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  • 31 07 201131 July 2011

    31 07 2011

    These pine trees, as shown on todays picture, are quite common in the Algarve. You can find them even close to sea. Todays picture shows that they grow on the top of a cliff. The pine scent in combination with sea air gives a wonderful holiday scent.

    Today we enjoyed a lovely cool morning and around lunch time the temperature measured in the shadow was 33ºC. We all know that the climate is changing, but what is forecasted for tomorrow we never have seen before: rain on the first of August. We will see if it is going to happen. It would be very nice for the plants.

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  • 30 07 201130 July 2011

    30 07 2011

    Our villa is doing great this summer. Guests from the villa are enjoying themselves 100%. Although the villa itself is big, the main place to be on most days is under this beautiful pergula: breakfast, coffee, lunch, diner untill late etc. is taking place over here. From here you have an excellent view over the pool and the back garden. There is nobody to disturb you...

    Today is a normal summer day: sun, a soft wind and 34ºC in the shadow.

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  • 29 07 201129 July 2011

    29 07 2011

    The Algarve offers a wide range of turistic summer activities, but as a tourist you might as well want to know more about the Portuguese culture from nowadays. That's why the Loja dos Saberes, a local language school, invented something what is really interesting if you want to understand the Portuguese culture. You can join a workshop, which is called 'Survival Portuguese'. In this workshop you learn, besides some Portuguese words, more about culture and about Portugal. Everydag things, like what's on their mind, daily routines, going shopping, how to greet properly etc. On the following link you can find some information about Loja dos Saberes and you can already contact them about this workshop if you are interested. As they are a language school, the speak some foreign languages like English:

    Today was a strange day: this morning started foggy, it was completely sunny and hot at 11.00 am and at tea time it was hot and chilly at the same time. How's that possible? While sweating, the skin felt cold. Around this time, some fog was covering the coastline. Maximum today was 33ºC.

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  • 28 07 201129 July 2011

    28 07 2011

    Palm trees always give a nice shade, as you can see on todays picture. When we woke up this morning we were wondering if we would need any shade today, because it was completely cloudy. A strong wind was blowing from the Atlantic Ocean and the temperature was good with 25ºC. Great to be active! At midday it turned to be very sunny and the day continued as a normal summerday with 34ºC in the shadow.

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  • 27 07 201127 July 2011

    27 07 2011

    It is silent, no wind at all, warm and sunny. This picture shows the typical Algarvian landscape what we have around Vila do Ouro. We took this photo at 12.15 pm. Today we had a hot summerday with 39ºC in the shadow. Right now we have a warm evening and we will get a warm night. Great to grill something on the barbecue....

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  • 26 07 201126 July 2011

    26 07 2011

    Todays picture is taken at midday and no one was sitting on this bench, because it was probably to warm. The almond tree does not give enough shade to hide for the sun. This afternoon we have measured temperatures between 36ºC and 39ºC. As you can see on todays picture, clear skies and lots of sunshine.

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  • 25 07 201125 July 2011

    25 07 2011

    Two small islands in the Atlantic Ocean and in the back you see the white city blocks of Vilamoura and on the left you can see the red rocks from Praia da Falesia. These islands are situated west from Albufeira and are great for snorkling.

    Today a warm day with 35ºC in the shadow at the swimming pools, no wind and just sunshine.

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  • 24 07 201124 July 2011

    24 07 2011

    A colorfull picture.... but on the other hand it shows how busy it can be. This is one of the favourite beaches of Albufeira and on sundays it is always crowded. All accommodations of Vila do Ouro have our self written guide with a chapter beaches. We tell you where you can find nearby beaches which are not that busy as on this picture, but in August it will be very hard anyway to find a remote and quiet beach.

    Today a lovely day: 33ºC in the shadow, 100% sunshine and almost no wind. The evening is nice with 25ºC.

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  • 23 07 201123 July 2011

    23 07 2011

    This is not ordinary grass. It are baby palm trees. They can grow easily 15 metres high. In autumn the big palm tree, from which you can see a piece of the trunk, let go its seeds and some of them will start a new life as a palm tree. The seeds are small and black, just like black beans.
    This type of palm tree grows with +15ºC, sleeps with everything below 15ºC and can survive frost until -10ºC.

