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  • 31 08 201131 August 2011

    31 08 2011

    The last day of august 2011! For most families with school age children, holidays are over. Kids have to go to school. Today we had four new arrivals, mostly couples and young families. Normally the swimming pools were crowded with children, this morning we just had Winnie the Pooh in the pool as you can see on todays picture.

    Today started warm and during the day some clouds came in. We almost had no wind and the temperature in the shadow was around the 30ºC. For tomorrow morning some rain has been forecasted. 

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  • 30 08 201130 August 2011

    30 08 2011

    These new bananas are already getting some sun. In January they will be already eatable. Today is a lovely day with 32ºC in the shadow, a small summer breeze and very sunny. 

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  • 29 08 201129 August 2011

    29 08 2011

    The old city of Albufeira has a famous beach acces as shown on todays picture. It is the beach tunnel, which is about 20 metres long. It connects the beach with the city centre.

    The weather today was nice again: 33ºC in the shadow, sunny and a very small breeze.  

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  • 28 08 201128 August 2011

    28 08 2011

    These grapes almost are ready to eat. The blog of the 6th of June has a picture of the grapes and some good tips for tasting wines near Vila do Ouro. You can choose 'blog entries', select June and scroll back to the 6th of June.

    Today may be considered as a perfect summer day: 32ºC in the shadow, almost no wind, sunny and a warm sea. The sea water was clear. 

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  • 27 08 201127 August 2011

    27 08 2011

    This is one of the main beaches of Albufeira. Around 6.30 pm it was not that busy anymore. It was a good summer day today, 33ºC in the shadow and not that much wind. It felt really comfortable today. It seems that the real heat is already over and that the nice september weather already has started. But we will see what the next two weeks will bring. 

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  • 26 08 201126 August 2011

    26 08 2011

    City blocks in Albufeira... Albufeira is still in full efect.

    Today started cloudy, but at lunch time it was totally sunny. 32ºC in the shadow and almost no wind. 

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  • 25 08 201125 August 2011

    25 08 2011

    Every year in August, chameleons appear at Vila do Ouro. Yesterday a chameleon was seen at the stairs of the Appartment ‘Deluxo’, today two children discovered this chameleon on todays picture. After showing this chameleon to the guests at the pools, we put the chameleon back in the trees and he was visibly happy with his release. More information about chameleons:

    Today was a lovely summer day with 34ºC in the shadow, some wind and completely sunny. 

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  • 24 08 201124 August 2011

    24 08 2011

    This time a culinair picture on the blog. Grilled seabream! This is typical Portuguese food: Dourada grelhada with cooked patatos and salad / vegtables. Bom apetite!

    Today  a normal summer day in the Algarve, 34ºC, very sunny and almost no wind.

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  • 23 08 201123 August 2011

    23 08 2011

    This is not a picture of Naples, but a picture of an ordinary street in Albufeira. The garbage service is working overtime with this large numbers of tourists who stay in Albufeira this month. But they still have it under control.

    This picture does not show the Portuguese system of separate waste. Portugal is having a good system for separate waste. Throughout the country, the waste is separated into plastic and cans (plastic / metal), paper (papel) and glass (vidro). The bins have colors: yellow for plastic and cans, brown / green glass and blue for paper. It starts already at the airport when you arrive at Faro or Lisbon. The bins consist of four parts and you have to choose the good part/color. In the malls, on beaches, in parks etc everywhere the bins have the same color. In fact, each product in Portugal, shows the color of the container on the packaging. Just to make sure that you deposit the waste in the right bin.

    Today a nice summer day with lots of sunshine, a cool breeze and a maximum of 32 º C in the shade. The picture was taken at 6.30 pm. 

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  • 22 08 201122 August 2011

    22 08 2011

    Busy swimmingpool… this picture is taken at 5.30 pm and as you can see it is a paradise for the children. In August it is rush hour for swimming between 4.00 pm and 6.30 pm. Guests are coming back from beaches, towns, villages, excursions, shopping or sight seeing trips and want to relax a couple of hours at the swimming pools.

    Today started a bit cloudy, but at 11.00 am it was completely sunny. The temperature was very nice with a maximum of 29ºC in the shadow. The evening is chilly with just 22ºC and a cool wind from the west. 

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  • 21 08 201121 August 2011

    21 08 2011

    This street is just an ordinairy street in Ferreiras, a village nearby Vila do Ouro. There is nothing special to see on this picture, but if you look good, you can see that the traffic lights do not serve any crossing. This traffic light is built to make people drive 50 kilometres per hour, which is the maximum speed in urban areas. If you drive over 50 km/h the traffic light will stop you. In case you ignore the red light and you get caught by the police, you will suffer a big fine.
    As you can see as well on todays picture, are the enormous clouds of today. It was totally cloudy, chilly in the morning and we have measured a maximum temperature of 28.5ºC. Next week, cooler nights are forecasted. 

