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  • Arrifana30 June 2012


    The beach of Arrifana looks always good on pictures (see photo of today)! Arrifana is especially popular with surfers because of the high waves of the Atlantic, but this part of the Algarve is also frequented by lovers of beautiful scenery.
    The weather has slightly changed compared to the previous 3 days. Today has 30 º C in the shade and a lot of wind.

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  • Treecreeper27 June 2012


    The bird in the picture of today is a treecreeper. This bird has a nest in one of the palm trees at the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro. Vila do Ouro is also a great place for bird watchers, due to its location in the rugged landscape of central Algarve. Mark van Ras, the one who made the picture of today, was relaxing on a sun bed with a book in one hand and in the other hand a camera t, while waiting until the treecreeper returned. More information about this bird:


    Today the weather was quite humid and hot with 33 º C and a heavy veil clouds. There was very little wind. 

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  • LAST MINUTE26 June 2012


    The Algarve has lots of beautiful beaches and off course that attract many tourists. There are still some beaches that are less accessible and therefore thinly populated. The picture of today shows the entrance to the beach of Vale Figueiras. This is an unpaved road where you have to drive about 20 minutes until you get the image of the picture of today.

    Today was pretty cloudy, 35 º C and in the afternoon it got a little windy.

    For those who want to book a last-minute stay at Vila do Ouro, we have the following message: we still have available a bungalow for 2-3 persons from the first until the 9th of July. If you are interested, please contact us.

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  • Hot II25 June 2012

    Hot II

    It was quite hot today! The sky was not clear blue, but frequently had a big haze. The temperature rose to 35 º C in the shade. Other parts of Portugal had temperatures above 40 º C.

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  • Hot24 June 2012


    It's hot! Now at 23.00 is still 30 º C. The next few days will still remain as warm with daytime temperatures around 38 º C.

    The picture of today shows a typical Portuguese wall  and in the background the the Monchique mountains.

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  • Paradise23 June 2012


    In the southwest of Portugal you sometimes see houses on special and paradisiacal places, like you can see on the picture of today. The house is all alone on the side of a cliff. The photo was taken near Aljezur on the west coast.

    Today was sunny, 32 º C and a little windy.

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  • Kitchens22 June 2012


    The kitchens of the apartments for 4 persons have a beautiful view, as shown in the picture today. We frequently hear from our guests that Vila do Ouro distinguish herself from other vacation accommodations by our good quality kitchen equipment. For example, all our kitchens are supplied with peelers, cheese slicers, skimmers, pestles, spaghetti scoops, children's plates and egg cups with matching egg spoons etc. In addition, we always have enough glasses, plates and cutlery. The pans are of good quality.

    Today was warm at 34 º C, sunny and in the evening we had a light breeze.

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  • Caves21 June 2012


    Last night we had a rain shower what gave an indescribable scent in the morning. All flowers perfumed the air, because they were happy with this extra humid night. The birds whistled therefore slightly better than normal, so it was a perfect start of the day. The sky was still a bit cloudy in the morning, but it quickly pulled open. It was a sunny day with little wind and 31 º C. The picture of today is taken from the boat which makes the cave-dolphin tour from the port of Albufeira. The photo shows the typical south coast of the Algarve: sand cliffs, caves and clear waters.

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  • Beach20 June 2012


    The wind today was pretty cool and that made today a pleasant day. The morning and the evening were chilly though. The mercury rose up to 28 ° C. There was nothing but sunshine and all in all it was a lovely day. Many people decided to go for the beach, like the picture of today is showing.

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  • Sunbeds19 June 2012


    After a fairlycool night, we got a beautiful sunny day with 30 º C. The picture today shows our comfortable sun beds and the self-service mini bar on the central terrace.

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  • Sago Palm18 June 2012

    Sago Palm

    The Sago Palm on the picture today is a very slow grower. At Vila do Ouro we have one Sago Palm under the banana trees at the entrance to the pool terrace. Once a year or even once every 2 years, this plant produces in a short time new leaves. Within a week there are already large leaves produced. Actually, this plant is not a palm, but this so called Sago Palm has its roots with the family Cycad. The Latin name is Cyca revoluta. See also the link:

    The climate is really super these days:30 º C, a nice breeze, lots of sun, occasional some clouds and cool nights. It is not too hot  for being active and is perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

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  • Portugal to the next round17 June 2012

    Portugal to the next round

    Portugal celebrates the placement to the next round in the European Championships. Here in the 'campo' we see little of this party, we just hear some honking cars. In Albufeira it will be quite a feast. At Vila do Ouro it is quiet anyway, because this week we only had Dutch guests…... they are all gone to bed early.

    The weekend had two wonderful days with 33 º C, lots of sunshine and occasional wind. This afternoon the blue sky was visited by some clouds which gave some beautiful pictures (see photo today).

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  • Dunes15 June 2012


    This is a beautiful dune area near Aljezur on the west coast of the Algarve. For those who love wilderness and tranquility, it is recommended to visit the west coast. Just an hour drive from Vila do Ouro.
    Today was a warm day with 33 º C, 100% sunshine and little wind.

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  • Flowers14 June 2012


    Todays picture shows some flowers of Vila do Ouro. In June we have the most colors of the year. The light is great as well. The sun is very high and there is almost no shade.

    The weather today was nice, sunny, 31ºC and we had a summer breeze from the North.

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  • Portugal13 June 2012


    Albufeira's beaches are already in real summer vibes. The beaches are quite crowded, the beach restaurants run well and there is much activity on the water. Today it was 31 º C, sunny and sometimes a bit windy. The picture of today shows a restaurant in a little bay at Praia da Oura. The restaurant on the picture, has the Portuguese flag on the pole and the flag is, off course due to the European Championship, often shown in other places.

