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  • VINEYARD31 July 2013


    The vineyard of Cliff Richard is just a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. Just after the Algarve Shopping you will find a small road which leads to the entrance. The vineyard is not just a simple vineyard, it is one of the most beautiful around. Cliff has an eye for style and has landscaped a beautiful garden. There are several gates and this one on today’s picture is one of them. You can visit the vineyard, but don’t expect to see Cliff Richard himself . He probably won’t be your tour guide.

    35 º C, occasional wind and a clear blue sky is the correct description of the weather of this last summer day from July 2013 in the Algarve! 

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  • Another day at the beach...30 July 2013

    Another day at the beach...

    Another beach day in the Algarve! A bright blue sky hung over the Algarve with in the middle a big bright sun. It was 36 º C in the shade and almost windless. 

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  • Paderne - Faro29 July 2013

    Paderne - Faro

    This time just an informative picture: the picture of today concerns the main road of Paderne. Faro is only 32 kilometers from Paderne (and so from Vila do Ouro) away as shown on the traffic sign on the wall of one of the white painted houses.

    July the 29th was a very sunny day with 35 º C in the shade and a gentle breeze from the north.

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  • Palm28 July 2013


    The palm in the picture is about 15 meters long. At Vila do Ouro we have seven of these large trees and several small ones. It's funny that such a palm begins his life as a blade of grass, but if the blade finally has rooted than he grows up as an imposing big and beautiful tree.

    Today was a wonderful day with 28 º C in the shade, a light breeze and lots of sunshine with the occasional a bit overcast. 

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  • Cloudy Day27 July 2013

    Cloudy Day

    This photo was taken around 7:00 p.m. at one of the many beaches of Albufeira. Well, above the clouds it was sunny, but below the clouds it was a bit chilly for the time of the year. We have measured a maximum of 26 º C in the shade today and while taking this picture it even had only 21 º C. Still there were many people at the beach and there were even many people in the sea. It was mostly cloudy, but we had sunny spells enough to call it a nice day. It was certainly a nice day to be active. 

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  • HIGH SEASON26 July 2013


    The Algarve really is a beautiful part of Europe, isn’t it? Today's picture shows a paradisiacal beach which can be reached within a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. As you can see there still is space enough at the beach even when it is high season!
    The weather was lovely today, 30 º C in the shade, 100% sunshine and from the late afternoon a strong refreshing breeze started blowing.

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  • Agapanthus25 July 2013


    Every day we could make a blog with beautiful flowers from Vila do Ouro! This one from today is also seen frequently at Vila do Ouro. It is a purple version of the Agapanthus. This flower is also called ‘the Lily of the Nile’. The plant does not belong to the lily family.

    As most tourists do, this plant also loves the climate in the Algarve, although the plant need to be watered regularly. The amount of sunshine and the temperature are excellent. Today it was 35 º C in the shade and we had 100% sunshine.

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  • Tennis24 July 2013


    The temperature of today caused an empty tennis court during the day. Today the mercury rose up to 35 ° C and although the Algarve has a pleasant dry heat with a refreshing summer breeze, it can be pretty hot on the tennis court in this time of the year. Therefore most guests who want to play, choose the hours before 10:30 a.m. and after 6.00 p.m. The tennis court of Vila do Ouro (see picture of today) can be used free of charge as long as you want, but in case other guests would like to play, the maximum playing time will be one hour.

    The Algarve had 100% sunshine today, the sky was beautifully clear blue, the pool water had 28 º C and the Atlantic Ocean had 22 º C. Overall another lovely summer day in the Algarve!

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  • POOLS23 July 2013


    Although the beaches of the Algarve are absolutely not crowded yet, most of our guests decided to spend the day at our sun terrace with the pools. Our guests could enjoy nice weather again: it had 33ºC in the shade and there was a weak refreshing summer breeze blowing. The sky was clear blue. Today's picture gives an impression of the atmosphere around 4 pm this afternoon. You can see it yourself: very relaxed, friendly and cozy!

    The photo of the bananas of the blog of yesterday, apparently called some reactions. We have written that we have not found bunches of bananas this year, but guests did have found a bunch of bananas hanging in the banana tree at the central barbecue at the tennis court of Vila do Ouro. Of course, that's completely true, but the blog of yesterday actually was talking about the banana trees in the picture of yesterday. These banana trees are at the entrance gate of the pool terrace. Each year they give big bunches, but not yet this year. That was not written so clearly.