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  • 20 08 201120 August 2011

    20 08 2011

    Saturday the 20th of August 2011 was a cloudy day. It was warm with 33ºC and now and than a strong wind blew for a few minutes. When the sun came through the clouds it got warmer within seconds, so it was good that we had thick clouds today.

    Todays picture is actually taken yesterday. Around 11 pm some thunder sounds appeared and a big thunder storm was travelling slowly around Vila do Ouro. We did not have something what you can call rain, but we felt some drops. It was spectaculair to see. Normally all pictures shown on this blog are taken by ourselves, but this one is taken by a guest, Hans Bloembergen from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Hans was enjoying the thunder show from the balcony of the apartment for 6 persons, while he took this shot. Good one, Hans!

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  • 19 08 201119 August 2011

    19 08 2011

    Todays picture shows the beautiful village of Paderne. From Vila do Ouro it takes 5 minutes by car. In Paderne you can find a church, post office, pharmacy, bank, a school, restaurants, medical centre, a hair dresser, a small super market and a football club.

    The weather from today was a bit sticky, 35ºC in the shadow, cloudy and windy. Tonight at 10.18 pm it still is 29ºC. 

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  • 18 08 201118 August 2011

    18 08 2011

    This wild and small palm will not be a big one, unless we can manage to dig her out without damaging the roots. Today was a nice day with 32ºC in the shadow, lots of sunshine and some clouds in the North. 

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  • 17 08 201117 August 2011

    17 08 2011

    Our parking at Vila do Ouro has just enough space, but it fits. If you choose for a holiday at Vila do Ouro, a car is needed. That makes staying at Vila do Ouro special, because everybody with a car has the possibility to check out the surroundings, to meet the friendly local people and to discover the beauty of the Algarve.

    Today was a good summer day with 35ºC in the shadow, almost no wind and as you can see on todays picture: a blue sky. 


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  • 16 08 201116 August 2011

    16 08 2011

    With this warm weather from today, 37ºC in the shadow, it is nice to sit in the view points of Vila do Ouro. Shadow, a small breeze and a stunning view. This young couple is having a great time. 

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  • 15 08 201115 August 2011

    15 08 2011

    The sea has 22ºC right now and is a big attraction for all tourists. The highest temperature measured in the shadow today was 38ºC. At Vila do Ouro we almost have no wind, but right now a summer breeze is starting which is a normal pfenomenon in August.

    The 15th of August is the feast day of the Assumption of Mary, also known as Assumption Day and is celebrated nationally. It is the day that the Virgin Mary ascended into Heaven following her death, according to Christian belief. It is the principal feast day of the Virgin Mother.  

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  • 14 08 201114 August 2011

    14 08 2011

    The villa has as well a flowery and sub-tropical garden as you can see on todays picture. This picture is taken around 5.00 pm. Today was a warm day with a lot of sunshine, wind and a temperature of 36ºC in the shadow. 

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  • 13 08 201113 August 2011

    13 08 2011

    Portugal has a lot of roundabouts and almost all roundabouts have some flowers, trees or some art in the middle. This one, on todays picture, has chickens. It is a roundabout in Guia, which is the chicken city of Portugal. In Guia are several good chicken restaurants which serve the world famous local dish of ‘Frango Piri Piri’. It is basicly charcoal grilled chicken, chopped into pieces in a special way and that is doused with piri piri sauce. The piri piri is nothing more than an olive oil with red pepper, garlic, sea salt and some other spices. Soft to medium spicy.

    One of the best restaurants is ‘Theodósio, o rei dos frangos’. In english it means ’Theodósio, the king of the chickens’. You can almost compare it with a chicken piri piri fast food restaurant. It is big business, people are waiting in lines to have a table. The menu is simple: chicken with or without piri piri.

    Today was sunny and 32ºC. 

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  • 12 08 201112 August 2011

    12 08 2011

    These yuccas are happy ones and they are already flowering. You can find them at the entrance of Vila do Ouro. As you can see on todays picture, the background is totally blue, but that was not the case in the morning. Today started very cloudy with a temperature around 26ºC. It even looked like we would have some rain, but we haven't seen one single drop. At Faro, 40km away, it was raining this morning. At 11.00 am the sky broke open and we could enjoy a normal summer day. The maximum measured in the shadow was 31ºC. A nice summer breeze blew now and then. 

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  • 11 08 201111 August 2011

    11 08 2011

    Our tennis court has not that many players during the day as you can see on todays picture. It is too warm to play for fun, but today we have a strong summer breeze which cools down the heat. We measured as todays maximum 34ºC, but right now, at 5 pm the temperature dropped to 29ºC. That means that playing tennis is already possible. Tomorrow some cooler weather has been forecasted. 

