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  • 31 05 201131 May 2011

    31 05 2011

    This picture looks like a beach on a tropical island, but in reality it is a local beach in Albufeira. The name of this beach is Praia do Inatel. This picture is taken today at precisly 11.59 am. While Vila do Ouro is mostly cloudy, the coastline enjoys a lot of sunshine. As you can see on the picture, is life at the beach in full effect.

    Vila do Ouro has 24ºC and this morning was quite chilly with just 18ºC. Not an average for this time of the year. Albufeira had 25ºC at time this picture was taken. 

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  • 30 05 201130 May 2011

    30 05 2011

    Today began with heavy rain and it kept on wet untill 2 pm. A great day for sight-seeing, so guests were heading for towns like Sevilla and Lisbon. We had to go to Lisbon, work related, and even in Lisbon it was pretty wet. We had some huge showers along the road. If you drive from the Algarve towards Lisbon, you have to pass the 25th of April Bridge. See as well the link: .The view from this bridge is spectaculair. Today we took this picture from the car at 12.30 pm.

    If staying at Vila do Ouro, Lisbon takes a 2.5 hour drive or you can go by train. The train station is just 2 km away from Vila do Ouro and a return ticket is just around 30 euros second class. The intercity takes you directly to the centre of Lisbon. From there you can plan your day. 

    At Vila do Ouro it was 25ºC, but the evening is chilly now. 


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  • 29 05 201129 May 2011

    29 05 2011

    Vila do Ouro is located 7 kilometres from the coast, but we can still find some boats in our street. As you can see on todays picture someone parked his boat below this fig tree. The boat belongs to our neighbour and he is joking that he is already taking preparations for a tsunami. That's why he parked his boat over here. Vila do Ouro is 180 meters above sea level, so it is a safe place in case there ever would be a tsunami in the Algarve.

    Today is a cloudy day. It is a surprise, because it was not forecasted. There are a lot of sunny spells, but we still call it a cloudy day. It is just 26ºC and this morning was windy. The picture is taken at 6.45 pm.

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  • 28 05 201128 May 2011

    28 05 2011

    This morning started cloudy, but at 10.00 am it was already 25ºC and mostly sunny. Todays picture is taken at 3.30 pm and it shows exactly the sky what we have all day.

    It is warm at Vila do Ouro with 29ºC in the shadow. Perfect weather for swimming. 

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  • 27 05 201128 May 2011

    27 05 2011

    For a change, we have a night shot this time. It looks like this cat is going for a dive....

    Today was a very warm day and we measured 32ºC in the shadow at Vila do Ouro. This picture is taken at 11.00 pm while it still was 24ºC. 

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  • 26 05 201126 May 2011

    26 05 2011

    This morning was wet with drizzle and sometimes heavy rain. At 11.00 am it started to be dry, cloudy and warm. People felt the presence of the sun behind the clouds. The sun came through once and a while. This kind of weather is very nice: it smells nice with all the flowers and the fresh air, the birds are singing loud, you hear frog noise and the bees are happy while working. Todays picture shows exactly where we are talking about. This bee is searching for the best part of the lavender. Lavender is quite common in the Algarve. Check this link for more information:

    Even guests are not complaining at all about the rainy morning and cloudy afternoon. We had 27ºC at Vila do Ouro. It is good relaxing weather... 

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  • 25 05 201125 May 2011

    25 05 2011

    Today started cloudy and at 10 am we had a few raindrops for 10 minutes. The morning was very windy and started much cooler than yesterday. We had 24ºC at 11.00 am. The afternoon is sunny and warm with 28ºC. We have still a strong breeze, but it is not as strong as this morning.

    Todays photo shows our flowery garden. We took this picture at 3.00 pm. 

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  • 24 05 201124 May 2011

    24 05 2011

    This our barbecue place at the tennis court, surrounded by tropical plants and lots of flowers. Today was a perfect day in May. This picture was taken at 1.00 pm.  We had 32ºC, clear skies and it felt a bit humid.  ThiTt

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  • 23 05 201123 May 2011

    23 05 2011

    A warm day at Vila do Ouro: 31ºC in the shadow at the swimming pools. It is a little bit windy and we have clear skies.
    Todays picture shows the central sun terrace. With this kind of temperatures the guests prefer staying at Vila do Ouro to relax at the swimming pools. The beaches are a good choice too: the temperature of the sea water is high the last days. The average temperature of the sea water is in this month 19ºC, but the sea temperatures are quite different in the Algarve. It depends on the currents. One day one can easily take a dive, the other day it is a struggle to get through. Last days the water feels like 22º - 23ºC. From Vila do Ouro it takes 10 - 15 minutes by car to reach the nearest beaches.
    Cooler weather is forecasted for wednesday and thursday.  

