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  • Sunflower28 June 2013


    Bom dia sunshine! There is little difference between the behavior of a sunflower and the behavior of the average tourist in the Algarve, they both prefer to face the sun all day! However, it is wise to avoid the sun between 11.00 am -  4.00 pm. Especially the first days of your holiday it is very important to avoid the sun between these hours, because the skin is not yet accustomed to the powerful sun of the Algarve.

    This morning the mercury rose quickly over the 30 º C. It is again a top summer day! 

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  • Culinary T-Junction27 June 2013

    Culinary T-Junction

    This is a culinary T-junction. This culinary T-junction can be find at a 7-minute drive from Vila do Ouro in northern direction. Inland, towards the unspoilt Algarve! Both restaurants have good quality food, an excellent service and a relaxed atmosphere.
    As you can see, the left direction goes to Restaurant Mato à Vista (Restaurant Forest View) and to the right goes to Restaurant Paraíso do Algarve (Restaurant Paradise of the Algarve). Mato à Vista has a large covered terrace, a playground for children and an excellent menu. Paraiso do Algarve also has a delicious menu, a playground for children and a large covered terrace. So which one to choose? We recommend that you try both of them during your holiday. For Mato à Vista we often hear that the Cataplana is a favorite and the favorite dish of Paraíso do Algarve is the Bife na Pedra (steak on the stone).

    And than the daily update on the weather: it might be a bit boring at this time of the year, but today was again a sunny day with a delightful summer breeze and a temperature about 32 º C in the shade. The sea had 23 ° C today and our pools have a water temperature of 28 º C.


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  • Carob Tree26 June 2013

    Carob Tree

    No matter how hot it is, under the large carob tree of our villa for 8 people it is always cool. It feels just like this tree has a natural air conditioner. The tree at the villa is very old, perhaps over a hundred years. The carob pods can be harvested in August. Everywhere in the Algarve you will see local men with long sticks and burlap bags that store the fruits from the tree. The carob pods are a type of long beans. The local use the carob pods for anything like bread and cakes and even liqueurs. Previously, the fruits were used as a weighing instrument.

    The tree at the villa is used by our guests as a big and alive parasol (see picture of today). Even with 34 º C in the shade on a day like today, you're sitting like a king under the carob tree. More information:

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  • Last-Minute II25 June 2013

    Last-Minute II

    The wind direction has changed to the south and the Algarve receives now the hot air from Africa. The current from the Atlantic has changed as well to direction south and that means that the sea is getting warmer. Today the sun shone continuously and it was 34 º C in the shadow. The summer breeze brought even the fresh sea air to Vila do Ouro. It made all the guests happy.
    Who would not want a holiday in an idyllic and relaxed environment with all day just fine temperatures and 100% sunshine? Well, statistically about 6000 people have ‘seen’ the blog from yesterday, but nevertheless we almost have not received any requests to our last minute offer for the standard 6 pax apartment for the period 3 – 13 July. 10 nights in an apartment with 100m2 of living space, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom with bath & shower and balcony with stunning views over the hills of the Algarve. And that in the Zoover Award Winner N º 1 Holiday Park in Portugal!

    Ok, the flights to Faro are quite pricey for this period, but with some creativity you can get far enough. For example, Dutch and Belgium holiday seekers can take a look at for Eindhoven - Lisbon. Return ticket for 2 adults and 2 children for just 745 euros. With a rental car you can take the A2 from Lisbon towards 'SUL' (south). After a 2.5 hour drive on a beautiful (empty) highway through the beautiful Alentejo region you will arrive at the gate of Vila do Ouro. A 10-day summer holiday in the oasis of the Algarve can begin!

    Of course it is all together a lot of money, but in 2013 you have to go a bit further to get a sun guaranteed holiday. Or all the way to the North or to the South of Europe ...
    Who can we welcome next week?

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  • LAST MINUTE24 June 2013


    ****LAST MINUTE TO THESE HAMMOCKS**** It's hot in the Algarve (35ºC), the sun is shining and the delightful summer breeze is always present. Literally we sweat,  but figuratively as well, because we have still available a standard 6 pax apartment for next week. It has never happened before that we had an apartment available in July. Will there be someone who wants to rent this apartment??
    Probably there are many people who would like to stay in this apartment and to enjoy a stay at Vila do Ouro. However Vila do Ouro is a hidden paradise and is not easy to find for everyone. Perhaps you know someone who wants to stay from the 3rd untill the 13th of July in this standard 6 pax apartment. Of course for a last-minute price!

    The garden is on its best now, the pools have a temperature of 27ºC, the tennis court is beautiful, the lounge is always cool and the sun beds and hammocks are perfect to relax every day. If you would like to stay here next week or if you know someone who really wants to relax, please contact us! We would like to welcome you! 