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  • Visiting towns12 June 2012

    Visiting towns

    Silves is often visited by guests of Vila do Ouro. It has a lot of history and beautiful old buildings, like you can see on the picture of today.
    It was a wonderful day today to visit towns.  The 28 º C was just perfect to be active. The sun shone continuously and the cool breeze from the north was constantly present.

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  • Recycle11 June 2012


    Portugal separates the waste. At each beach there is a colored bin combination like the one on the picture of today: yellow for plastic & metal, blue for paper, green or brown for glass and black for waste. Virtually every container has a recycle mark with one of the container colors.
    The picture of today is taken tonight at the beach of Olhos d'Agua which is a 20 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro.
    The morning was cloudy, but at 10.00 the sky burst open and the sun shone full on the Algarve. It was about 28 º C. It blew a strong wind, around 22 knots and that will continue tonight. The evenings are quite freshanyway. For those who will arrive at Vila do Ouro this week, it is recommended to take a pullover or a jacket along for the evenings.


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  • Dia de Portugal10 June 2012

    Dia de Portugal

    It might not be the best photo for the blog, but it is just to show our blog readers that there are also modern shops nearby. The Algarve is quite modern, even though you often see a horse and wagon on the road. The commercial part of the Algarve is very well concentrated. You just drive 15 minutes and you can find everything you need. Nearby we have the Algarve shopping with many stores, besides the retail center with large shops and opposite the big cash & carry ware houses. 2 miles further you have another landscape where the shepherds roam with their goats and sheeps.

    Today was a holiday, Dia de Portugal. The defeat at the European Championships was quickly forgotten and in the vilages were markets and performances by various acts. And all with a wonderful weather: the morning started a bit cloudy, but eventually it turned to be a sunny afternoon with 30 º C.

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  • Flowers08 June 2012


    In this time of the year Vila do Ouro has flowers enough! The bungalows are buried between the oleandres and the tops of the bungalows rise just above this plants (see picture today). The temperature today was 29 º C and we had a nice breeze blowing from the north. The sun was shining whole day, but there were some little clouds in in the North of the Algarve. 

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  • Corpo de Deus07 June 2012

    Corpo de Deus

    The beach on the picture is called "Praia dos Salgados. From this beach you can walk to the town in the distance, called Armacao de Pera. From Vila do Ouro it takes a 15 minute drive to this very long beach.
    Today Portugal celebrated a national holiday. It concerns the "Corpo de Deus", translated as' The Body of God. "The feast comes from the Catholic Church and is celebrated on a Thursday, about 60 days after Easter. For many Portuguese this means having a short break, because the Friday is often taken as an extra day off.
    The weather was nice again, a bright morning, a cloudy afternoon and a brilliant evening. At the end of the afternoon the wind increased slightly. Temperature was around 29 º C.

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  • Barbecue06 June 2012


    The bungalow Special is the only bungalow with a private barbecue (see photo of today). Vilado Ouro has two barbecues for all our guests. The apartment 'Deluxo' for 6 people and the villa for 8 persons also have a private barbecue. Today was lovely weather for a barbecue. A soft summer breeze, 32 º C and a clear bluesky

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  • Vila do Ouro by night05 June 2012

    Vila do Ouro by night

    Vila do Ouro by night! Although the temperature gets easily over 30ºC during the day, it cools down quickly in the evenings these days. The nights are around 20ºC. With the cool wind from the north we cannot speak about balmy evenings. A sweater or jacket is needed to spend the evening outside. 

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  • Aljezur05 June 2012


    Aljezur is one of the few towns on the west coast and therefore there is a lot going on. On one hand it has the old original inhabitants with their asses working on their land, on the other hand you have the hippies and the surfers who put a relaxing mark on this town. There is also some history in the form of a beautiful old castle. The picture of today is of the bridge which goes from the bustling fruit, vegetable and fish market to the center of the town. Aljezur is a 50 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro.

    The weather today was like summer, 32 º C, sunny, bright and a nice breeze.

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  • Full Moon03 June 2012

    Full Moon

    The cloud fields from the past few days are gone. It was completely sunny today. The picture of today, although taken last night, shows the process of the voyage of the clouds. Slowly they broke open, moved to the north and moon light came through. Right now the sky is bright blue and the weather has currently 30 º C. 

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  • Sailing02 June 2012


    Saturday, June the 2nd was a lovely day with lots of sunshine, but had also some moments with clouds. It was around 25 º C. There was very little wind, just around lunch time. On Saturday, there is a lot of sailing going on along the coast of the Algarve. You can see many boats sailing past the beaches. Tourists can also go sailing. The boat on the picture starts from Vilamoura and can easily have 25 people on board. There are also smaller yachts to make day trips or sailing lessons. 

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  • Mosquito nets01 June 2012

    Mosquito nets

    All our accommodations have a mosquito net available. Not that it is always necessary, but it could be that some kind of insect enters the acomodation and disrupt your sleep. Then there is always the mosquito net that protects you against that kind of invaders. In general we do not have a lot of mosquitos. The picture of today is of a bedroom on the west side of the apartment building. It seems that it is very sunny, but it was not. The day was windy, cloudy and had only 23 º C. The late afternoon had sunny spells. 

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  • Maria Luisa01 June 2012

    Maria Luisa

    The last day of May 2012 was quite cloudy, but still with a temperature of around 30 º C. In the afternoon there were even a few drops of rain, but not enough to call it a rain shower. The sun shone all day through the clouds and its presence was easy to feel. Although the weather was a bit depressing, it was a wonderful day for activities.

    The photo was taken today on the beach of Maria Luisa around 6 pm. There was a significant sea spray on the rocks, but that is unfortunately not visible on the picture.

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