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  • Summer Day31 July 2012

    Summer Day

    The forest fire mentioned in the blog of yesterday is still burning, but is under control. The picture of today concerns a fire helicopter which often flies near Vila do Ouro.

    It was another glorious summer day with 36 º C in the shade and plenty of sunshine.

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  • Fire30 July 2012


    The past few days we had no internet again. The whole village had no phone and no internet connection. The previous weekend was without  internet because of a theft of a piece of the main cable from the PT. It still is a question what the problem caused this weekend, but it would not surprise us if the cable thieves stole again some cable.

    Today was a beautiful day with 34 º C in the shade and plenty of sunshine. Driving around in the Algarve we saw again a forest fire (see photo today). Fortunately not as big as the fire of Tavira, yet large enough to keep the firefighters, in the radius of 80km around the fire, busy. This fire was near Lagos and the smoke from this fire, was even visible in Albufeira at the end of the day.

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  • Friday the 27th of July27 July 2012

    Friday the 27th of July

    The day started cloudy, then quickly became a sunny day and ended with a windy and cool evening. The maximum temperature measured in the shade was 30 ° C and at 8.30p.m (which was the time of the making of the picture of today) it was only 22 º C on the beaches. In a bikini or swimsuit it surely is a bit chilly.

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  • Cloudy Morning26 July 2012

    Cloudy Morning

    The day started cloudy and it became sunny just after lunchtime. Most guests from Vila do Ouro went to the shopping centers, amusement parks or the sand sculptures show. Some of them made a jeep safari through the back country. The surf dudes on the picture  of today withdrew nothing from the cloudy weather and just dived into the clear sea. The picture was taken near Sagres.

    The temperature did not exceed 27 º C in the shade.

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  • Romance25 July 2012


    The Algarve offers not only romance to the tourists. Even the locals experience some romance, like you can see on the picture of today. This pair has just done some shopping at the yearly fair of Paderne. Together with their new bought things in the back  they were heading home.

    This morning started cloudy again, but around noon it became fully sunny. The maximum temperature measured in the shade was 28 ° C.

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  • Night Swim24 July 2012

    Night Swim

    At Vila do Ouro it is possible to swim until 10.00 p.m. Regularly guests have a evening swim, but tonight there were more children in the pools, than during the day (see photo of today). That's probably because it was cloudy this morning and that the rest of the day wasn’t entirely sunny. It was 28 º C in the shade, which means it was a fairly cool day compared to the past weeks.

    The blog of yesterday about the puppies gave many comments, but we still haven't found a home for them. We have two males and two females and they currently reside on a fully enclosed terrain of approx 5000 m2 behind Vila do Ouro. They stay with us until we find a good home for them.

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  • Puppies23 July 2012


    Last Saturday morning 4 little puppies were thrown over our fence. The puppies are very young, not older than 3 months. We have heard that young animals are often dropped in gardens of foreigners, in the hope that they can offer them a good home. The puppies can unfortunately not stay with us and we are eagerly trying to find them loving and good homes. We would like to hear who's interestedToday the weather was great with 35 º C in the shade, plenty of sunshine and little wiLast Saturday morning 4 little puppies were thrown over our fence. The puppies are very young, not older than 3 months. We have heard that young animals are often dropped in gardens of foreigners, in the hope that they can offer them a good home. The puppies can unfortunately not stay with us and we are eagerly trying to find them loving and good homes. We would like to hear who's interested!

    Today the weather was great with 35 º C in the shade, plenty of sunshine and little wind.

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  • Sun(ny)day22 July 2012

    Sun(ny)day Due to problems with the internet connection in our street, we could not upload pictures to our daily blog. As well we can not be as fast as we want to be with replying our emails. Hopefully tomorrow the problems with the internet will be solved. Today was a warm and windless day with 38C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Tavira Fire20 July 2012

    Tavira Fire

    Today was a beautiful warm day with 37 º C in the shade and not a cloud in the sky, although unfortunately a cloud of smoke was seen in easterly directions. It concerns the huge forest fire in Tavira, about 60 kilometers, as the crow flies, from us. The conflagration was started a few days ago and currently there are about 900 firefighters working to fight the fire, which is not an easy task. At night the sky turns red and we see huge flames in the distance. The picture of today is taken from our balcony this morning. More information on the following links:

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  • Child Proof19 July 2012

    Child Proof

    The Algarve is a paradise for children! The whole day playing outside with the good concept of three times the 'S': Sand, Sea & Swimming Pool! Today had again plenty of summer vibes and 36 º C in the shade. The whole day was sunny and almost windless. Todays picture is taken by Ingrid Smit, location the beach of Amoreira.


