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  • Olhos d'Agua30 May 2012

    Olhos d'Agua

    A warm day with 33 º C, lots of sunshine, a gentle summer breeze and a fairly warm evening. With these kind of days many people enjoy dining at the coast line of the Atlantic Ocean, as you can see on todays picture. This is the beach of Olhos d'Agua, the oposite (as the crow flies) of Vila do Ouro.


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  • Silves29 May 2012


    The castle of Silves (picture of today) remains a popular destination for daytrips. Silves is the ancient capital of the Algarve and has a rich history. It is a cosy town which is also regularly visited by guests of Vila do Ouro.
    Today it was 32 º C and completely sunny.

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  • ALBUBLOG28 May 2012



    The picture of today shows the only wholesaler in our village Cerro do Ouro, called Albumat. The Portuguese love to play with names and words, so in this case Albumat is an amalgamation of Albufeira and the Materiais Construção. The last word means 'building materials'. So this is how the name of Albumat came alive! Perhaps not that original, because there are created so many names of  companies in the same way. If you visit the Algarve, you'd better take a good look around and look to the names on company cars driving around here. You will see for example Albuferro (hardware store, ferro = iron), Albuvidro (glaseries, vidro = glass) Albubytes (computer shop), Albufogo (fire extinguishers, fog = fire), Albufrango (chicken restaurant, frango = chicken), Albuvideo (video store), Albumotor (motor rental), etc. We can still go on and on,  but you can find out yourself if you are over here! Today is 30 º C and warm with lots of sunshine. So far the Albublog!
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  • Blue27 May 2012


    How blue can be a blue sky? To find it out, you should really visit the Algarve. The photo of today shows the highest palm tree of Vila do Ouro and in the background the white building of the neighbors and the vast blue sky. Blue and white are the typical colors of the Algarve. For centuries, the whitewashed houses were decorated with blue borders around windows and doors. Such houses can still be found in the ancient villages with a blue sea and a bright blue sky in the background.

    After a windy and cold night of 15 º C it warmed up quite rapidly to an ideal temperature of 25 º C. From 3.00 pm the weather turned and slowly pulled a veil clouds in the sky. We could feel that the next few days can be a bit warmer than the past few days.

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  • Not bad26 May 2012

    Not bad

    When you open the front door of a south-facing apartment in the morning, you have this view (see photo today) Not bad right? The weather of today makes it complete:sunny, 26 º C with a cool breeze from the north.


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  • Stairs25 May 2012


    A coolbreeze from the north made ​​itvery pleasant today. It was up to 29 º C on the central terrace of Vila do Ouro, but the average temperature was 26 º C which is a delightful temperature. The water of the pools is now 25 º C.

    The stairs on the picture goes to an apartment sleeping 4 people.


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  • Apartments24 May 2012


    The picture of today shows a part of the living room of an apartment sleeping 4 people. Our apartments are very comfortable and very spacious. There is a living surface of 100m2. The apartments sleeping 4 people have a spectaculair view on Vila do Ouro, the Algarvian Hills and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.
    The photo of today also shows the paintings of the Dutch artist Maggie. In the past 5 months, Maggie painted 75 paintings to decorate the accommodations of Vila do Ouro. Since yesterday, all apartments and studios have paintings of Maggie in the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. See also the article on the news on our website.

    It was glorious weather today: 99% sunshine, 30 ° C and a nice breeze from the sea.

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  • Não deite lixo no mar23 May 2012

    Não deite lixo no mar

    The Atlantic Ocean is seen as the least polluted ocean and therefor it is good to know that all Portugal's beaches are facing the Atlantic Ocean. Holiday in Portugal means that you can bath in healty sea water, because almost all of the beaches have a blue flag. Portugal has therefor also a step ahead of all holiday destinations around the Mediterranean, because the Mediterranean Sea is seen as the cesspool of the world. The Atlantic Ocean may be considered as 'clean’, but that's relative. The Atlantic is also struggling with the problems of the plastic soup and there must be also (just as in the Pacific) a plastic archipelago as big as Western Europe. All the plastic in the oceans is broken down into small plastic particles that do not perish. This continues to float on the surface and creates a huge invisible pollution.

    20% of the total waste in the oceans comes from ships and the rest is coming from the mainland. Research has shown that a large part of the plastic waste comes from beach tourists who simply are too lazy to take their trash from the beach. Research is not really necessary, because if you visit the beach on an average evening after a beach day, the beaches are full with rubbish. Even when there are bins everywhere! Hope for improovement is with the new generations: in the small village of Olhos de Agua, 10 km of Vila do Ouro, the schoolchildren have made a sign-project. There are several homemade signs along the beach with a message written on it. The sign on the photo of today says: "não deite lixo no mar!" (Do not throw waste into the sea!) 

    Today was a splendid summer day with 30ºC and 100% sunshine.