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  • SUPERMOON23 June 2013


    If the sun has set, the moon takes it over with a bright light! This weekend everyone could enjoy the 'Super Moon' ( ) On hot evenings as this one it is nice that there is extra light from above. It makes living outdoors a lot easier!

    "Muito calor” was the talk of the day by the locals! 'Calor' means ‘hot’ in Portuguese and 'muito' means in this case ‘very'. It was very hot! 35 º C in the shade and from sunrise to sunset it was completely sunny. 

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  • Terrace22 June 2013



    Today's picture: the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro around 10 a.m. In the morning, it is always very quiet: the birds are singing, the balmy breeze sways the palm leaves back and forth and the temperature still allows you to sit in the sun. In short, a very relaxed moment. Around 10 a.m. most guests of Vila do Ouro are preparing themselves make for a day trip, excursions, activities or visiting a village, a supermarket, a beach or just the supermarket. From lunch time, more and more guests  move to our sun terrace, but it always stays relaxed. The kids enjoy themselves together in the children's pool and the rest is reading, swimming, sunbathing, chatting or they are entertaining themselves with the phone or tablet. Pure holidays! Nothing more to add ....


    What more do you need on a day like today with 100% sunshine and 30ºC in the shadow?

    Today's picture: the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro around 10 a.m. In the morning, it is always very quiet: the birds are singing, the balmy breeze sways the palm leaves back and forth and the temperature still allows you to sit in the sun. In short, a very relaxed moment. Around 10 a.m. most guests of Vila do Ouro are preparing themselves make for a day trip, excursions, activities or visiting a village, a supermarket, a beach or just the supermarket. From lunch time, more and more guests  move to our sun terrace, but it always stays relaxed. The kids enjoy themselves together in the children's pool and the rest is reading, swimming, sunbathing, chatting or they are entertaining themselves with the phone or tablet. Pure holidays! Nothing more to add ....


    What more do you need on a day like today with 100% sunshine and 30ºC in the shadow?


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  • SUMMER!!21 June 2013


    30 º C and a strong but lovely summer breeze. Summer has officially started today! The picture shows the hammock-view of today. Relaxing in these hammocks is so nice .... 

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  • SUNSET FARO20 June 2013


    Sunset Faro! If your plane is about to land at Faro Airport you fly over the nature reserve of the Ria Formosa. This is an area full of small islands and coves. From the air it looks very beautiful with all the unpopulated white beaches and clear waters. Once landed, it all looks different. Most islands are difficult to reach, but a large island just off the coast of the airport can be easily reached. This island has the beach of Faro. You have to pass the long bridge to reach the island by car. There is a very long beach and there are many holiday houses and restaurants. If you want to visit this island just follow the signs ‘PRAIA’ at the large roundabout at the airport.

    Today it was sunny and 26 º C in the shade. We had a stiff summer breeze. 

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  • Self-Service Corona19 June 2013

    Self-Service Corona

    A cold Corona where the cold vapor smokes from the long neck, lying on a sun bed, on a hot afternoon with a lowering yellow sun around 17 p.m., with waving palm trees and lounge music in the background, is just as delicious as the Sagres from the blog of yesterday. The Mexican Corona costs 3.50 euros in our self-service bar.

    Do not focus on the Corona, but on the background: empty sun beds! This photo was taken this morning. Almost all guests were on the road, because the weather this morning was a bit windy and there were many thick clouds coming over. The weather was quickly stabilized with a glorious sunshine and a temperature about 26 º C. At 17.00 hours, all the sun beds were occupied, with or without a Sagres or Corona or another delicious drink in hand.

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  • Sagres18 June 2013


    Sagres is a coastal town in the south-western part of the Algarve. It is actually the last city of the southwestern part of Europe before the Atlantic begins. Sagres is also a Portuguese beer brand. The picture of today shows a can of  the standard Sagres beer what we sell in the self-service bar of Vila do Ouro. It costs 1.50 euros per can. What you get for this 1,50 euro: on a short distance from your sun bed, a cold and refreshing beer where the condensation drops are slowly slipping down due to the big temperature difference between the refrigerator and the outdoor temperature. Although big difference... today the difference was not more than 18 º C. So +6ºC plus 18ºC makes 24 º C in the shade. The sun was shining, there was a lot of wind and occasionally thick clouds came over and we even had a little drizzle occasionally.

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  • Gateway17 June 2013


    This is our gateway to the central sun terrace with the children's pool and the main pool, the self-service mini bar, sun beds and hammocks. We always ask all our guests to close this gate to prevent access to the pool terrace for small children without supervision of their parents.
    This morning it looked like it would not be a day for sun bathing on the terrace. It was blowing quite hard and there were lots of clouds. Around 11 a.m. the clouds disappeared and it became a very pleasant sunny day, but with a strong breeze. 26 º C in de schaduw, lovely!