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  • Beach Life18 July 2012

    Beach Life

    The evenings of last week were quite chilly, but the evenings of this week are warm. The temperature of the evenings stuck around 30 º C and the ordinary beach life continues untill far after sunset. The picture of today was taken around 8.00 pm on Praia de Rafael.

    During the day it was not windy and the temperature rose up to 37 º C.

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  • Vila do Ouro by night17 July 2012

    Vila do Ouro by night

    Vila do Ouro by night ... currently it is a warm evening with 28 º C. During the day it was 35 º C on the central pool terrace of Vila do Ouro. Occasionally there was a nice breeze from the south and there was again a clear blue sky during the whole day.

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  • Waves16 July 2012


    The Atlantic Ocean on the south coast of the Algarve is in summer as flat as a plane mirror. It is perfect for water activities like snorkeling, diving, boating, etc. For those who need a rough sea with high waves for surfing or bodyboarding should go to the West Coast of the Algarve. The West Coast has a spectacular nature. From the moment you arrive on the West Coast, you immediately smell the thick blanket of eucalyptus and pine scents. The picture of today is just one of the great beaches on the west coast, just 60 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro.

    Today was hot, 37 º C in the shade, 100% sunny and there was hardly wind. The evening was still warm and the night will stay warm.

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  • NON STOP SUMMER15 July 2012


    From June untill September it is non-stop summer. In these month the temperature will normally go over the 30ºC during the day. The month of July is almost 100% sunny and it is the same song every day. Blue skies, a bright sun and a temperature between 30 - 35 º C. The next week will receive warmer air from the east, just like today. That means not only warm days, but as well warm evenings and nights. In this month the Algarve has summer life for 24 hours per day.
    A non-stop summer also includes a need of summer clothes; here and there in the Algarve you will find mini-markets like the one at the picture of today. Close to beaches are a few stalls selling summer tools.

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  • The French13 July 2012

    The French

    The picture of today shows the supermarket of Paderne. Actually it is nothing more than a room of 5 x 6 meters, stuffed with food items. It continues to amaze us all what you can get. You can get a bag of chicken feed to a freshly cut piece of steak and a bag of hair clips to a pack of diapers. All the basics are available!
    It may seem that the picture was taken in France because of the French car. It concerns only a tourist. The Algarve is a popular destination for the Portuguese-French. France has a huge population of Portuguese immigrants. The descendants and immigrants flock to the Algarve and many of them also have a second home in the Algarve. Many Portuguese also speak French, because they have been working for some years in France during the seventies and eighties. So if you are here and the English fails, you can always try it in French!

    Today was hot, 36 º C in the shade, sunny and little wind. The evening was a bit windy, but still far from cold.

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  • For the kids12 July 2012

    For the kids

    The large beach of Praia de Rocha (Portimão) has a huge playground as you can see on todays picture. That's always fun for the kids, although it is quite warm during the day.

    Today had 34 º C in the shade and there was less wind than the previous days. Of course we had a clear bluesky, because that's quite normal for this time of the year.

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  • Albufeira11 July 2012


    Today’s picture shows a random street in old Albufeira. Albufeira is a major tourist machine at just a 10 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. If staying at Vila do Ouro you easily can go for the crowds in Albufeira and turn back to the peacefull Vila do Ouro. Over here you only hear the campo sounds (nature sounds). In particular, the birds, crickets and sometimes frogs. From a distance we catch sounds of chickens, dogs and donkeys.

    More information about Albufeira, visit:

    After a refreshing night of 16 º C, the mercury rose fast today to 30 º C in the shade. A summer breeze was blowing and it was again clear blue.

