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  • Summer30 April 2014

    Summer 33C in the shade, sunny and a warm evening. Top of page
  • SUMMER VIBES29 April 2014


    A blackcat in the dark is difficult to see, but the outdoor lighting of the central sun terrace makes them visible!The cat in the picture ist he cat Femi, who occasionally shows up at the central sun terrrace. Femi knows she is not welcome in the accommodations.
    Today it seemed like summer again with 27º C and a clear blue sky. Guests of Vila do Ouro enjoy themselves with the swimming pools, tennis court, sun terrace and our beautiful garden. Of course the rest of the Algarve is also wonderful! The beaches nearby are often visited by our guests. 

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  • First flowers of the Oleander28 April 2014

    First flowers of the Oleander

    The first flowers of the oleander of 2014 already are enjoying the glorious sunshine, as you can see in the picture of today. In the next coming days, Vila do Ouro will turn into a sea of flowers of the oleander. At least, according to some, Vila do Ouro is not a sea of flowers, but instead an flower island in the Algarve!
    The warm weather of the recent days naturally contributes to the release of the flowers. High temperatures today at the central pool terrace of Vila do Ouro, 27 º C in the shade. According to the forecasts, the upcoming week will be overloaded with sun and with high temperatures.

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  • Creative with sand27 April 2014

    Creative with sand

    For children is nothing better than to be creative with sand! These two guys were really working on something special today (see picture). 100% beach weather in the Algarve, our pools have 25°C and there is plenty of sunshine to do all kind of activities outside. The Algarve is not far away, only 3 hours by plane from Holland, Belgium, Germany or Great Brittain & Ireland. 2 hours by car from Lisbon and 6 hours by car from Porto.  2 hours by car from Sevilla and 8 hours by car from Madrid. We still have availability for the month of May! Cozy bungalows in the tropical garden or a practical studio for 4 people near the pools. Please contact us if you want to enjoy the real Algarvian sunshine in a beautiful place!

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  • VILLA26 April 2014


    The entrance of our villa for 8 pax looks pretty good, though we say so ourselves (see picture of today). The villa has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large living room, kitchen and the villa provides outside all kinds of nice places with seats and other holiday tools:the living room and kitchen adjoin a lockable patio with a large table with 8 chairs under a wooden pergola, there are 8 sunbeds around the swimming pool, a picnic table under the carob tree, a garden seat at the side entrance, a stone seat at the front door (ideal for sunsets ), a seat on the right balcony overlooking the backland of Albufeira and the Atlantic Ocean, there is a swing for the kids and a barbecue for grilling on the long warm evenings in the Algarve.
    The family who spent the past week in the villa, told us that the first thing what they did in the morning with the kids, was making a tour around the plot (3000m2). It is fully fenced with a giant parking lot or driveway.

    This villa is also perfect for 2-family-holidays or big family holidays. We still have availability for the first two weeks of July, the last week of August, the last two weeks of September and the whole month of October. Contact us if you would like to have more information about this villa.

    The weather today was again very pleasant with lots of sunshine and 24 º C in the shade. Now and then some wind and at the end of the day it was occasionally cloudy.

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  • 25 de Abril25 April 2014

    25 de Abril

    The 25th of April is a holiday in Portugal. 40 years ago (1974) was the day that the Carnation Revolution took place. The bridge in the picture of this blog is called "the bridge of April 25 ' which connects two parts of Lisbon at the Tagus.
    It was quite sunny today, a cool wind was blowing and we had 23 º C in the shade.

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  • SHEEP & GOAT CHEESE24 April 2014


    Sheep and goats along the road! In this area live many shepherds with herds. The Algarve has delicious sheep and goat cheeses. When dining out in one of the many good Ãlgarvian restaurants sheep or goat cheese is often served as an appetizer.
    This day was fairly fresh with only 18 º C in the shade. As soon as the sun came out, it was instantly hot. Without the sun and with the cold winds from the north, it was not always pleasant.

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  • Carriage Museum LISBON23 April 2014

    Carriage Museum LISBON

    For familes with children who want to spend a few days in Lisbon there is culture enough to explore. This includes the carriage museum which can be considered as a must. It is informative, impressive and you get a very good picture of the monarchies in Portugal, Spain and beyond. We have been visiting Lisbon regularly with the children, so we can give good tips.The carriage museum is also nice if you are traveling without kids!

