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  • 30 06 201130 June 2011

    30 06 2011

    We stay in the section fruits: yesterday we showed the baby avocados, todays picture shows the baby mandarins. At Vila do Ouro we have one small mandarin tree, but it produces a good amount of fruits. The mandarins from this tree are really delicious. In this time of the year the mandarins are small and green, but in December or January we pick them and we eat them. Everybody knows mandarins, but for statistics and other information you can click on this link:

    The weather for today: nothing special, because it is summer. And 'summer' means 100% sun and a warm temperature. It was 36ºC in the shadow. Right now at 8.35 pm it still is 27ºC and we have no wind at all. 

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  • 29 06 201129 June 2011

    29 06 2011

    This tree gives us delicious avocados. Now they are still small, but in January they are fat and ready to eat. A hot summer is good for them to grow. Interested to know more about the avocado, visit this link:

    Today was a lovely day with lots of sunshine and a temperature of 38ºC in the shadow at our pool terrace. Now, at 9.45 pm, it still is 25ºC. 

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  • 28 06 201128 June 2011

    28 06 2011

    This is the church of Paderne. The church is built in the 16th Century. Paderne is near and from Vila do Ouro it takes just 3 minutes by car. This small village is still real Portugal and it is worth to visit. Paderne hosts a few good restaurants. We can tell you where to go. More information about Paderne:,_Albufeira

    Today was nice with 35ºC in the shadow, sunny and a soft summer breeze. This picture is taken at 5.45 pm. 

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  • 27 06 201127 June 2011

    27 06 2011

    Todays picture shows the view of the south east side of Vila do Ouro. Normally we can see the Atlantic Ocean from here, but today it was still too hazy.This picture was taken at 8.15 pm. Today it was humid, warm and sunny. We measured 32ºC in the shadow, but it felt much warmer. Tonight we have a breeze which brings some cooler air. That´s good to sleep... 

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  • 26 06 201126 June 2011

    26 06 2011

    Sunday the 26th of June was a cloudy day.... it was warm, humid and 34ºC. There was a nice wind blowing from the South East. Although it was cloudy, the sun was still very powerfull and clients got sunburned, because they thought it wouldn't be necessary to have a skin protector. Todays photo is taken at 4.45 pm. It was a nice day for a swim and to cool down a bit. 

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  • 25 06 201125 June 2011

    25 06 2011

    The visibility is not as clear as the past weeks and it is a little bit hazy. The water from the Atlantic Ocean has a nice temperature, but the Ocean has waves. Today the life guards put up the yellow flag, which means that swimming is not allowed and that you just can bath hip-deep. For swimming it is better to stay at the swimming pools. This picture is taken at 6.45 pm and everybody has already left for dinner. Just the shark stayed...

    Today we had 35ºC and a slight breeze. 

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  • 24 06 201124 June 2011

    24 06 2011

    Flowers enough... Vila do Ouro is looking great now in this time of the year. The red flowers are the bougainvilleas. Today was a very nice day with 31ºC in the shadow. The wind turned today from the North to direction South East. It is getting warmer now.. 

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  • 23 06 201123 June 2011

    23 06 2011

    These olives are half way now. Still 3 month to go...

    Today is excellent, 34ºC in the shadow and a refreshing summer breeze. It´s sunny off course.... 

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  • 22 06 201122 June 2011

    22 06 2011

    This picture shows the airport of Faro. Many tourists are flying to Faro to start their holidays, although Lisbon and Seville in Spain have possibilities too.

    From Lisbon or Seville it takes 2.5 hours by car to reach Vila do Ouro. Faro airport takes just 30 minutes by car.

    Today we had 38ºC in the shadow, sunny and a nice summer breeze. 

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  • 21 06 201121 June 2011

    21 06 2011

    The longest day of the year.... for the Algarve it means that we have day light untill 9.15 pm. The summer oficially started today as well, so today we had an average summer temperature of 35ºC in the shadow. It was sunny off course and almost no wind. Tonight it is a real summer night with 25ºC. 

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  • 20 06 201120 June 2011

    20 06 2011

    In this time of the year hundreds of bougainvillea flowers can be seen at Vila do Ouro. It is growing rapidly now and we need to prune it very often. More information about the bougainvillea on next link: We will upload some more photos of the bougainvillea in the next weeks.

