Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • New Windows and Shutters24 April 2016

    New Windows and Shutters All apartments have new windows and shutters for the season of 2016. Double glass for better heat and sound isolation, mosquito nets against insects. The shutters are excellent against heat and it makes it much darker during the night. All this in order to have a better holiday standard for our clients! Today we have 25C, sunshine all over the Algarve and the pools are attraction no1 for our clients with a water temperature of 25C! Top of page
  • New Edition Guia Oura22 April 2016

    New Edition Guia Oura New Edition of the Guia Oura! Very appreciated by our guests is the Guia Oura, our self-written guide full with inside tips like good restaurants, remote beaches, villages, markets, musea and so on. This guide has now 30 chapters! The new edition 2016 is already waiting for you in your accomodation! The Algarve is slowly getting warmer now, next week is supposed to be a warm week with lots of sunshine. The pools had 25C today, it was 22C in the shade at Vila do Ouro today. Top of page
  • Quality Shade20 April 2016

    Quality Shade Also new at Vila do Ouro for the season of 2016 are the umbrellas at the central sun terrace. Good quality fabric and good quality wood! Maybe you don't think about umbrellas when travelling to a sunny destination, but as soon as you hit the Algarve, your skin will beg for a good quality shade at midday. Vila do Ouro does provide that๐Ÿ˜€. Greetings from the sunny Algarve (although it rained this morning ๐Ÿ˜Š) Top of page
  • Upgrade WiFi system17 April 2016

    Upgrade WiFi system New this season at Vila do Ouro is the upgrade of the WiFi system. Vila do Ouro already provided Free WiFi for years, but it was only accessible in the apartments, studios, villa and the lounge. Now it is much faster and our guests can go on the internet at almost whole Vila do Ouro. That means that the bungalows have WiFi and the whole central sun terrace with the pools. You can now even check your facebook while swimming ๐Ÿ˜€. The water of the pools had 26C today. Lovely sunday! Top of page
  • New Outdoor Shower12 April 2016

    New Outdoor Shower New at Vila do Ouro in 2016 is the outdoor shower at the pool terrace. The old one needed some reparations and it was actually better to invest in a new one. Comparing to the old shower, this one is bigger, has warm water and has a special shower for the children. Built with natural stones, the new shower gives a more natural look which fits easily in the natural atmosphere of Vila do Ouro. Now everybody wants to take a shower before swimming ๐Ÿ˜€! Today was a day with some rain in the morning and a sunny afternoon. Top of page
  • New Parking05 April 2016

    New Parking The last 5 months we have been very busy in order to improve our Vila do Ouro. The next few blogs will be about the new things at Vila do Ouro for the season of 2016. The first one is a big one: the new parking of Vila do Ouro! This parking is situated next to the old parking and gives place to at least 15 cars. We just have 11 accommodations, so we presume this will be enough. If you want to see it yourself then keep in mind that we still have availability for May, June and the beginning of July. Greetings from the sunny Algarve! Top of page