Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Harbour Albufeira31 May 2014

    Harbour Albufeira The harbour of Albufeira (picture of today). Today was warm with 30C in the shadow and just sunay Top of page
  • Wedding at Vila do Ouro30 May 2014

    Wedding at Vila do Ouro This warm and sunny day will be remembered by all our guests from today. It was a special day, because our guests Erik & Simone got married. For this special day, they rented all our accommodations for four days to have their family and close friends together. They had diners, lunches, pool parties and as a matter of fact, right now on this beautiful evening, the party is still going on with a live band, a chef the cuisine for diners and lots of drinks. Eric & Simone lots of luck!! Top of page
  • Nice29 May 2014

    Nice This was a nice day, 26C in the shade, a lot of sunshine and a strong breeze. Top of page
  • World Cup28 May 2014

    World Cup Portugal is also in the grip of the upcoming World Cup in Brasil as you can see in todays picture, taken from the window of the C&A in the Forum Algarve Shopping in Faro. This is a huge shopping centre with lots of different shops. If the Guia Shopping Centre (10 minutes from Vila do Ouro) is not an shopping adventure for you, you can go for the Forum Algarve. Today max 26C, cloudy start, but a wonderfull afternoon. Top of page
  • Flowers Enough27 May 2014

    Flowers Enough It is almost the end of May and almost every plant is flowering. We have flowers enough to have a colorfull day! Today we had a max of 26C in the shade. Sunshine enough as well!! Top of page
  • Shade26 May 2014

    Shade This stray dog needed some shade against the stinging sun. The temperature was not that high with 25C in de shade. Top of page
  • Clean Water24 May 2014

    Clean Water Almost all beaches of the Algarve have a blue flag which means that the water is clean and safe to swim. Today 23C in the shade and just sunshine at Vila do Ouro. Top of page
  • Vila do Ouro Love23 May 2014

    Vila do Ouro Love Vila do Ouro, also ideal for honeymoons and wedding travels. Today was a bit cloudy and we had 23C. Top of page
  • Deserted beaches22 May 2014

    Deserted beaches Almost the end of May and the Algarve still has deserted beaches. See picture of today, taken at Praia Grande near Ferragudo. Ok, it was a bit windy today, but the sun was out and we had a temperature of 22C in the shadow, but even on warm days, the beaches are not crowded at all. Top of page
  • Windy Weather21 May 2014

    Windy Weather The whole day was windy with sunny spells and a few drops of rain and an average temperature of 19C in the shadow. It is a bit cold for the time of the year, but warmer weather is on its way! Top of page
  • Cool Weather20 May 2014

    Cool Weather

    A cool day in the Algarve with many clouds, wind, not much sun, rain and a maximum temperature of 19 º C. Today's picture was taken from our lounge (the outdoor part). Normally this is a cool place to relax on hot days. However, today it is a good place to stay dry. 

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  • 24C19 May 2014

    24C Today it is a bit cloudy, much colder than it used to be in May and we have a strong breeze. 24C in the shade. Vila do Ouro has a lot of flowers as you can see in todays picture. Top of page
  • Bom Dia!18 May 2014

    Bom Dia! Mornings at the beach are great! We have 25C in the shade and a clear blue sky. Top of page
  • Lisbon17 May 2014

    Lisbon Rio may have the most famous one, but Lisbon has one too. The statue of Christ over looks the city and the Tagus, just next to the 25 of April bridge. Lisbon is just a 2,5 drive from Vila do Ouro. Yesterday we had 27C and today we have 25C in the shade. 100% sunny and a soft breeze from the south. Top of page
  • Windy15 May 2014

    Windy Lots of flowers at Vila do Ouro! The Algarve has still a lot of sunshine; clear skies, 29 C in the shadow and a lot of wind. Tomorrow will be less windy. Top of page
  • Relaxing at Vila do Ouro13 May 2014

    Relaxing at Vila do Ouro 34C in the shade, just sun and almost no wind. The hammocks in the picture are ideal to relax and o find some natural shade. Top of page
  • BBQ12 May 2014


    And again a summer day! This time with 34 º C in the shade in the village of Paderne. All with a strong sunshine and a gentle summer breeze. At Vila do Ouro, there are several possibilities to have a barbecue lunch or dinner; two accommodations, the Special bungalow for 2-3 persons and the apartment 'Deluxo' for 6 persons have their own private barbecue. At the central sun terrace with swimming pools and next to the tennis court, we have a barbecue for general use. Grilling in Portugal is quite normal and goes on throughout the year.
    Today's picture shows the grill of the bungalow Special.