    If it interests you: the bunch of bananas from the banana tree near the barbecue at the tennis court, already has been removed and processed in one of our daily fruit juices. Delicious! Pure nature!

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  • BANANAS22 July 2013


    Our banana trees (see photo) have beautiful light green leaves at this time of year. Most leaves have a length of 1 meter. We have not been able to find bunches with bananas yet, like last year. Maybe it will start a bit later this year.

    The 31 º C and the 100% sunshine of today are at least good conditions. There was little wind today.

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  • Praia de São Rafael21 July 2013

    Praia de São Rafael

    The beach on today’s picture is called ‘Praia de São Rafael’. This beach is very popular among the guests of Vila do Ouro. The beach is easy to reach within 15 - 20 minutes. It has a good free parking, a fine restaurant, perfect sanitation, a nice bar and of course the most important: a beautiful location, nice sand, good sunbeds and a wonderful sea.
    By day it is a real family beach, but this year beach parties are organized on every Sunday night and every Thursday night. They start around 8 p.m and finish around 3.30 a.m. The next morning, it's like nothing has been happened and tourists can enjoy a clean beach for again a sunny day in the Algarve.

    This whole weekend had wonderful weather: an average of 28 º C in the shade, a lovely refreshing breeze and 100% sunshine.

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  • Pink & White19 July 2013

    Pink & White

    This bougainvillea has not only the pink flowers, but also some white flowers. Special and beautiful! This huge bougainvillea can be find on the main road of the village of Paderne if you go direction Boliqueime.

    Weather of today: a nice breeze, 32 º C in the shade and 100% sunshine at Vila do Ouro.

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  • Agriculture18 July 2013


    While tourists are busy with their holidays, normal life here in the real Algarve continues. In our part of the Algarve (just 15 minutes from the shore) is not tourism the main business, but is it agriculture where it is all about. This picture is taken along the road to Paderne, just 2 minutes from Vila do Ouro. As you can see in today´s picture it is time for haymaking. At least we can say that the hay is very dry, because the temperature today reached 34 º C in the shadow. The sun was shining whole day and it was almost windless.

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  • Crystal Clear17 July 2013

    Crystal Clear

    The Atlantic Ocean is very calm this week and therefore the water is crystal clear as you can see on today’s picture. Perfect for swimming! Today lots of people were enjoying the sea and the praias (beaches). If you want rest and remote areas than you do not have to follow the masses. At Vila do Ouro we know exactly where to go. The woman on the bottom left on the picture, has this whole piece of ocean for herself in the middle of summer. Is that paradise or not? Just 15 minutes from Vila do Ouro....

    For the month of August we still have bungalows available. So if you want you can take a break to go and stay at Vila do Ouro. Please ask us about the availability and maybe we can welcome at Vila do Ouro this summer!

    Today it was 34 º C in the shade, sunny and it had a light breeze during the afternoon.

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  • Lagos Marina16 July 2013

    Lagos Marina

    The Lagos Marina! Lagos has a cozy port that can be easily visited by foot through a bridge from the center of the city. The port has a lot of bars, restaurants & pubs. The first 3 boats on today's picture are speed boats for dolphins spotting. From Lagos start many boat trips. Lagos is a 40 minute drive from Vila do Ouro and is worth to visit during your holidays.

    The weather today was lovely with 31 º C, 100% sunshine and a gentle breeze.

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  • Big Hibiscus15 July 2013

    Big Hibiscus

    The flowers in our tropical garden are beautiful! This hibiscus on todays picture for example has a ‘wingspan’ of 15 cm. You can find this flower along the path to the bungalows. More information about the hibiscus:

    The Algarve enjoys great weather, today the temperature reached 30 º C, it was 100% sunny and a gentle cooling breeze was blowing.

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  • SNORKLING14 July 2013


    Snorkeling is a fun activity during the holidays. If the current is not coming from the south or the west, the sea will be calm and the sea water will be crystal clear. Perfect snorkeling conditions! Although the oceans are almost depleted, there is still something to see. You can see shoals of sardines, big fish like sea breams or you can see an octopus speeding above the bottom. The Algarve has obviously no tropical waters and therefore there are not many colorful fish to see, but nevertheless you often can see yellow or blue fish. The underwater world remains very interesting. If you do not want to swim in the sea, you can choose to watch the underwater world from the glass-bottom boat. This one takes you on a trip which starts from the port of Albufeira.