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  • Bamboos16 June 2013


    Our bamboos reach up to 7 meters in the blue sky. Some stems have a diameter of up to 10 cm thick. The bamboo is a very strong plant. In the tropics this species can get about 20 meters high. The bamboo needs a temperature around +25ºC and lots of water to grow. The climate of the Algarve cannot supply these circumstances year round, so over here it takes a bit longer before the bamboos will get 20 meters high.

    Todays weather was exactly what the bamboos like to have: a temperature around 35 º C and some summer breezes (and a bucket of water). All in all, an ordinary summer day in the Algarve. In early July we have still accommodation available, so please contact us if you want to enjoy a holiday in our hidden paradise!

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  • It is not just the shore.....15 June 2013

    It is not just the shore.....

    The Algarve is an European paradise. Off course not in the concrete cities, but it has really paradisiacal spots! To continue in our slogan: 'it is not just the shore, there is more to explore ", today we have uploaded a beautiful photograph of the waterfall “Pego do Inferno". This waterfall is situated behind the city of Tavira in the interior of the Algarve. This waterfall is about 5 meters high and has a deep lake which is more than suitable for swimming. Local youths make high cliff jumps, sometimes of about 20 meters high. This beautiful spot is about a 45 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. It is hard to find, and this keeps it special. The area around the waterfall is all very nice and laid-back. Last year, the big Tavira-fire raged here. The damage is, of course, still good to see, but fortunately we also see that the nature firmly fights back to flourish again.

    Temperature today: 33 º C. Weather picture: a constant sun in a clear blue sky. There was little wind and the water of the Pegodo Inferno was 24 º C. ... perfect!

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  • School's Out For Summer!14 June 2013

    School's Out For Summer!

    School's out for summer! Today was the last day of the school year 2012/2013 and the children now have to face a three month holiday. The children are not learning less than in the North European countries, but the schooldays are much longer and they have fewer holidays throughout the year. They only have holidays around Christmas and Easter. In summer, with the heat, they have plenty of time to enjoy themselves with fun activities, often organized by the municipalities themselves. The summer heat today consisted of 35 º C in the shadow, a light breeze from the sea, blue skies and a blazing sun.

    Todays photo is the School of Cerro do Ouro.

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  • Cabanas....13 June 2013


    This is not a beach bar, but a massage cabana on the beach. Many busy beaches have such cabanas where you can get a massage. This photo was taken early in the morning. That’s why the cabana and the beach chairs are without people. The massage team, which usually consists of Asian ladies and gentlemen, show up around 10 o’clock and put the massage table and the curtains. Then they are ready to begin their day with massages. Massages start from 15 euro.
    You read it already: you do not need to book a 5 star hotel with a spa and massage. The massages you can get on the beach and to go to the sauna is unnecessary, because today had 34 º C in the shade.
    Do you also want to come to the Algarve last minute to enjoy the real summer? It still is possible: Vila do Ouro has availability for an apartment for 4 pax and a studio for 2 pax for the end of June. In early July we have a standard apartment for 6 pax and a bungalow for 2-3 pax available. Please contact us via

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  • The Bungalow Special 11 June 2013

    The Bungalow Special

    AVAILABLE FROM 2/8 - 13/8!! Our Special bungalow is situated on the southeastern tip of the area of Vila do Ouro, in the middle of the campo. The "campo" is a Portuguese word for agricultural / natural land. The Bungalow Special gives our guests a special feeling. Imagine to open the front door in the morning and the first what you see is a beautiful nature, a green world and in the distance the dark blue line which is called the Atlantic Ocean. This view and the beautiful surroundings of nature give guests a very relaxed feeling. Many guests come here really to a rest, a rest that they have rarely had in other places.

    What is even more so 'Special' to the Bungalow Special? This bungalow has a terrace slightly larger than the standard bungalows and the Bungalow Special also has its own private barbecue. It is great to grill in the shade of a huge palm tree!.

    Last winter we have completely renovated the Bungalow Special . Now it is equipped with a new energy efficient air conditioning and new doors and windows. The solar panel on the roof provides all the hot water. Todays picture shows a part of the terrace of our Bungalow Special.

    No one will be surprised if we say that this is one of the most popular accommodations of Vila do Ouro. Usually the Bungalow Special is booked throughout the whole season. But now we are faced with a mystery: for the first time in the Vila do Ouro history, the Bungalow Special is not booked for a certain period, while all other accommodations have been booked. It concerns the period from the 2nd untill the13th of August, 11 nights. So, if someone would like to stay in an unique accommodation in a unique resort, please contact us. And if you know someone who also needs a relaxed environment, please pass through our website. Thanks!