    Today it was a hot summer day with 33ºC in the shadow, no wind and no clouds. The evening has 25ºC. This picture is taken at 5.30 pm. 

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  • 19 06 201119 June 2011

    19 06 2011

    As an alternative for the ocean or swimming pools, you can visit Alte and go for a swim in the natural pool. A very good idea if you want to cool down on hot days. The water is chilly. Jeep-safaris often take a break at the natural wells to cool down the tourists who are sitting in the back of a 4x4 all day. Alte is small village, which is situated in the inlands of the Algarve, just 15 minutes by car from Vila do Ouro. Here you can discover the real Algarvian way of living and you can combine this cultural visit with a swim in one of the natural pools as seen on the picture. More information about Alte on following link:

    Today was warm, 33ºC in the shadow, no wind at all and very very sunny. 

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  • 18 06 201118 June 2011

    18 06 2011

    Todays picture, taken at 5.00 pm, shows a nice hidden beach near Cavoeiro. The beach is called Praia de Albandeira which is a small beach, but cosey.In this part of the Algarve you can find more hidden beaches between the rocks. Just 25 minutes by car from Vila do Ouro.

    The weather today was excellent beach weather, 31ºC in the shadow, a soft breeze from the North and sunny. The water from the Atlantic Ocean felt chilly, but was perfect to cool down a bit. 

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  • 17 06 201117 June 2011

    17 06 2011

    The play garden of Vila do Ouro is still looking very green, even with dry hot weather. Because all parts of Vila do Ouro have a irrigation, it will look like an oase in august. Surrounded terrains will be very dry with a red clay color. Today was again an excellent day with lots of wind which made it feel exactly the right temperature. It reached 30ºC in the shadow and off course the sun was shining all day. Now, the evening is feeling chilly and there is still a wind blowing. The picture is taken at 6.45 pm.

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  • 16 06 201116 June 2011

    16 06 2011

    Yesterdays eclipse of the moon was awesome to see, but unfortunately we didn´t manage to make a good quality picture of this spectacle. The sky was totally clear.
    Today again a fantastic summer day. 35ºC in the shadow, sunny and a nice summer breeze.

    Todays picture shows the Lantana flower with a butterfly. There is so much going on in insects world while people are sunbathing on the central sun terrace.... 

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  • 15 06 201115 June 2011

    15 06 2011

    Sunset pictures are always refered to holidays. So today we made a sunset picture, although the sun on this picture is more like a very bright spot. The colors are nice though.
    This picture is taken at 8.25 pm on a high point near the village of Ferreiras, just 5 minutes by car of Vila do Ouro. In the back you can see the mountain range of the Monchique. The highest point is Foia 902 metres high. These mountains are the reason why the Algarve is protected to the cold weather influence of the North. The village Monchique and Foia are worth to visit. Just 35 minutes away from Vila do Ouro.

    Today we have the opurtunity to see the eclipse of the moon. Yesterday s picture was from the moon, the sun was straight in the oposite, not visible on the picture.
    The eclipse will start at 9.30 pm and will continue untill 11.30 pm.

    The weather today was warm, 34ºC in the shadow, not windy, very sunny and clear skies. 

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  • 14 06 201114 June 2011

    14 06 2011

    Instead of sunny pictures, the blog has today a picture of the full moon. This picture is taken at Praia da Oura at 8.40 pm. Around this time it was low tide and hardly anybody was at the beach. The picture just shows the flying seagull passing by in the strong wind. Although we had 34ºC at Vila do Ouro, the nights are still chilly. At the time of this picture it was windy and 24ºC. Because of the wind it felt chilly, but with just a pull over it is possible to have dinner out side. 

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  • 13 06 201113 June 2011

    13 06 2011

    This picture is not really a nice holiday picture, but it is just to indicate what kind of shadow we have at 1.00 pm. It is almost nothing, and that while the Tropic of Cancer is even 2000 km more southwards. At the 21th of June the sun will be straight above the Tropic of Cancer and that gives the longest day on the Northern Hemisphere.

    The sun is powerfull and warmed the Algarve pretty much up to 30ºC in the shadow. It is fantastic weather, the nights are cool and the days are hot. The mornings and the afternoons have good temperatures. At 9.00 pm it is dark.