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  • 22 05 201122 May 2011

    22 05 2011

    A warm, windless and sunny sunday in the Algarve. Todays picture shows the main building of Vila do Ouro and a good shot of the sky. The sun cannot give it all today, because of the presence fog clouds. This picture is taken at 2.15 pm while we measured 28ºC in the shadow at Vila do Ouro.

    This reason why we have this daily blog, is because there are hardly webcams in the Algarve. We try to answer the question: what is going on in the south of Europe? The Algarve has a lot of micro climats. We are in central Algarve, 7km from the coast. It is nice to follow the local weather by reading this blog daily. The daily picture shows the weather circumstances and a good image of your holiday destination. Besides the weather we try to give some usefull information and some fun facts about the Algarve. A good idea is to forward this link to family and friends while you are going on holiday to Vila do Ouro or another place in the Algarve. Your friends & family can find out what the weather is like in your holiday area.... 

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  • 21 05 201121 May 2011

    21 05 2011

    This picture shows two typical colors of the & white. Almost all houses are white, although the past ten years other colors like pink, purple, yellow, dark red and beige are common as well. Many houses are still white with a red colored roof and blue bars around the windows. These blue painted bars around the windows were made to keep the bad spirits away from the windows and doors, so that they could not enter the houses...

    Today the Algarve has splendid weather: sunny, blue skies, almost nothing what you can call wind and we have measured 26ºC in the shadow at Vila do Ouro.

    This picture is taken at 5.30 pm. 

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  • 20 05 201120 May 2011

    20 05 2011

    This palm tree is very happy with this warm & humid weather. It is already producing fruits. Fruits of this palm are oval and about 1 in (2 - 3 cm) long, and look like small inedible dates.The date palm has more oval fruits. At Vila do Ouro we do not have a date palm yet, but in Albufeira you will see them on roundabouts and along the roads.

    This palm is the Syagrus Romanzoffiana or just the Queen Palm. We have 6 of them at the central sun terrace. Check out this link for more information:

    Today we have a very blue sky, lots of sunshine and at 11.00 am already 25ºC.  

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  • 19 05 201119 May 2011

    19 05 2011

    This is a beach play garden for children at Praia da Rocha in Portimão. Play gardens are common in the the Algarve, but this is a nice one. Praia da Rocha is a very big beach, safe for children, and it has a lot of restaurants, beach clubs and hotels. This part of Portimão, which is just a normal big city in the Algarve, is very turistic. It is nice to visit and to let your children play in this play garden while you enjoy the sun.

    Talking about the sun: it was not a very very nice day at Vila do Ouro. We had 24ºC at Vila do Ouro, but the sky was filled with beautiful clouds. It started to rain around lunchtime and it kept on raining for half an hour. After this heavy rain, it stayed cloudy, although it was summer at the beaches. Like this picture, which is taken at 6.00 pm, when we were enjoying a fresh drink in full sunshine at the beach.  

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  • 18 05 201118 May 2011

    18 05 2011

    Right now we have hundreds of these oleander flowers. The Oleander has flowers from April untill November. See this link for more information about this plant:

    If you look very good to this picture, you can see some water drops. Well, that is because it rained this morning. This picture is taken at 2 pm. It started to rain at 9.00 am and it stopped at 11.00 am. It still is very cloudy and we might not see the sun today....

    It is 21ºC at 2.45 pm. 

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  • 17 05 201117 May 2011

    17 05 2011

    Last night at 11 pm it started to rain and it kept on raining untill sunrise. When we woke up at 8.00 am it was completely cloudy, but at 9.00 am, the sun came through and it turned to be a normal sunny day in May. We had 25ºC at the swimming pool terrace and it was still a bit windy. Right now at 5.30 pm some clouds are coming in and we might have rain again tonight.

    Todays photo is from Albufeiras coastline. Far in the back you can see the white buildings of Vilamoura, a touristic town with a great harbour, loads of golf courses and chique restaurants. The beach in the front is the beach from 'old' Albufeira.  

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  • 16 05 201116 May 2011

    16 05 2011

    For pictures, palmtrees are very functional to indicate that it is windy. Well, today it is very very windy, so again palmtrees are shown on todays picture. At midnight it started to be really a gale force and this morning it continued to be very windy. The wind is coming from the south, the Atlantic Ocean. It is sunny and we have measured 25.6ºC in the shadow, off wind, at 12.15 pm. That is as well the time that we took this photo.