    Today we had 23ºC in the shade, it was generally sunny, but there were occasionally cloudy periods. In general we could call it a nice day and guests were enjoying the pools and our tennis court.

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    A nice day with lots of sunshine, a gentle breeze, occasionally thick clouds and a temperature of 22 º C in the shade. The sun is already very hot, so many guests decided to relax today at the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro and to have a bath in the sun and as well to have a bath in the pools in order to cool down a bit. In today's picture, one can clearly see how relaxed it is at Vila do Ouro. People were enjoying the pools until 6 p.m. Yesterday had a wet morning and a sunny afternoon.

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  • RAIN & THUNDER...and sunny20 April 2014

    RAIN & THUNDER...and sunny

    This Hibiscus had a fantastic Easter Sunday: rain and sunshine! Occasionally a heavy thunderstorm came by and then we had again some good sunny spells. The sunny moments were used by some to have a swim in one of the pools. Generally we could call today a cloudy and a wet day. 21ºC in the shadow

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  • Boa Pascoa19 April 2014

    Boa Pascoa

    Beautiful skies at Vila do Ouro today! The picture was taken today around lunchtime. Yesterday and today were wonderful days with temperatures between 24 º C and 27 º C in the shade. According to the weather forecast, it will be a wet Easter. We'll see!

    In any case, "Boa Pascoa!" (Happy Easter!)

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  • BUNGALOWS17 April 2014


    Yesterday was a beautiful day, today was even better. 100% sunny and the sky was clear blue which is typical for the Algarve. The temperature in the shade was 26 º C and the water of the pools was 25 º C. Todays´picture shows one of our bungalows. The wooden bungalow has everything in one room (except for the bathroom) and outside is a lovely terrace with table, chairs and sun beds. The bungalow has all the necessities such as air-conditioning, TV, cooking utensils and microwave. The water is heated by the sun. All bungalows are surrounded by tropical plants and other greenery. All in all, an ideal place to relax!

    If you want to stay in a bungalow at Vila do Ouro, please contact us. There is still availability for the month of May, June and early July.

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  • MIMOSA15 April 2014


    The Mimosa (picture of today) with his yellow flowers is still flowering in the Algarve. The trees begin to bloom in late February and in a few weeks it will end with these yellow little flowers.

    It was mostly a cloudy day today, but around 16:00 we had regularly sunny spells. The highest temperature today was 23 º C in the shade.

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  • SUN TERRACE14 April 2014


    The west side of the central sun terrace with the swimming pools. Today started cloudy and very windy, but after lunch,the sun came out and it became 24ºC in the shade. The wind continued with a force around 20 knots, but this evening is very calm.

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  • NEW THINGS13 April 2014


    With the warm temperatures of over 25 º C in the shade, we truly can call this Sunday a summer-like day. The picture of today: the south side of the apartment building. The outdoor living area is at the ground floor and the white area at the right of the building is the new laundry surmounted the terrace of the future apartment ' Deluxo ' for 4 pax . This terrace/balcony has a stunning view over the backland of Albufeira and the Atlantic Ocean, sparkling in the distance. In the morning you can see the sun rising behind the hills.

    The second floor has the standard apartment for 4 pax which has a more complete view. From this balcony one can even see the west of Albufeira and the sea at Vilamoura.
    The picture of today also shows our lovely renovated sunbeds and a part of the pool water. Our pools had today 26 º C (Eco- heated) and not every hotel, apartment or B & B is in the Algarve can say they have this kind of temperatures in April....

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  • PRAIAS12 April 2014


    Glorious weather on this Saturday with lots of sunshine and 24 º C in the shade!

    At the beach was blowing a refreshing breeze from the sea. Many people were heading towards the beaches. Today's picture concerns the beach of Santa Eulalia, a beach which is just outside the new part of Albufeira. It is a beautiful beach with free parking, it is ideal for children, it has a good beach restaurant and the beach is a starting point for cliff walks. At the exit, you will find the Adventure Park of Albufeira. At this time of the year this beach of Santa Eulalia definitely deserves our recommendation, but in the month of August, it is difficult to find even a square meter for your beach towel.