    Today a nice day with 30ºC in the shadow, sunny and a light summer breeze. 

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  • 22 07 201122 July 2011

    22 07 2011

    Todays picture shows a blue flag. Most beaches in the Algarve have a blue flag, which meand the following:

    The Blue Flag is an exclusive international eco-label awarded to beaches and marinas. The Blue Flag Programme is owned and run by the independent non-profit organisation Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development at beaches/marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. The Blue Flag Programme includes environmental education and information for the public, decision makers and tourism operators.

    The award of a Blue Flag beach is based on compliance with 29 criteria covering the aspects of:

    (1) Environmental Education and Information

    (2) Water Quality

    (3) Environmental Management

    (4) Safety and Services

    Some criteria are imperative, some are guideline and some are non-applicable for certain regions. All imperative requirements have to be fulfilled, and in addition a maximum number of guideline criteria. All Blue Flags are only awarded for one season at a time. If some of the imperative criteria are not fulfilled during the season or the conditions change, the Blue Flag will be withdrawn.

    The weather today was sunny, not that warm with 31ºC in the shadow and the wind direction was changing from the North to the East. 

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  • 21 07 201121 July 2011

    21 07 2011

    Local boys are enjoying themselves by jumping off this cliff near Albufeira. As they are locals, they know exactly where to jump. Remember that there are rocks everywhere, so we advise to not jump cliffs when on holiday in the Algarve. This photo was taken at 7.00 pm.
    Today was a warm day, 35ºC in the shadow, no wind and a clear sky. 

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  • 20 07 201120 July 2011

    20 07 2011

    The road on todays picture is the N125, which was the most important road between West and East Algarve. In 2003 the A22 was completed which is the high way from East to West. The A22 runs parallel to the N125 and both run parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. There are several diferent roads from North to South, so as long as you see the coast, you can easily know where you are in the Algarve. You can even navigate on the sun, because the Algarve has sunshine for 300 days a year. Like today, a very sunny and warm day. 34ºC in the shadow and no wind at all.. 

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  • 19 07 201119 July 2011

    19 07 2011

    Todays picture shows the Algarve Shopping. This shopping centre is situated just outside Guia and you can reach it from Vila do Ouro within 10 - 15 minutes. The Algarve Shopping has a very big supermarket which is open from 9.30am - 11.00 pm, lots of shops, lots of fashion and a food court with a lot of fast-food restaurants, self service buffets, typical Portugeese restaurants, Brasilian and Asian restaurants. If it is not enough: the shopping has as well a huge cinema, childcare and lots of electronica shops so you can even buy a fridge or wash machine while you are on holiday. Huge free parking. Around the shopping, you can find a retail centre with elektronica shops, furniture strip, DIY markets, a Makro and an Aldi. Anyway, Vila do Ouro might be in the countryside, the developed world is nearby.

    Today again a 17ºC morning with clouds, but it turned to be a nice and warm day with 31ºC in the shadow and 100% sunshine. 

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  • 18 07 201118 July 2011

    18 07 2011

    Our village Cerro do Ouro has just one restaurant and we are lucky that it is a good one. It is called 'Restaurant Xerem', which mixes local ingredients, traditonal dishes and international influences. The chef calls it 'Fusion Cuisine'. Most guests of Vila do Ouro don't care what kind of cuisine it is, as long as it is good food. Well, it certainly is. Almost all guests of Vila do Ouro have dinner at Xerem at least one time during their stay at Vila do Ouro and they are always surprised by the meals and service. To prepare yourself, please visit this website:

    Today started chilly with 17.2ºC at 8.00 am, but at midday it was 33ºC in the shadow. It was completely sunny and we had a medium strong wind from the North. Right now we are going to have a chilly night with a temperature below 20ºC. Perfect to sleep...