    The childrens swimming pool is as well shown on this picture. The childrens swimming pool has 2 levels, one is 40 cm deep and the other is 90 cm deep. A 'hot' item for the children from 0 - 10 years old..... 

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  • 15 05 201115 May 2011

    15 05 2011

    It feels hot, it is windy, it is sunny and it is a very nice sunday. We have 29ºC at 2 pm at Vila do Ouro and last night was warm with 23ºC. Cooler weather is forecasted for next week with temperatures around 25ºC. It will be a sunny week.

    Todays photo shows how windy it is... 

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  • 14 05 201114 May 2011

    14 05 2011

    This red hibiscus makes our garden very colorful. We have them in a red and a pink color. Check this link for more information about the hibiscus: Another 3 weeks and we have all our flowers flowering.

    The weather from today is very helpfull; it is 28ºC, sunny and it feels humid warm. Even the evenings are warm enough for an outdoor dinner in summer clothes.... 

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  • 13 05 201113 May 2011

    13 05 2011

    This picture gives a big contrast with yesterdays picture. Todays picture shows the land from our neighbour and this is what we have around Vila do Ouro. Peacefull, rustic and almost 100% nature. We have a few farms nearby...

    In the middle you see a nice carrob tree. Typical for this region. This picture is taken at 1.40 pm.

    Today it is very windy, but the wind makes it feel very comfortable. It is 27ºC and sunny. 

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  • 12 05 201112 May 2011

    12 05 2011

    This might not be the ultimate holiday picture, but at least it has an informative purpose. As you can see on the picture, Albufeira has a Lidl. Albufeira is a big tourist machine on just 7 km distance from Vila do Ouro. Most Vila do Ouro guests do not choose to stay in Albufeira, but like to be near the city in case they need it. Albufeira has a few big supermarkets. Lidl, Aldi, Pingo Doce. As well you will find a Mc Donalds, Pizza Hut, lots of foreign restaurants etc. The new part of Albufeira has a lot of pubs, clubs and discos, the old part has a big square with restaurants and bars. At nighttime it is very lively with street musicians, actors, markets etc. Take a look on this website and make a virtual tour through Albufeira:

    Today it feels humid warm, cloudy with a lot of sunny spells. It is 28ºC and we almost have no wind at all. 

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  • 11 05 201111 May 2011

    11 05 2011

    During the night we had very strong winds which kept on blowing during this morning. Around 10.00 am some clouds were blowing in from the Ocean and they covered up whole the Albufeira area. At Vila do Ouro we had a lot of sunny spells. This afternoon the clouds and the wind slowly disappeared. Right now at 6.00 pm we have a completely blue sky.

    The temperature today was around 25ºC, but it felt warmer and humid.

    Todays picture is from the entrance of Albufeiras Harbour. In Portuguese it is called Marina de Albufeira. A part in this harbour is reserved for fisherman and the rest is for recreation. From this harbour you can go for dolphin spotting, diving, cave tours or even rent a speedboat or a jetski. Along the harbour you have some restaurants, bars, minigolf, childrens playgarden etc. The harbour is not very touristic, although it has been renovated completely a few years ago. 

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  • 10 05 201110 May 2011

    10 05 2011

    A strong & warm wind is blowing from the south east and it makes it feel a bit cooler than yesterday. We have 29ºC at the swimming pool terrace. Although we have a very blue sky at Vila do Ouro, we clearly can see some clouds above the Atlantic Ocean. They might come to our direction, but that would not be a real problem. The temperature stays this week between 28º and 30ºC. 

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  • 09 05 201109 May 2011

    09 05 2011

    Today we have 30ºC, no wind and a big blue sky. This week will have splendid spring weather and all the guests can count on high temperatures. The water temperature from the swimming pools is already nice with 22ºC, but will be much higher during this week.  

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  • 08 05 201108 May 2011

    08 05 2011

    This sugar cane is waving very softly in the blue sky. We have almost no wind at all. Blue skies and not a single cloud is nearby. It is 28ºC at Vila do Ouro and the guests are enjoying the swimming pools and even the lounge to cool down a bit.

    Summer is in sight; upcoming week will be a warm week with lots of sunshine.

    Sugar cane grows good in this climate, but is rarely seen in the Algarve. It is not easy to get, but at Vila do Ouro we have a few. Normal cane which grows up to 5 meters, can be find all around in the Algarve. 

