Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Nice Summer Weather30 July 2014

    Nice Summer Weather Today again nice sunny weather with 27C in the shade which is a bit lower than usual in July. Top of page
  • Foggy29 July 2014

    Foggy If you look closely to this picture you can see a foggy coastline. That's what is was today; foggy and cold beaches while at Vila do Ouro the sun was shining with a temperature of 27C. Super holiday weather!! Top of page
  • Algarve Watersports27 July 2014

    Algarve Watersports The Algarve is an excellent place for praticing all kind of watersports. The Atlantic Ocean has a lot to offer! Today was a nice day with 30C in the shade and a soft refreshing summer breeze. Top of page
  • Mickey25 July 2014

    Mickey Like every summer we will find or we have to take care of abandoned animals. This week this dog showed up in our street and within a few days he wanted to stay with the guest of Vila do Ouro. Especially with the children. Unfortunately we cannot have this dog on our property, because some clients can be afraid of dogs. Although this one is a very small one, people can be afraid. The children named this dog 'Mickey'. It is a very beautiful dog with a good behaviour and it is full with love. He has 4 legs, but just uses 3. Who wants to take care of Mickey? Please contact us. Today was nice with 29C in the shade. Top of page
  • Apartment 4 pax24 July 2014

    Apartment 4 pax Yesterday we had 36C in the shade, today we had 29C in the shade. Great temperature! Picture of today shows the terrace of one of our apartments sleeping 4 pax. From here you have spectaculair views. Bookings for 2015 already have begun. This apartment is still available for some weeks in september and october. Top of page
  • Beach22 July 2014

    Beach Playing on the beach is for almost every child one of the high lights of their holidays. Sometimes you see good creativity from the young beach guests (see picture). 35C in the shadow today and sunny off course. Top of page
  • And another summer day21 July 2014

    And another summer day Another summerday in the Algarve with blue skies and a temperature of 33C in the shadow.... Top of page
  • Evening Swim20 July 2014

    Evening Swim It is always nice to have an evening swim just before diner. It is possible in the Algarve (see picture of today). It was a sunny sunday with 28C in the shadow and some strong breezes during the afternoon. Top of page
  • Apartment 'DeLuxo' 6 pax19 July 2014

    Apartment 'DeLuxo' 6 pax Todays picture shows the terrace of our apartment 'DeLuxo' sleeping 6. This is a very popular accommodation, but we have still availability for this summer. The apartment is still available from the 23th untill the 30th of August. The apartment has its private terrace with barbecue and outdoor kitchen. Today was a bit cool, with 25C in the shade, some wind and clouds. The afternoon was sunny though. Top of page
  • Summer Weather17 July 2014

    Summer Weather First class holiday weather at Vila do Ouro..... Top of page
  • Harbour16 July 2014

    Harbour This is a small refuge for small boats which do not want to be in the official port of Albufeira. Yesterday and today hot summerdays with temperatures above 30C Top of page
  • Beach Market14 July 2014

    Beach Market Lots of beaches have small markets to buy clothing, beach toys, caps and other stuff. Today was sunny and 35C. Top of page
  • Morning Dive12 July 2014

    Morning Dive It is going to be a hot summer day. Good to start this day with a morning dive! Top of page
  • Bicycles11 July 2014

    Bicycles Rent a bike! You can rent a bike with Coolbikes and they deliver the bikes at Vila do Ouro. Around Vila do Ouro are a lot of bike trails, but you can also choose for a guided tour with Coolbikes. Today was a warm day with 33C in the shade and just sunshine. Top of page
  • Magazines & Books09 July 2014

    Magazines & Books Our lounge has lots of magazines and books to read. See picture of today. Today we had 34C in the shade and 100% sunshine Top of page
  • Warm08 July 2014

    Warm Today was a warm day with 36C in the shadow. Picture of today shows our empty pool terrace. We still have accommodation available this week. It never happened that July was this weak, but maybe it is because of the World Cup Football that tourists stay away.... Top of page
  • Beautiful Beaches07 July 2014

    Beautiful Beaches

    Today was a lovely day! 28ºC in the shadow, 100% sunny and a gentle summer breeze. Excellent! Today’s picture shows a small and deserted beach near the coast of Albufeira.

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  • Sun?day06 July 2014

    Sun?day A Sunday without sunshine! Cloudy and 25C Top of page
  • Lounge04 July 2014

    Lounge Today was a very nice and sunny day with 31C in the shade. The picture of today shows a part of our lounge, a very nice place to enjoy the shade. Top of page
  • Sunny03 July 2014

    Sunny This cloud stayed a while above Vila do Ouro, but the sun still could brighten up Vila do Ouro from a lowee angle (picture taken around 5:00 pm. We had 28C today, a summer breeze and overall it was a sunny day. Top of page
  • Availability02 July 2014

    Availability This week has still some availability! Do you fancy a last minute trip to get a (sun)bath at this terrace? (see picture) Please contact us! Today started a bit cloudy, but the agternoon wad sunny with 25C. Top of page
  • Algarve Child Friendly01 July 2014

    Algarve Child Friendly These small low-tide pools of the beaches of the Algarve are excellent for children to play in. Looking for treasures, small crabs or shells, children can play for hours in suchs pools. The Algarve is also a paradise for children. Today had 25C in the shadow and 50% sunshine. Top of page