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  • 10 08 201110 August 2011

    10 08 2011

    This stunning view is from our swimming pool terrace. Today it was possible to see the Ocean although it was a bit hazy.
    The Atlantic Ocean and the nearest beaches are just 10-15 minutes by car. Around Vila do Ouro we have a lot of agricultural land which gives spectaculair views. On this photo on the left you can see a quarry in the back. The quarry is a few mile away from Vila do Ouro, so don't be afraid that it will disturb your holiday over here. Along the highway the A22 you can see a lot of quarries which produce stones to use for paving the streets, sidewalks and squares. Our driveway, the swimming pool terraces and the terraces from the studios are made of stones from the quarry in the back of this photo.
    As soon as you enter the baggage claim from Faro Airport you walk on stones from the local quarries. The airport uses polished stones, but elsewhere in the Algarve you will find rough stones for pavements. All of it is handmade by professional pavers. They make a few square meters a day with just a hammer to make the stones fit. They can make all kind if figures and designs.

    With todays temperatures, 35ºC in the shadow, it is not that nice to work deep in the quarry. Luckely we have a good summer breeze blowing to make it feel more comfortable.

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  • 09 08 201109 August 2011

    09 08 2011

    A warm & hot summer day at Vila do Ouro. It was just 35ºC in the shadow, but it felt humid and much warmer. In the afternoon we felt a light but refreshing summer breeze. The evening is great with no wind at all and it is a real barbecue night.

    Todays photo is just an everyday shot of some plants and trees at Vila do Ouro. You clearly can see that the sky is not that clear. Visibility was poor and we even couldn't see the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • 08 08 201108 August 2011

    08 08 2011

    At midday beaches were getting empty, because of the heat. It was hard to walk on the hot sand and as our guests told us, the Atlantic Ocean was too chilly to have an easy cool down. Todays picture is taken at 3.30 pm.

    As you can see, 38ºC in the shadow, sunny and almost no wind at all.

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  • 07 08 201107 August 2011

    07 08 2011

    If you see this, you are nearly there... The houses on this picture are typical Portuguese houses and even the families who are living over here, are typical Portuguese people. Although, a Dutch couple lives as well over here and at the end of the street is a villa owned by a British family. In this part of the street live 7 families close to each other.

    Today was a sunny and hot day: 37ºC in the shadow and just in the afternoon a summer breeze.

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  • 06 08 201106 August 2011

    06 08 2011

    Our villa, sleeping 8,  is peeking just above the conifers and is looking to tonights sunset. The villa enjoys stunning views in all directions.

    Today was another lovely summer day with 33 º C in the shade and a summer breeze in the afternoon. The morning began a bit cloudy, but the clouds disappeared quickly and just a blue sky remained.

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  • 05 08 201105 August 2011

    05 08 2011

    These olives have still 2 month to go before we can pick them. Remember that you cannot eat the olives directly from the tree. It is needed to have them treated with salt, water and herbs for at least 6weeks.

    Today is a nice summer day with 36ºC in the shadow at the swimming pools, a small summer breeze and some clouds traveling in the big blue sky.

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  • 04 08 201104 August 2011

    04 08 2011

    Today is a hot summer day with 36ºC in the shadow and a lot of sunshine. A small summer breeze makes it feel a bit nicer, but it is a day for being in the shadow, in pools, in the sea or another cool place.

    The rain from last Monday did very well for the vegetation, but washed our buildings and cars as well. Our building is shining bright in the sun light as you can see on todays picture.

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  • 03 08 201103 August 2011

    03 08 2011

    Last week a banana tree suddenly had a flower and within 7days it opened and the new baby bananas saw the sun for the first time. It is funny that the adults in the back are ready to be eaten. Now you can see the difference. The baby bananas will be ready in January, but can stay on the tree untill summer. If you pick them green, they will be yellow in a few days.

    Today is a normal summer day, 33ºC in the shadow and a soft summer breeze. No clouds at all, a good and sharp visibility and lots of sunshine.

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  • 02 08 201102 August 2011

    02 08 2011

    Today started cloudy, but turned to be a nice and sunny day. We measured 29ºC in the shadow. Although today’s picture is not from today, but from yesterday, we wanted to upload it anyway to show you what kind of weather we had around 5 o’clock. 

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  • 01 08 201101 August 2011

    01 08 2011

    Thunder storms, heavy rain...that's what we hoped for, but until now we didn't get it. But it rained though. 5 minutes and it was just enough to get rid of the dust on the leaves of the plants.

    It is a good day for being active, 28ºC, a strong wind and partly cloudy. Todays picture is taken at 1.15 pm.

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