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  • 07 05 201107 May 2011

    07 05 2011

    This night we had some big showers and when we woke up, the sun came through the curtains. It looked like it would be a very nice day, but outside it was much cooler than expected. Clouds came in at 10 am and we had again some showers around noon. That doesn't mean that the Algarve had bad weather; just a few miles direction coastline and it was completely clear.

    Like todays photo: this one is from a beach club between the sandy rocks of Carvoeiro, just 25 minutes away from Vila do Ouro. We took it at 1.15 pm. The sea shows that we have some strong winds today, but between those rocks you could have lunch in 30ºC without any wind blowing. Today it is just 22ºC at Vila do Ouro and right now, at 15.30 pm, we have blue skies and a fresh strong wind blowing.

    Almost every beach in the Algarve has a beach club/bar/restaurant with public sanitary. 

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  • 06 05 201106 May 2011

    06 05 2011

    Today, Albufeira and surroundings has a thin layer of clouds and the sun cannot give 100%. It is not a problem, the temperature is 24ºC at 12.30 pm. It feels warm, because there is no wind at all. A nice day to plan some trips or to do some activities. That's what most guests are doing right now, after they have taken a swim in the swimming pools today.

    Todays photo is from our banana area. This one looks funny, because the it looks like the statue is having the bananas in her basket. Guests who will visit Vila do Ouro this month and in the beginning of June, can see or even eat these bananas. It are 'bananas de Madeira', a typical specie from the Island of Madeira. The banana is green before it ripens, then turns yellow. It is grown throughout the year in hot and humid climates, but it is in its best condition between the months of June and September. Our banana trees have a humid place at Vila do Ouro and they love it over there. The size of the Madeira's banana is small compared with other varieties and its fruit is more consistent.

    The Madeira's banana is rich in potassium and fibre. When it ripens the fruit becomes hearty and easy to digest and is highly nutritious. Very aromatic, it easily transfers its aroma to other foods. 

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  • 05 05 201105 May 2011

    05 05 2011

    A very nice day at Vila do Ouro. It is sunny, 27ºC and almost no wind. This photo is taken at 12.30 pm. Guests are enjoying the swimming pools all day. Tomorrow it will be cloudy, but after tomorrow the temperature will raise fast to summer values. 

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  • 04 05 201104 May 2011

    04 05 2011

    A hot spring day... todays picture is taken at 5 pm at the Fishermens beach of Albufeira the Old City. In summer this beach is very crowded and this is not really a beach where guests of Vila do Ouro are going to. Vila do Ouro-guests prefer mostly quiet beaches and because every guest has a car, the nice and quiet beaches are easy to reach. Every accommodation of Vila do Ouro has a self written guide of the best hidden places of the Algarve.
    Right now in this time of the year, this popular beach is not really crowded.

    Today we have 29ºC measured at the swimming pools. Vila do Ouro has almost no wind, but the beaches instead have a good breeze blowing. 

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  • 03 05 201103 May 2011

    03 05 2011

    Vila do Ouro is enjoying sunshine all day. After 3 cloudy days, the guests were already on the sunbeds early in the morning. The pools were a big attraction for the children and a few families are preparing the barbecues right now to grill some fresh fish.

    Todays photo is from the late afternoon, 5.30 pm. It is an everyday shot from the tennis court. In the back you can see the Atlantic Ocean. Beaches are just 10 - 15 minutes away by car.

    Today we have 25ºC, almost no wind, blue skies and in the North we see big clouds. 

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  • 02 05 201102 May 2011

    02 05 2011

    These green beans are unripe pods of the Carob tree. Now they are still green, but in August they are dark brown and ready for consumption. At and around Vila do Ouro are a lot of carob trees and the fruit of the carob is used in the local kitchen of the Algarve.

    The tree is called the 'Alfarrobeira' and the pods are called 'Alfarrobas'. If you see 'Tarte de Alfarobba' on the menu, it is worth to take it. The likor of the Alfarobba is as well a party for your taste-buds.

    The pods were used by ancient Mediterenean people for weighing. It is a very interesting product of the Algarve. Take a look at the following link and find out more about the carob tree:

    Today it is 22ºC, mostly cloudy and almost no wind. This morning we felt some rain drops, but it was almost nothing that we cannot call it rain.  

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  • 01 05 201101 May 2011

    01 05 2011

    This high palm tree is looking with its top to grey clouds. The leaves show that we have some wind blowing from the south west. It is the first of May, Dia do Trabalho, which is celebrate nationally with festivals and parties all over the country. The weather is not really helping, but at least it is mostly dry. Sometimes a few rain drops make everybody run for a dry place. It is 20ºC. 

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