    This story concerns the Bungalow Special. It does not mean that we have no more availability for other accommodations. For the period end of June / beginning of July we have a number of accommodations available. For the second half of August, September and October we have few bookings. The Bungalow Special is also still available for the period of 23/08 - 07/09 and some weeks in October.

    Today was a lovely summer day with 29 º C in the shade, a sunny cloudless blue sky and a summer breeze on fan position 3.

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  • Sunny Algarve10 June 2013

    Sunny Algarve

    This morning it seemed that it would be a cloudy day again, but the weather kept everybody fooled. Within a few hours the clouds were almost all gone and the sun burned again firmly in the Algarve. Guests of Vila do Ouro massively decided to stay at Vila do Ouro to enjoy our pool terrace. There was a nice and cozy atmosphere: people were swimming, taking a sunbath, making barbecues and children were playing together at the childrens pool.
    We cannot call it really hot weather, because it was not hot at all with just 25º C in the shade. Just right for this summer vibe of today.
    The beaches were a bit cooler, but also good to enjoy (see picture of today). 

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  • Romantic Lights at Vila do Ouro09 June 2013

    Romantic Lights at Vila do Ouro

    Not much to say about today’s weather: cloudy! It is just another day in a row in June where the majority of the day was cloudy and to chilly for the time of the year. Today was like winter (in the Algarve), but because of that, today was actually nice to be active. There was not much wind and 23 º C.
    A 'dark' day also deserves a dark picture. This photo has been taken just an half hour ago at the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro with the romantic evening lighting.

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  • Turtles08 June 2013


    Near the beach of Salgados, is a nature reserve where many turtles have their habitat. From a wooden bridge, they can be spotted. Also here are many flamingos and other marsh birds. Unfortunately, this area is endangered by plans of the building of a huge holiday resort. Hopefully that will not happen!
    The marshes of Salgados are wonderful for walking. It takes you only 20 minutes by car from Vila do Ouro to get to Salgados.

    Chilly it was today! 21 º C as a maximum daytime temperatures in the shade. Well, shade ... there was not much sun at all. Only around an hour or five in the afternoon the sun came along.

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  • Flowers07 June 2013

    Flowers This morning was cloudy and a bit cooler than usual. Sunny weather started around midday. The temperature is a bit cooler than the average in June. We measured just 22C today.... Todays picture shows the beautiful plants and trees of Vila do Ouro. Top of page
  • Gypsies06 June 2013


    Occasionally you almost run into a group of gypsies on the road who care all their belongings with horse and wagon. They keep on moving day after day. They travel mostly to villages where they can sell their goods on markets. There are quite a few 'gypsy markets' in the Algarve. You can purchase from everything. The gypsies stay the nights in fields outside the villages. Usually only for one night. Then they leave for their next destination.

    Last night it cooled down in the Algarve and this morning it was only 18 º C. It did not warm up that quickly, as usual,  but the mercury kept at 20 º C.  It also was quite cloudy. With lunchtime the sky bursted open and the sun could shine again, but the weather was not really hot. 24 º C in the shade, we have measured. That is of course a bit cold for the time of year.

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  • Intermarché05 June 2013


    This picture might be recognizable for regular guests of Vila do Ouro. The nearest supermarket! This "Intermarché" is at a 5-minute drive from Vila do Ouro and has a good bakery, a butcher, cheese, vegtables and fresh fish. There is also a small café with pastries, coffee and soft drinks. Besides that you can find here a newspaper stand and a flower shop. This supermarket is open 7 days a week from 8:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

    Perhaps this is not a beautiful holiday picture which you might expect on our blog, but shopping is also part of a holiday at Vila do Ouro. Also this photo shows us the veil clouds which appeared in the sky this afternoon. It was generally sunny with at the end of the day these veil clouds. There was little wind and it was 27 º C. 

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  • Tennis04 June 2013

    Tennis Again a day with lovely summer weather. Sunny and 30C. We had some small clouds during the day and you could feel that the weather will change the coming days. Our tennis court is the subject of today's picture. At Vila do Ouro we do not charge extra costs for playing tennis. You can play unlimited, but if other guests would like to play than off coursenitnis limited. Top of page
  • Salgados03 June 2013


    Lovely summer weather all over the Algarve these days: sunny, a gentle summer breeze and temperatures of about 30C. The evenings are warm to have a real outdoor dining. Today's picture was taken on the beach of Salgados, which is situated between Armação de Pêra and Albufeira. From Vila do Ouro you’ll need 20 minutes to drive down to this beach. This beach is about 2 kilometers long and therefore it is perfect for long beach walks.

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  • Sunny Saturday01 June 2013

    Sunny Saturday This photo is of one of our view points. Here you can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner with a specteculair view. Today had 30C and 100% sunshine. Top of page