    This morning was cloudy again, but around 11 am the sun began stabbing through the clouds and it quickly became a sunny day with 27 º C in the shade.

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  • Cloudy Day July13 July 2013

    Cloudy Day July

    Last night a cool and damp blanket crept over the Algarve and remained here until mid-afternoon. The air cooled off to 23 º C. Personally we found that very delicious, because it is good to cool off the houses. Once the sun showed up again, the temperature rose by leaps and bounds. In the shadow we measured 26 º C today.

    The picture of today shows a part of our tropical garden with the wooden bungalows.

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    The Algarve has excellent opportunities for all kinds of water sports like sailing, diving, kite surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, boating, surfing, jet skiing, bodyboarding, supping, powerboat sailing and canoeing as seen in the picture today. The sea was lovely, had clear water and was not wild at all. On several beaches canoes can be rented. The day started fresh today with 21 º C and a cloudy sky. By the end of the morning it became completely sunny, a bit windy and 27 º C in the shade.

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  • POOLS11 July 2013


    A bright blue sky, 33 º C in the shadow, a soft summer breeze and a warm sun determined today’s weather picture. These are just the right ingredients for a lovely summer day!

    What to do on such a beautiful summer day in the Algarve? Plenty things to do! You can make all kinds of activities, excursions or day trips, but whatever you choose to do, you can start your day with a refreshing swim in our lovely pools (see photo of today).

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  • Paradise Beach10 July 2013

    Paradise Beach

    Really, it is not necessary to travel for hours to come in a paradisiacal setting! Europe has a lot of paradisiacal places. The beach on today's picture is one of them. From Northern Europe it takes 3 to 4 hours to fly to the Algarve. To find the beautiful places, it is important to not to follow the masses. The mass clump together at the tourist places.
    If you want to stay in a real natural paradisiacal environment, off course we recommend you to book your stay at Vila do Ouro. Here at our small holiday resort you will not find crowds of tourists, but just enough tourists to make it a cozy atmosphere. And what you also get from us, are the tips from the insiders. These tips will help you to learn where to go to find the real beauty of the Algarve. Our tips for beaches, restaurants, towns, excursions etc. are bundled in a folder that is found in each accommodation at Vila do Ouro.

    And off course we have our daily blog! Our blogs give also many nice places, with text and photos and al. Continue to follow the blog if you are interested in the Algarve.

    How was this day at this beach? Well, it was a day with 35 º C in the shade, clear sea water with 25 ° C, a very gentle breeze and a hazy sunshine. All together made it a perfect day at the beach!
    The beach of today's picture takes just a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. The real Algarve - connoisseurs will already know about which beach we are talking.

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  • MONCHIQUE09 July 2013


    Bye bye sunshine, see you again in about 9 hours!! Today’s picture prooves that you don’t have to be on the beach for a beautiful sunset picture. Also the inlands of the Algarve give wonderful pictures! In the background you can see the mountain range of the Monchique. These mountains are almost a kilometer high and they are responsible for the mild climate in winter. This mountain range protects the Algarve from the cold air from the North. It is always nice to drive to the summit during your holiday to enjoy the stunning views. If there is little humidity, you can see very far. Today the humidity was 26%, it was 32 º C and there was a very gentle breeze. Off course it was 100% sunny!

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  • Art during holidays08 July 2013

    Art during holidays

    Art in the Algarve! 'Fiesa, Sand City'is a huge expanse of sand with sand sculptures. This year's theme is 'Musica' and the big names in the music industry are raised up as huge images from sand. The sand artists who are responsible for this, come from all corners of the world. Today's picture shows a small compilation of some sculptures and we have Freddy Mercury, Beethoven, Tupac, Bono & Jim Morrison posted on this picture. To visit Fiesa Sand City is always nice, combining the sand from the beach with some art! It takes a 20-minute drive from Vila do Ouro. You can sit in the shade, relax and eat something from the cafe and the children have enough to play.

    The shadow was something what we needed yesterday and what we will need today, because the weather is warm with 35 º C, blue skies and a  warm breeze from the sea. 

