Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Bananas30 May 2015

    Bananas Fresh bananas at Vila do Ouro! Top of page
  • Villa25 May 2015


    Herman Evers Jr. stayed a few days in our villa sleeping 8 and he has sent us this picture. Leaving a cloudy and cold Holland and arriving in a bright, sunny and warm Algarve, just 3 hours away by plane. Herman enjoyed the villa, Vila do Ouro and the Algarve very much. Thanks, Herman, to share your picture with us!
    Still great weather in the Algarve, right now a bit cloudy, but the sun will come through this afternoon.

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  • Sunny19 May 2015

    Sunny Meanwhile in the Algarve.... Top of page
  • Zoover Award 201516 May 2015

    Zoover Award 2015 This year Vila do Ouro has received again the Zoover Award for being rated as the best holiday park in Portugal. Thanks everyone who has put a review on Zoover! It is always nice to receive the award, but what we actualy like more is that Vila do Ouro has been the best rated accommodation in Portugal for years. Vila do Ouro received the highest score with the most reviews! A 9.3 with 257 reviews! Do we think we run the best accommodation of Portugal? Well absolutely not! We just do our job with love and we are lucky to have a lot of happy clients. There are more beautiful and top locations in Portugal. It is a beautiful country with lots of paradisical places. And off course the weather is great: today was again a warm day in a row with 30C+ and a clear blue sky. Top of page
  • Vila do Ouro Lego12 May 2015

    Vila do Ouro Lego

    Young boy Mick van Haaften has shown a lot of creativity with his Lego during his stay at Vila do Ouro last week. He built the apartment building and the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro and we are very impressed by his sense for details. Thanks for the pictures Mick!

    Right now Vila do Ouro is fully booked and all guests are enjoying Vila do Ouro and the Algarve for a 100%. Great holiday weather with temperatures between 25ºC – 29ºC, sunny, but still a bit windy though.

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  • Clouds07 May 2015

    Clouds A beautiful sky this morning! These clouds are slowly disappearing on this warm morning and they will make way for a clear dark blue sky. Our guests are preparing themselves for a day at the pools or a day at the beach. Top of page
  • Algarve Paradise02 May 2015

    Algarve Paradise Algarve Paradise! Especially on days like today with blue skies with a big blue sun in the middle, 28C in the shadow and a soft summer breeze. The Algarve has a lot of these days, so if you want to join the holiday makers over here, then check out our website. We still have availabilty for June! Top of page