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  • MANTIS11 May 2014


    It is warm in the Algarve (today 31 º C in the shade) and with these temperatures all summer insects come out of their hiding places. Every night we hear the sound of hundreds of crickets. This sound can be nominated as one of the ultimate holiday-night noise. The mantis in the picture is also present at Vila do Ouro. This is a very interesting insect, because he can turn his head just like a human. We ourselves call these insects ‘the aliens'. More information about this instect:
    Moreover, there are very few mosquitoes at Vila do Ouro and in case they show up all our accommodation have bed nets. Even the baby cots…
    The picture is taken with an I-phone.

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  • Deserted beaches10 May 2014

    Deserted beaches

    Vila do Ouro is a special place in the Algarve. We also know many other special places in the Algarve, such as for example the beach in the picture of today. It looks like the rubber boat at the beach is arriving at a deserted island. Our self-written guide which is available in each of our accommodations, has lots of tips for nice places in the Algarve. Today was a hot summer day. 30 º C in the shade and nothing else but sunshine.

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  • VILLA 8 PAX08 May 2014


    Our villa sleeps 8 and is a super holiday home which offers all comforts and lots of space, privacy and tranquility. Today's picture shows the back view of the house with the pool and sun terrace.The balconies have stunning views over the hinterland of Albufeira and the Atlantic Ocean in the distance. This house is perfect for large families, two-family vacations or family holidays with grandpa and grandma, children and all grandchildren. The villa is still available in early July and late August. Also, the after season has availability. Check the description on our website for more information:

    The Algarve still has, together with Spain, the warmest weather in Europe.Today was a wonderful day with 28º C in the shade, just sunshine and a summer breeze. The water of our swimming pools has 26 º C. 

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  • Sunny07 May 2014

    Sunny A warm sun, a gentle breeze, a rippling pool, a soft sun bed, a cold drink, a good book, thongs, shorts, a summer dress, the smell of sun cream, palm trees, lots of flowers, an oasis of plants, singing birds, chirping crickets, friendly people... Just a few keywords to get an impression of a stay a Vila do Ouro. There might be more good key words, but you can try it out yourself. We still have some last-minute availability... Top of page
  • Cavetours06 May 2014

    Cavetours Top of page
  • SUMMERTIME05 May 2014


    Summer is closer than you think! In fact, summer is over here with us in the Algarve, only 3 hours away by plane from Great-Brittain and Ireland, 2,5 hours by car from Lisbon and 6 hours by car from Porto. Today we had another sunny day in a long row with 29ºC in the shade and balmy barbecue-nights!
    We still have some availability for the upcoming weeks, so if you already feel like enjoying the summer in our little paradise, we'd love to hear from you:


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  • Bungalow 9 - 16 May04 May 2014

    Bungalow 9 - 16 May This is one of our fully renovated bungalows. A this moment we have still one bungalow available for 9-16 May. Today was again like summer with 30c in the shade and just sun Top of page
  • ZOOVER AWARD 201402 May 2014


    The Zoover Award in the category "Holiday Park Portugal” is this year again for Vila do Ouro! Thank you everyone for the positive reviews on the site of Zoover!
    If we put all the award-winners from Portugal in a row, then Vila do Ouro seems to be the best rated accommodation with 243 reviews and a 9.3!
    Vila do Ouro remains a very nice location in the Algarve and our course appears to be a very good one. If we looked around today to all our clients, enjoying themselves at our place 100%, we understand that people feel good.
    Today's weather obviously is a great factor: currently, the Algarve and southern Spain's have the sunniest and the warmest weather in Europe. 31 º C in the shade and only sunshine .....

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  • CARACOIS01 May 2014


    Labor Day is a public holiday in Portugal and that means that many people did not work today. What many people probably did today, was eating snails. From today, in many restaurants, snack bars and cafes, snails are on the menu. Outside, the restaurants have signs 'Há Caracois. That means ‘there are snails’. These Portuguese snails should not be confused with the French escargots. These snails are much smaller, are first sun dried for weeks and then cooked with herbs. It is eaten with some bread and a cold beer. A cold beer is fine anyway with the 30ºC in the shade which we had today. The culinary daredevils who will arrive in the coming months, now know what 'Caracois' means.

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