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  • Highly recommended....21 May 2012

    Highly recommended....

    It is always nice to knowthat every year Vilado Ouro is recommended by the review sites like TripAdvisor and Zoover. The picture of today shows the stickers on the window of our reception. If you did not have read any of the 186 reviews on Zoover, you cantake a look at the following link:
    Also TripAdvisor has nice comments from guests who already have visited Vila do Ouro:

    Today was a sunny day with 26 º C and a fresh breeze from the North. 

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  • Rain20 May 2012


    Sunday, May 20th was a pretty cool day with not more than 20 º C. It was windy and there were some showers now and then. A large part of the day was cloudy. Not much fun for the tourists, but nice for the garden. Also it is a good oppurtunity to cool down the houses. 

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  • Wildlife19 May 2012


    Hiking over the cliffs and along the shores of the Algarve is spectacular. Outside the beautiful scenery there is also lots of flora and fauna to see. In many places there are signs with information about what animals and plants can be spotted during your hiking. You can see of course birds in large quantities, but also dolphins, turtles and sometimes even whales.

    Today was a cool day with only 23 º C due to cold air from the north. Part of the day was quite cloudy. There blew a cool breeze. Tomorrow will be another day with this kind of weather, but after tomorrow the summer will be back again.

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  • Cloud18 May 2012


     Today was a lovely day with 30ºC and no clouds in the big blue sky. Although… at 3.00 pm there was just that one cloud which we captured on the picture of today. 

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  • Paderne17 May 2012


    Vila do Ouro is situated in the village of Cerro do Ouro which is a village under the municipality of Paderne (village on the picture). Cerro do Ouro is nothing more than a dozen houses along the road. The village of Paderne is larger and is purely Portugal. Tourists flock often to the coast, but in villages like Paderne the real and normal Portuguese life continues. There is a tremendous calm and relaxed ambiance. And that is only a 3 minutes drive from the already so relaxed Vila do Ouro!

    Today was not so hot. The morning was beautifully sunny, but at lunchtime there was a thick veil cloud. It was 26 º C and a nice gentle breeze.

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  • Bougainvillea16 May 2012


    The bougainvillea in the picture produces flowers at full power! The warm weather of the recent days has caused a kind of explosion of flowers. The oleander is also blooming in large numbers and the garden is really into the summer vibes. Today it was not as hot as yesterday and we had a nice breeze. It was 34 º C, but tomorrow it will be fresher again with 28 º C. 

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  • Hot summer day in May15 May 2012

    Hot summer day in May

    Beach life is in full swing with temperatures around 38 º C. From early morning until late at night the beach is the place to cool down a bit. The surf dude on the picture did it also. Just before sunset, he came out of the water, while the thermometer was still indicating 30 ° C. In short it was a perfect hot summer day in May! 

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  • Hot14 May 2012


    Today was warm with 38ºC in the shadow, measured at the swimming pools of Vila do Ouro. In some villages like Paderne it was even hotter with 40ºC. In the next few days the temperature will drop to normal levels like 26 – 28ºC and the weekend will be much cooler with temperatures around 22ºC. 

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  • Calliandra13 May 2012


    The flowers on todays picture, the Calliandra, still are being beautiful at Vila do Ouro, but they will soon disappear and they will be back in March 2013. The bees are very busy to get the nectar from the flowers.

    Today it was still summer, 34 º C in the shade, 80% sunny and almost no wind at all. The evening was still warm with 30 º C.

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  • Summer Vibes12 May 2012

    Summer Vibes

    Today a photo of the sultry evening. At 10 pm, around the time this picture was taken, it was still warm outside with 27 º C. At Vila do Ouro it is complete summery: barbecues, outdoor dining, children until late in the pool, windows and doors wide open and a glass of wine on the pool terrace. It is all summer! Last week it was like winter in the Algarve, this week we are in full summer. We have measured today 34 º C in the shadow.

    The sun was shining today and the wind was slowly slowing down….

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  • Grill11 May 2012


    In the Algarve there are restaurants, snack bars, cafes and pastelarias. The restaurants are visited for lunch or dinner, snack-bars for the simple (but good) lunch or dinner, the cafes for a coffee or a strong drink and pastelarias for breakfast, lunch and coffee with a pastry. These pastelarias are often simple things, but for a few euros you have good food and a fresh drink. The picture of today shows a part of the kitchen of a pastelaria. There were several species of fish on the menu and they were prepared in this part of the kitchen. The term 'outdoor kitchen' is taken quite literally here, because this grill was on the street, just around the corner from the pastelaria. Anyway, the fish tasted delicious!

    Today it was 34 º C in the shade and there was not much sun. There was almost the whole day a thick veil over the Algarve. It blew a strong wind, sometimes around 24 knots.