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  • 17 07 201117 July 2011

    17 07 2011

    This butterfly has a nice take off.... Vila do Ouro has nice butterflies at the moment in lots of colors. This morning was a bit chilly, windy and cloudy, but at 10 am the sky was totally clear. It was sunny, but the afternoon was windy. The maximum temperature measured in the shadow was 31ºC. It was a nice day to do things like sightseeing, activities etc.  

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  • 16 07 201116 July 2011

    16 07 2011

    Not all the guests from Vila do Ouro love the sounds of the frogs, but all the children love to watch these creatures swimming and jumping in our pond. Together with the noises of the crickets and other insects, the frog sounds give a nice and tropical atmosphere.

    At sunrise birds are singing and that is perfect to wake up. Now in July, the frogs are not that communicative anymore. Maybe it is to hot...

    Today 35º C and a totally blue sky. There was no wind at all untill 5.00 pm. There is a medium strong and warm wind blowing right now. 

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  • 15 07 201115 July 2011

    15 07 2011

    Our tennis court is surrounded by so much beautiful flora, that it is hard to concentrate on the game. Luckily our tennis court is just used for recreation purposes.

    In this time of the year hardly anybody is playing during the day, but is it rush hour in the morning and evenings. Today was warm with 36ºC and a blue sky. Almost no wind.... 

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  • 14 07 201114 July 2011

    14 07 2011

    This is one of the happiest oleander at Vila do Ouro and we are happy to have it. Today is a hot day, 38ºC in the shadow and almost no wind at all.

    Today as well a small lesson of the Portuguese language. How to say 'thank you': a woman/girl says always 'obrigada' and a man/boy says always 'obrigado'. Together with the lesson from yesterday, you now are ready to earn some sympathy from every Portuguese. Don't forget that you can scroll back and can read all the blog entries from the past. You might can find some usefull information. 

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  • 13 07 201113 July 2011

    13 07 2011

    Todays photo shows our flowery garden. The barbecue is in the middle. There are so much flowers, that insects loose their interest for human beings and barbecue food.

    The weather was great again, 30ºC in the shadow, sunny and a bit windy.

    For those who still have to come to Vila do Ouro, hereby some Portuguese lessons: 'Good Morning' is 'Bom dia' and you say it untill lunchtime. If you have a late lunch, for example at 2 o'clock, it still will be 'bom dia' untill 2 o'clock . After lunch you say 'Boa Tarde' which means 'Good Afternoon' and you say that untill it is getting dark. When it is dark you have to say 'Boa noite' which means off course 'Good Night' 

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  • 12 07 201112 July 2011

    12 07 2011

    Vila do Ouro had very nice weather today, sunny, 33ºC and in the afternoon a bit wind. A good day to relax at the swimming pools, but a lot of guests were enjoying themselves at the beaches. Todays picture shows a piece of the coast near Albufeira. You can see people cooling down near the water.  

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  • 11 07 201111 July 2011

    11 07 2011

    This palm always looks great in the late afternoons. If you walk from the bungalow special to the direction of the tennis court you can see images like todays picture. Playing tennis during the day is just for the experienced players. It is very hot to play, but in the morning and evenings it is excellent.

    Todays maximum measured was 32ºC in the shadow. Unfortunately the wind was gone. It felt hot and for the first time since weeks we saw far in the North some clouds. By the end of this week hot weather is forecasted. 

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  • 10 07 201110 July 2011

    10 07 2011

    The Atlantic Ocean has very clear water this last 2 weeks. Great for snorkeling. Do not expect a lot of tropical & colored fish, but you can see a lot of other species. We have seen some small and big fish, fish with stripes, squids and we even have seen once wild dolphins at the beaches over here. But that is very rare.

    The Algarve has often clear water, but it can have zero visibility as well with southern currents and swell.

    It still is nice summer weather: 33ºC in the shadow, a summerbreeze and 100% sunshine. The evenings and the nights are a bit chilly though, but that is perfect to sleep and to cool down the houses. 

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  • 09 07 201109 July 2011

    09 07 2011

    The colored houses on the picture, are the buildings around Albufeiras harbour. Albufeira invested a lot to have a modern harbour. Well, the harbour is modern and has a lot of facilities.