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  • Albufeira 201306 July 2013

    Albufeira 2013

    Although a lot has changed, one can still see why this area of Albufeira is called 'Old - Albufeira ". There are still many old buildings in use. New Albufeira has mostly modern hotels and lots of entertainment with discos, pubs & clubs. This new part of Albufeira is a 15 minutes walk from Old-Albufeira. Old-Albufeira has nice little cozy streets with bars and restaurants, though the pure atmosphere that prevailed in 1974 cannot be found anymore

    Hereby a nice link to a promotional video of the Algarve: this video shows various tourist spheres in the Algarve and highlights of what you can expect from a holiday in the Algarve. Remind that Vila do Ouro is located centrally in the Algarve, so it is an ideal point to explore the Algarve from here. We still have some bungalows available for August, so if you need a holiday...

    Again it was windy today, but definitely not unpleasant. It was 33 º C in the shade, completely sunny and the water of the sea was remarkably warm with 25 º C. The Atlantic Ocean was wild with high waves and strong currents. For many it was therefore more exciting! 

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  • Old Albufeira05 July 2013

    Old Albufeira

    We have to admit that today's picture is actually not taken today. This picture was even not taken recently, but 39 years ago. It concerns Albufeira in 1974. What happened to Albufeira in those 39 years? We make it exciting: tomorrow we go to the same place where the photographer took this photo 39 years ago. We will take a picture and we will upload that picture tomorrow. You can see yourself what has changed and what not....

    Perhaps you are not waiting for history and perhaps you rather had a photo which was taken today. Well, we can tell you that today had a clear blue sky again, it was quite warm, a bit humid with 35 º C in the shade and a huge wind. The waves on the south coast were high today and the sea was very pleasantly warm. 

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  • South Coast Western Europe04 July 2013

    South Coast Western Europe

    The South Coast of Western Europe! A lovely area to stay! The sun is shining, the sea has a nice temperature and the beaches are far from packed. You can rent sun beds and umbrellas on almost all beaches on the south coast. Ideal to relax in the shade! The shade had 34 º C today and we had a warm breeze blowing from the sea. 

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  • SUN TERRACE of VILA DO OURO03 July 2013


    Vila do Ouro’s central sun terrace with the pools! These pools are currently widely used to cool off, because it was another day with 33 º C in the shade. The temperature of the pool had 28 º C. That is the average temperature in the summer months. Today, the sun was 100% present from sunrise to sunset. Guests who arrived today were all amazed about the wonderful summer breeze that regularly comes in the afternoon. "Unbelievable, what a lovely breeze!" they said…. 

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  • Flowers of Vila do Ouro02 July 2013

    Flowers of Vila do Ouro

    June is the month with the most flowers. In June blooms almost everything, but fortunately blooming continues in July. The photo of today shows four flowers which are very common at Vila do Ouro: the top left has the 'Lantana', the top right has the purple flowers called 'Solanum Rantonetti' (family of the potato!) along with the red-pink 'Bougainvillea', right bottom shows the pink ‘Nerium Oleander’and the left bottom shows the white-pink 'Nerium Oleander'. At Vila do Ouro we have many other kinds of flowers, but these four types of flowers are currently responsible for most colors in our tropical garden.

    The Portuguese island of Madeira is called ‘The Flower Island of Europe’, but many of our guests call Vila do Ouro ‘The Flower Island in the Algarve. Would you like to stay at Vila do Ouro to enjoy a relaxing holiday in our colorful garden? Please contact us for the current availability. The month of July is fully booked, but for the month of August we have availability for our bungalows. In late August, September and October, we also have quite a few accommodations available. We love hearing from you!

    For those who will come this week to Vila do Ouro or elsewhere in the Algarve: the beautiful summer weather will continue with the same values of today. Blue skies, a warm sun, a cool summer breeze and 33 º C in the shade. 

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  • Stable Summer Weather01 July 2013

    Stable Summer Weather

    Stable summer weather! Currently, the Algarve has the normal values for the time of year. 100% sunshine, an average of 33 º C and a delightful breeze. The nights cool down to 22 º C, the pools have 28 º C and the Atlantic Ocean has a temperature which varies between 20 º C and 23 º C. The next two month will have these stable summer values.

    Today's picture shows the large pool of Vila do Ouro. The picture was taken from the balcony of the upper apartment for 4 persons. From this balcony you really have a spectacular view over Vila do Ouro, but also over the valley and the coastline of Olhos d'Agua, a touristic fishing village that is connected to Albufeira. Olhos d'Agua has some lovely restaurants on the small promenade and at the beach. The beach is beautiful and fishermen moor their boats at the beach and sell their fresh caught fish.  

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