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  • Amoreira10 May 2012


    The west coast of the Algarve is known as the 'other Algarve. The south coast with coves, azure waters and sandy rocks is totally different. The west coast is a different world, a world that is still relatively pure. You'll find very few buildings, greenery and even old little people with the donkey work on the land. There are many protected natural parks and protected coast lines. The mix of lavender, eucalyptus trees, pines and fresh sea air is a wonderful holiday scent! In short, the west coast is definitely worth a visit. From Vila do Ouro is only an hour away.

    The picture today is taken near the town of Alzejur at Praia de Amoreira.The sea water was remarkably warm today and it was also great for swimming. We had a hard warm wind from the east, it was completely sunny and we have measured a temperature of 33 º C. 

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  • Zoomarine09 May 2012


    Nearby Vila do Ouro (15 minutes drive) you can enjoy spectaculair shows with dolphins, sea lions and seals at Zoomarine.

    There is a leisure park and there is even a huge swimming pool to cool down on hot days like today. We had 33ºC and lots of sunshine and almost no wind.

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  • Snail08 May 2012


    It is the season of the snails. After the spring rain snails are booming in the fields, especially in the morning and evening. The natural predators of the snails are  the local people. The snail is on the regular menu in this time of the year! Restaurants often have a sign outside with the message: "Ha Caracois!" This means that snails are on the menu. The Portugeese preparation method is different from the famous french esgargots. The snails are also smaller. In the Algarve they sun-dry the snails, bath them in a spicy bath and bake them with a little garlic, some oregano and other spices. For many Portuguese it is a delicacy, but for the average tourist it is a dish for the culinary swashbuckler!

    The picture of today is made ​​by Willem Kasteleyn from Rijswijk, Holland. The snail on the photo may also be glad that he is staying at Vila do Ouro, because in the fields around Vila do Ouro his life is not so sure.

    Slowly the warm summer air seeps in. Today was not entirely sunny, but the day was sunny enough to enjoy the pools and the sea. It was 28 º C in the shade. From tomorrow on, it gets even hotter .... 

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  • Flowers07 May 2012


    Slowely Vila do Ouro is getting more and more flowers due to the warm weather. Today was not that sunny, but the air was quite warm comparing to the last two weeks. The flora likes that as you can see on todays picture from a hibiscus. We have measured today 23ºC.

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  • Villa06 May 2012


    Our villa for 8 persons has a nice view over the 'campo' from its backyard. You can see just a bit of the villa in the back of this photo. The natural and relaxing environment makes this villa and off course the rest of Vila do Ouro a perfect holiday place in the Algarve.

    As you can see, finally a picture with blue skies. It was a nice day with lots of sunshine and a temperature of 23ºC in the shadow.

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  • Canyon05 May 2012


    The picturetoday is not taken ​​in the Grand Canyon, although some gaps on the beaches of the Algarve are starting to look like the GC. The relatively soft sandstone rocks are easily eroded by rain. The rain of recent days has not helped to make these gaps, because that was really far too little.
    Also today it rained a bit. If all goes well, today we have had the last rain of the last two weeks. Now we can prepare for summer. Today was also a great day with lots of sunshine and a nice temperature of 22 º C.


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  • West Coast04 May 2012

    West Coast

    The West Coast from the Algarve (picture of today) is just a one hour drive from Vila do Ouro. It is an incredible beautiful area with lots of protected nature parcs, huge beaches, great surf and almost no tourists.

    Today was ok. Lots of sunshine, windy and a temperature around 21ºC.

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  • Beaches03 May 2012


    The beaches are ready for a long season full of sunshine and warmth .... Now it is just waiting for summer weather! Today was not an unpleasant day. You could feel the heat coming, but the weather has still not what the normal values in May should have. Today was cloudy, sunny and 23 º C. 

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  • Wet!02 May 2012


    You could call today a rainy day. It actually rained 50% of the day and there was a thick dark gray layer of clouds above the Algarve. After the extremely dry winter, the locals hoped for a wet April. The past few weeks could be considered as ‘wet weeks’, but there still isn´t enough to compensate the dry winter. For turists this kind of weather is not nice, but at least it is good for the flora. Everything looks fresh green.
    After 5 pm it cleared up and the sun came through. The temperature rose up to 21 º C. The picture of today shows the dark background. 

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  • Dia de Trabalhadores01 May 2012

    Dia de Trabalhadores

    And there goes another rain cloud towards the southeast .... (see photo today). The weather continues to be a bit messy and the real warmth just can not get a grip on it. Sometimes there is a quite warm sunshine and the next moment a heavy rainstorm rolls in. Average today was 20 º C.

    Today is a holiday in Portugal, Labor Day. After Christmas, it is the most celebrated holiday and many shops and businesses were closed today. There are also many festivities, but they had to cope with the rain, exactly like last year when we had the same circumstances(see also the blog of May 2011).

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