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  • 12 06 201112 June 2011

    12 06 2011

    A warm sunday, 31ºC in the shadow, a soft summer breeze and lots of sunshine. A perfect day for the beach. Beaches are still not crowded as you can see on todays picture. 

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  • 11 06 201111 June 2011

    11 06 2011

    Always fresh lemons... Todays picture shows one lemon from the last season, still hanging in the tree while other new lemons are growing for the upcoming season. If we need one for grilled fish or chicken, for in tea or juices, we pick one from the tree. On hot days you can slice one in a few pieces, put the slices in fresh water, leave it in the fridge and you have a very natural & healty refreshment water.

    Today we have 29ºC measured in the shadow, we have a very dark blue sky, lots of sunshine, almost no wind and fresh air. An excellent day for lots of activities or just to relax in the sun. 

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  • 10 06 201110 June 2011

    10 06 2011


    Visibilty was very clear today. You clearly could see the village of Olhos de Água, a small coastal village next to Albufeira. Vila do Ouro is situated just 7 km behind Olhos de Água. More information about this village you can find on this link:


    Today is a National Day in Portugal. Portugal celebrates the life of Luis de Camões, who was a writer in the 16th century. He wrote 'the national poem' which basicly describes the foundation of Portugal in that time. This poem is considered one of the most important works in Portuguese literature. More information about Luis de Camões you can find on the following link:

    Today was a very nice day, not to cool, not to warm. The temperature measured today was 27ºC in the shadow. Lots of sunshine, a small breeze and a marvelous view..... 




    Visibilty was very clear today. You clearly could see the village of Olhos de Água, a small coastal village next to Albufeira. Vila do Ouro is situated just 7 km behind Olhos de Água. More information about this village you can find on this link: 

    Today is a National Day in Portugal. Portugal celebrates the life of Luis de Camões, who was a writer in the 16th century. He wrote 'the national poem' which basicly describes the foundation of Portugal in that time. This poem is considered one of the most important works in Portuguese literature. More information about Luis de Camões you can find on the following link:

    Today was a very nice day, not to cool, not to warm. The temperature measured today was 27ºC in the shadow. Lots of sunshine, a small breeze and a marvelous view..... 

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  • 09 06 201109 June 2011

    09 06 2011

    The morning started chilly with just 16ºC at Vila do Ouro. It was cloudy and a bit windy, but it turned to be a very nice day from about 10 am. It was very sunny and the temperature raised untill it reached 28ºC. Most guests stayed at Vila do Ouro to relax at the pools.

    Todays picture, taken at 6.30 pm, shows the high palm tree of our parking. This palm tree is more or less 10 meters high. 

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  • 08 06 201108 June 2011

    08 06 2011

    This is not a picture of a tropical place with a local climbing in a palm tree. This one is a cat, climbing in a yucca in a not tropical place. Especially today it was not tropical at all. After a cold night, we had a fresh morning, 16ºC and after the clouds had gone, the sun got a chance to warm things up. The afternoon was lovely with a maximum of 26ºC. Right now it is chilly again, time for a pull over.

    The cat on the picture is Femi. We found this cat a few years ago with his brothers & sisters, but without a mother. As good human beings we took care over this kittens and we send 4 of them to good homes in the Netherlands. Femi stayed at Vila do Ouro and as a cat of a holiday resort, it knows that she cannot enter the accommodations and she knows that she has to stay away from the barbecues. Off course she knows exactly who likes cats and who doesn´t.

    The picture is taken at 6.30 pm. 

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  • 07 06 201107 June 2011

    07 06 2011

    Today is cold for the time of the year. We had a maximum of 22ºC which is far below average. The morning and the evening feel like it is March. A nasty and strong wind from the North causes this coldness. It was not all the time sunny. Guests tried to sit at the pools, but at 11.00 am most guests were heading for some villages for sight seeing.

    The positive thing about this weather is that we can cool down the houses before the heat really starts. This weekend temperatures far above 30ºC are expected, so a cool house is excellent to hide for the heat.

