Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Férias no Algarve29 July 2015

    Férias no Algarve Not everybody at Vila do Ouro is having a holiday in the Algarve, or how the locals call it "Férias no Algarve". This picture shows the gardener and the pool man, working hard in order to keep everything in a good quality for our guests. Summer is beautiful over here, we still have some availability for the end of august, september and october, which are beautiful month as well. Today we have a temperature around 35C, some summer wind and the sun is shining off course! Top of page
  • The blog is back!25 July 2015

    The blog is back! This is good place to relax! Summer in the Algarve means 100% sunshine and temperatures around 30C. This is what we had today and this is what we will have tomorrow.😀 Finally we can upload the blog again after a long period where the new ios software did not allow us to enter our own page... Top of page