouro. Although ... the father and the mother of the puppies came along!! For us it is just a matter of figuring out where these dogs belong and then we will know who threw the dogs over our fence. Yesterday Anabela ( came to collect the puppy Noëlle.
    After they had left, there were mixed feelings. Firstly we had a bit of a sad feeling, but then we were so relieved that all puppies had found a loving home after a month. It took us a lot of effort and money as well (tickets, vaccinations, donations, food, medicines etc) but it was all for a good purpose. We also got a donation from the family Aberson to help us to get a good home for the puppies. Everyone who has helped us with these 4 lovely and silly dogs: thanks a lot!!!

    Today we had 38ºC and lots of sunshine. The picture of today is showing Anabela, her 2 children and Noëlle.

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  • Woods19 August 2012


    The nature reserve of the west coast consists mainly of forests with thin tall trees (see picture of today). There are also lots of pine, eucalyptus and cork oaks. The smell in these forests is excellent.
    Today was sunny, 36 º C and windless.

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  • Beautifull (almost empty) beaches18 August 2012

    Beautifull (almost empty) beaches

    It may still be high season, but famous beaches such as Praia de Rocha (picture of today) do not even have the full occupation. Today was 32 ​​ºC in the shade, sunny and no wind.

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  • Blue17 August 2012


    The blue color is well represented in the Algarve, as shown on the picture of today, taken at about 2 miles off the coast of Albufeira.

    Today was a sunny day with 37 º C in the shade, almost no wind and a calm sea.

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  • Albufeira by night16 August 2012

    Albufeira by night

    Albufeira by night ... Currently it is high season and in this time of the year Albufeira is frequented by tourists every night. It is possible to party untill sunrise. It is about a 10 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro to Albufeira, so we do not have to deal with this party noise etc.

    Today we had 30 º C in the shade and it was a clear blue sky with a bright sun.

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  • Assumption of Mary15 August 2012

    Assumption of Mary

    Today, August the 15th,is a national holiday in Portugal (Assunção de Maria, in English ‘The Assumption of Mary’). This day is one of the busiest days of the year in the Algarve. Many people from the north of Portugal combine this day with a few days off and travel down south to realize a short holiday in the sun. Today was in fact not thatsunny and there is even some drizzle. It was lovely weather to be active, and it was up to 29 º C.

    The picture of today is from the sunset near Albufeira.

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  • Paderne13 August 2012


    Our village Paderne has many historic buildings. It is impressive to see how this little village is full with all kinds of houses. Sometimes a small wall with an old gate leads to a huge beautiful house with an elegant courtyard. An old house with a bad-maintained façade, like shown on the picture of today, can be very modern inside. Paderne has a very nice village scene. After five the local people gradually show up on the streets and they drink a beer together on the sidewalk, in the park, in the front of the local supermarket or just somewhere in front of somebody’s house.

    Today was a lovely warm day with 35 º C, blue skies and nice summer breeze.

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  • Traps12 August 2012


    The lights on the picture of yesterday came from the fishing boats. Many of these fishing boats depart from the beach of Olhos de Agua, a village next to Albufeira. There are boats on the quay just as the traps. See picture of today. What this picture also shows, are a few clouds. These clouds left the big blue sky this morning and they took the heat from the recent days. Today we have again a pleasant dry heat with 35 º C and a nice summer breeze.

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  • Warm II11 August 2012

    Warm II

    This saturday was a warm day. We measured 40C in the shade at the terrace with the swimming pools. The evenings are the moments for being outside. The lights on todays picture are lights of the fishing boats. Tommorow will be a cooler day.

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  • Warm10 August 2012


    When we arrived in the center of the village of Paderne this afternoon, the car thermometer gave 42 º C when driving (see picture of our dashboard display). At Vila do Ouro it was a lot cooler with 39 ° C. Due to the high location of Vila do Ouro we often avoid the real heat. It was sunny, humid and we had almost no wind at all.

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  • Villa by Night09 August 2012

    Villa by Night

    The weather of today was more or less the same as the weather from yesterday; cloudy in the morning, from 10 a.m. sunny skies with high temperatures between 35 º C - 38 º C and a balmy evening. The guests who are currently staying in our villa sleeping 8 people, have the pool on the picture to cool down. This villa is still available for the first week of september.

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  • Clear water, clear sky07 August 2012

    Clear water, clear sky

    The picture of today shows a delicious ocean. The Atlantic Ocean around the Algarve is ideal for numerous water sports.
    Today it was warm at 34 º C in the shade. Occasionally there were strong wind gusts. The sky was clear blue and the day had plenty of sunshine.

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  • Pine Cliffs06 August 2012

    Pine Cliffs

    The pictureof today shows a pine tree on the cliffs of the beach of Falésia.
    Today was another wonderful day. It had a maximum of 34 º C in the shade, but most of the morning had temperatures around 28 º C.

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  • Two dogs found a new home in Holland05 August 2012

    Two dogs found a new home in Holland

    The internet- and phone problem has been solved!

    The picture of today is actually not taken today, but in fact is taken yesterday. Because of the problems with the internet we could not upload this picture, even though we had promised it to the people on the picture. The picture shows the caregivers / friends of the pups. The last week they were just about any time of day with the puppies. Yesterday, two puppies traveled to the Netherlands. The Raven family has escorted two puppies during their journey from Cerro do Ouro, via Lisbon to the airport of Schiphol (Holland).
    The two small dogs in the cage on the picture have been through a lot of things on the way to their new home. It's nice to know that so many people care about these animals. There are many people who have participated in the process to find them a new home. Soon we will tell the whole story on the blog. There are still two puppies on our property behind Vila do Ouro, who are waiting for a good home ....

    Today was a nice and cool day with 30 º C in the shade. There were some clouds in the morning and throughout the day a fresh wind was blowing. The evening is chilly.

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  • No internet04 August 2012

    No internet The cable thieves still active and we currently do not have an internet connection. This is the third weekend without internet, due to a theft of the main cables of the PT. We cannot respond and read our emails all the time. If you have an urgent question, please call us on our mobile phones or send an email to Still high temperatures over here, 38C Top of page
  • Snake02 August 2012


    This morning we found this snake near the entrance of Vila do Ouro. It was relaxing in the morning sun. Completely harmless, but a beautiful one. The snakes that occur in the Algarve can be large, but are actually all harmless. The Algarve has no dangerous animals anyway, there is just some danger of a scorpion-like centipede. This centipede is very rare, but can sometimes show up in the fields. This year we have very few mosquitoes or other insects that sting. So we presume that is nice to know if your holiday destination is the Algarve!

    Today it was a summerday again, with 37 º C in the shade and lots of sunshine.

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  • Steep Cliff01 August 2012

    Steep Cliff

    The Algarve is famous for the magnificent cliffs, but some of them are very high and very steep. The cliff shown on the picture of today is 97 meters high and as you look down, you see the beach of Cordoama. This wide and rugged sandy beach is ideal for surfing. The cliff on the picture is occasionally used as a runway for paragliders.

    Today we had an perfect morning with a temperature between 28 º C and 30 º C. It became really hot at lunch time when the temperature rose up to 36 º C. It was sunny and occasional windy.

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