    Today again an excellent day: 32ºC in the shadow, a summer breeze and clear skies. 

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  • 08 07 201108 July 2011

    08 07 2011

    This ship is almost back in the harbour of Vilamoura. These days all the sea excursion companies are making good business with all the tourists. If you are at the beach you see them come and go. Ships, boats and everything that floats are carrying tourist to caves, hidden beaches or to spot dolphins. You can choose between sail yachts, pirate ships, catamarans, power boats, glass bottom boats, speed boats, sloops etc. From Albufeira harbour, or Vilamoura, Portimão and Lagos, are trips leaving every hour. Just go to a harbour and you will find one boat trip that will suit you.

    If you choose for a day at the ocean, don´t forget to bring a warm pullover or jacket. At sea the temperature will drop, even when it is 32ºC in the shadow at Vila do Ouro like today. Sunny, a bit wind and again a perfect day. 

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  • 07 07 201107 July 2011

    07 07 2011

    This beautiful small beach takes just a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. This picture is taken at 4.30 pm and as you can see it is not crowded at all. The beaches with easy acces are already crowded, but beaches like this one are still quiet. Today was a perfect day with 31ºC in the shadow. A refreshing wind was blowing whole day, so it did not felt that hot.  

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  • 06 07 201106 July 2011

    06 07 2011

    It was an excellent day for relaxing in the hammocks, but today our guests have chosen other things to do. When we took this picture the central sun terrace with the pools and the hammocks was empty. Guests were heading for beaches, spotting dolphins, visiting water slide parks and visiting towns like Faro and Silves. There is so much to do...

    Today we had 34ºC, untill 4.00 pm no wind and a clear and sunny sky. 

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  • 05 07 211105 July 2011

    05 07 2111

    These Aptenia Cordifolia or the Rock Rose is a plant which have flowers all year round. This plant belongs to the family Aizoaceae and is famous for its capability to grow over rocks and dry sandy bottoms. Other species of this flower family can be seen at the Algarvian beaches. This one shown on the picture grows in an old palm tree in the garden of the Bungalow Special. We have them as well at the swimming pools and near the studios. More information, please take a look at this link:

    Dry and hot weather as we had today is no problem for this plant. It was 35ºC in the shadow, not windy and we had a completely blue sky.

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  • 04 07 201104 July 2011

    04 07 2011

    The Algarve is getting busier and busier towards the high season. Roads, shopping centra and beaches are slowly getting more crowded, but there are still remote beaches to find, as you can see on todays picture. This 'hidden´ beach is still having lots of space.....

    Today was a nice and sunny day with excellent temperatures: we measured 30ºC as a maximum in the shadow. 

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  • 03 07 201103 July 2011

    03 07 2011

    Todays picture shows the 'jungle' of Vila do Ouro.....The weather from today was far from jungle weather. It was windy and 10 degrees cooler than the average temperature in July. We measured 25ºC in the shadow as todays maximum. It was partly cloudy, but the sun was still the strongest. Actually it was a nice day to do something and it was very nice to cool down the houses. 

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  • 02 07 201102 July 2011

    02 07 2011

    A day at the beach ends for an average tourist of Northern Europe around 6 pm, but the Portuguese continue untill far after sunset. This picture is taken at 7.45 pm. Beach life is still full in effect. The beach on the picture is Praia de Santa Eulália, which is popular beach just outside the new part of Albufeira. From Vila do Ouro it takes 15 minutes by car. This beach has a big free car park. It was a nice warm day with a lot of sun, some feather clouds and we measured 34ºC in the shadow. We had no wind and now, at 10.24 pm, it starts blowing. Cooler air will come in during the night. 

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  • 01 07 201101 July 2011

    01 07 2011

    Today was a warm day and it still is a warm day. Right now at 9.54 pm it is 27ºC and there is no wind at all. The morning started a bit cloudy, but at 2.00 pm the sky was completely clear. It stayed hazy though, and we cannot see the Atlantic Ocean today. That means that it is humid and sweaty.

    Todays picture is again a picture from fruit. This one shows the fig tree. We have several fig trees at Vila do Ouro. 

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