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  • Praia da Oura10 July 2012

    Praia da Oura

    The beach on the photo is Praia da Oura, the busiest and most popular beach of Albufeira. The picture was taken just before 9.00 p.m. and around this time the crowds have gone. The beach is popular for its many hotels and restaurants built around it. The location of Praia da Oura is fantastic, it is sheltered, has a good climate and is perfect to swim.

    Today it was 32 º C in the shade, sunny and the July summer breeze was also blowing. The evening is quite cool with 21 º C.

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  • Blue Flag09 July 2012

    Blue Flag

    Almost all beaches in the Algarve have a blue flag. A beach get the blue flag when it comply to a number of standards and requirements. Some beaches have a nice sign at the entrance (see photo today) where in a playful manner is shown what the beaches all have and what you have to do for a healthy day at the beach. For example, avoid the sun between 11.00 and 16.00, leave the pets at home and put the rubbish in the bins.

    Today was another beautiful beach day with 32 º C in the shade, 100% sunshine and the nice summer breeze.

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  • Fresh Fruit08 July 2012

    Fresh Fruit

    Fresh fruit on the beach! Several beaches have a fruit stand at the entrance with watermelons, melons, cherries, nectarines and citrus. Healthy and delicious to enjoy during the hot hours at the beach. Today it was just another perfect sunny day with 33 º C in the shade and a lovely summer breeze.

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  • Colorful07 July 2012


    The plants grow faster than the maintenance team of the public infrastructure! The picture of today shows a very important road sign. For those driving in Portugal: 50 km in urban areas, 90 km outside urban areas and 120 km on the highways. Speed checks are rare, but if speeding is detected, then there are high fines.

    July 7 was a lovely summer day with 33 º C in the shade, a summer breeze and plenty of sunshine.

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  • Villa06 July 2012


    Our villa sleeping 8 people is a wonderful house (see picture of today). The villa is spacious, has all kinds of comforts and because of the private garden one can fully relax. For the month of September there is still some availability, so if you are interested, you can contact us. The villa is ideal for 2-family vacations, holidays with grandpa(s) and grandmother(s) and is big enough for 4 couples.

    The weather is great for the time of the year, today was 33 º C in the shade, but the cooling summer breezes from the north made it all very pleasant. The mornings, evenings and nights are nice and fresh, so everyone can enjoy a good sleep. Of course, it was 100% sunny!

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  • Praia de Gale05 July 2012

    Praia de Gale

    After a fresh night it  turned to be a warm day with a temperature of 30 º C. The photo was taken at Praia de Gale today around 3.00 p.m. Praia de Gale is about a 20 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. The beaches are already quite crowded. The beach on the picture is a popular beach, but there are plenty of beaches where you still can sunbathe in peace. The evening is fresh and there is a strong wind blowing from the north.

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  • Solar Energy04 July 2012

    Solar Energy

    The garden with the bungalows is a nice place to walk around. The picture of today shows a part of the garden, but also a solar panel for hot water from one of the bungalows. Each bungalow has its own system which contains a panel and a tank. The solar panel heats the tank of 160 liters. The system is adjusted so that the system automatically stops when the water temperature of 70 º C is reached. With the sunny days of this week it takes just a few hours to reach this temperature. Today was a sunny day with 32 º C. At the end of the day we got a pleasant summer breeze.

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  • Bananas03 July 2012


    Our banana trees provide almost year-round bananas. This specie can not be eaten on the run, but you have to cut it in stripes and have to fry it in a pan. Especially fried in coconut oil it becomes a true delicacy. It is important that they are picked at the right time. Green is not edible, yellow as a chiquita is not ripe enough, black is too ripe.
    The mercury rose today to 36 º C. It was sunny, there was little wind and therefore quite warm.

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  • Full Moon02 July 2012

    Full Moon

    It's a full moon like you can see on the picture of today. The photo was taken around 9.00 p.m. At that time there was no wind, it had 28 º C and a clear sky. The evening like this, is a pleasant ending from a perfect day with 36 º C in the shade and plenty of sunshine.

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  • High season01 July 2012

    High season

    It is July the first and thus has the high season officially started! At Vila do Ouro, we notice this phenomenon by the arrivals of families with school-age children. The weather does not really deliver a high season product, because today had just 30 º C in the shade instead of the July average of 35ºC. The evenings, nights and the mornings are quite chilly with temperatures around 20 º C.

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