Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Small Paradise28 June 2016

    Small Paradise Even with cloudy moments, Vila do Ouro remains a small paradise! This picture is from this morning. The sun is out now and it is just another warm summer day in the Algarve! Top of page
  • Algarve Paradise19 June 2016

    Algarve Paradise Praia de São Rafael is one of the most favorite beaches among the guests of Vila do Ouro. This beach is just a 10-15 minute drive from Vila do Ouro. Until the 20th of July you can still find your own space on this beach as you can see in today's picture.... Summer all over the Algarve, 27C in the shade and no-clouds at all! Top of page
  • Summer Style11 June 2016

    Summer Style Vila do Ouro Summer style! Lots of sunshine, 29C and a strong summer breeze Top of page
  • Tennis Court Make-Over05 June 2016

    Tennis Court Make-Over New in 2016: a fully renovated tennis court! We are very proud with the result. Check out the post of the 30th of January this year to see how the tennis court looked before the make-over. Right now it is just summer time in the Algarve: 100% sunshine, 28C and a breeze from the west. Top of page