    Todays photo is taken at 6.00 pm and shows the acacias flowers. The small yellow flowers are lovely to see, but they are snowing down all the time and make the garden messy. More about the 1200 species of the Acacias you can find on the following link:  

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  • 06 06 201106 June 2011

    06 06 2011

    Todays picture shows our grapes from the parking of Vila do Ouro. Now they are green, but in september they will be purple and delicious.

    France may be ´the wine country´, but Portugal can have that title as well. From North to South, good wine is produced. The region the Douro in the North is, internationally, the most famous one, but the south of Portugal produces as well good quality wines. Even the Algarve has good wines, very good wines. The best wine we ever drunk, was a local white wine, produced by our neighbour, given in a 1.5 plastic water bottle as Christmas present. As well the new fresh red wine, made by the father of our gardener, served in a plastic 5 liter water bottle is from such a quality that you never will a good way.

    If you are on holiday over here, you can visit some wine tastings. The most famous one is from Cliff Richard, with the brand ´Vida Nova´ from his Adega do Cantor. For those who don´t know Cliff Richard, hereby a link: This winery is located next to the Algarve Shopping, just 15 minutes by car from Vila do Ouro. Check this link:

    Another one, which is great to visit, is the Quinta dos Vales. This one is a 25 minutes drive.

    If you want to taste a typical Portuguese wine, than try the Vinho Verde on a hot summer day. The vinho verde or the green wine is served in our self service bar. Check out more about the vinho verde:

    Today it was warm, humid, cloudy & sunny and 28ºC. A wind from the North makes the evening very cool... 

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  • 05 06 201105 June 2011

    05 06 2011

    A wonderfull sunday with temperatures around 31ºC, lots of sunshine and almost no wind. Todays picture is from Praia dos Salgados, a long big beach at a 20 minute drive from Vila do Ouro. All beaches in the Algarve have a lifeguard. As you can see on the picture, the lifeguard wears a yellow tshirt and red shorts. The flag on the left of the picture is green, which means that it is safe to swim. If the flag is yellow it is prohibited to swim, but to bath waist high is allowed. If the flag is red, it is not allowed to swim or to bath in the ocean.

    The temperature of the Atlantic Ocean was really nice today and it felt like 24ºC. Tommorrow the current will change and that will probably bring cooler water from the North. 

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  • 04 06 201104 June 2011

    04 06 2011

    It was a warm saturday with a temperature around 28ºC and lots of sunshine. During the afternoon a thunderstorm came close to Vila do Ouro as you can see on the picture, but finaly it did not hit Vila do Ouro. A few rain drops felt down on Vila do Ouro, but it was not enough to wet even 10 cm2. 

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  • 03 06 201103 June 2011

    03 06 2011

    A very nice day at Vila do Ouro, but not for this bee shown at todays picture. The mantis was all morning waiting in the lavendula for a good moment to catch a bee. When he caught this bee, we ran for the camara and made this picture. Within 15 minutes the bee was eaten. The world of insects at Vila do Ouro is very interesting. Off course we have a link for more information from the mantis:

    The first time we saw a mantis we called it an alien insect, because of the shape of its head. The mantis can turn his head like it looks to you and he can even listen. At night time we have sometimes a mantis in the pool and when we save it, the mantis walks away, turns his head to look back to us and waves with one leg. Just like it says: 'thank you...'

    Today it is 28ºC, blue skies and we have a very nice summer breeze blowing. The wind brings some fresh air from the Ocean, which, beside cools down the heat, smells very nice. 

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  • 02 06 201102 June 2011

    02 06 2011

    This butterfly makes a nice take off from the Lantana. The butterfly loves the Lantana flower and so do we. At this moment we have thousands of Lantana flowers at Vila do Ouro. Following link gives more information:

    This picture is taken at 2.30 pm.

    Today it is 30ºC, we have a completely blue sky and we have a summer breeze. 

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  • 01 06 201101 June 2011

    01 06 2011

    This picture shows the 'gateway' to the central sun terrace. Here you find 2 swimming pools with different levels. For the small children we have 40 cm and 90 cm, for experienced swimmers we have a pool from 1.70 m deep. The sun terrace offers great sun beds with good cushions, umbrellas, a self service bar, a barbecue, several view points, the lounge with music, an outdoor shower and a toilet.

    Today was/is an excellent day to spend time over here: it was 33ºC in the shadow, sunny and almost no wind. 

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