    The Algarve is a real paradise especially if you know where to go to. At Vila do Ouro we can give you good tips for the right places. We still have availability for this season. Check with us our availability, book your dates and hopefully we will meet you in our oasis! Até breve!

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  • BAR11 April 2014


    A quiet summer day with 25 º C in the shade, a bright blue sky with a big hot sun in it. The photo of today concerns our self-service bar at the central sun terrace with swimming poolsl. The bar is currently not in use, because we have too few guests. It is currently really super weather in the Algarve, but there are not many tourists. In April, it is not guaranteed to have sun and is therefore not very popular as a holiday month. Anyway the Algarve has an average of 300 sunny days per year, and since we have had in January and February the most cloudy days, April should therefore have a lot of sunny days. This April had certainly a good start and the tourists that are over here, are enjoying the warmth and tranquility..

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  • Calliandra10 April 2014


    Lots of flowers in the oasis of Vila do Ouro! The Calliandra in the picture today flourishes until May. Summer guests will not see this spring flower, but they will have the abundance of other flowers in summer.

    Today it was 22 º C in the shade, sunny, but with a veil of clouds. Occasionally it was windy. The water in our pools has 25 º C, but the water from the pool of the villa for 8 people, has only 20 º C. Today we heared that the guests who are staying at this villa this week, do make use of their private pool. Some of them had even taken an evening dip yesterday night ...

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  • Pastel de Nata09 April 2014

    Pastel  de Nata

    In almost every café in Portugal you will find the Pastéis de Nata. These typical Portuguese cakes are often eaten over a cup of coffee. A coffee and a pastry in our neighborhood cost about 1.25 euros.
    The Pastel de Nata is a true delight, especially warm with a bit of cinnamon (canela). The small cakes are originally from the Belem district of Lisbon, and are therefore also called Pastéis de Belem. The taste is close to the famous Crème Brûlée, but is still really different.

    Today was a windy day with some big clouds, even a few drops of rain and an afternoon full with sunshine. 24 º C was the highest temperature in the shade.

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  • Equipa Vila do Ouro08 April 2014

    Equipa Vila do Ouro

    A real summer day with lots of sunshine, 27 º C in the shade, swimming pool water of 26 ° C , a delightful summer breeze, t-shirts , shorts , dresses , slippers , all the windows in the car open, Solar FM on the radio, eating outside and a balmy evening with frog - and cricket sounds. As if the summer never has stopped being here!

    The past 5 month, much has happened at Vila do Ouro. Especially the last month. Per day, an average of eight people were working at Vila do Ouro in order to let Vila do Ouro shine another season. The team that made the last touches to the completion of many projects, is in the picture today. Everyone has deployed 100% and Vila do Ouro looks now at her best.

    What we have created this year besides the normal maintainance is an apartment ' Deluxo ' for 4 persons, an outdoor living room for the night, a new laundry, a new lounge, a total renovation of our bungalows and of all our outdoor furniture, an office / reception area, a canteen for our staff and many new plants and trees. In the next few blogs we will tell you more about it.

    Um agradecimento enorme para a super equipa da Vila do Ouro, que mais uma vez conseguiu preparar tudo para os primeiros clientes!

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  • Agave07 April 2014


    Coastline Flora! Agave, the plant in the todays’ picture grows  along the coast of the Algarve, but also at Vila do Ouro, we have some of these plants.

    This Monday was another summer-like day with lots of sunshine. 27 º C on the pool terrace, a lovely summer breeze and a balmy evening. Our both pools had today a water temperature of 26 º C!

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  • HEATED POOLS06 April 2014


    Our eco heated pools prove to be a success! See picture of today. Today it was really weather for swimming with 27 º C in the shade and 100% sunshine.

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  • Alte04 April 2014


    The springs from Alte are an touristic attraction. This one, in todays picture, is widely used by the locals to fill their bottles. In summer, you can swim at the sources of Alte. Alte is a beautiful small village just a few miles to the north from Vila do Ouro. It is about a 15 minutes drive.

    Today we had perfect weather to make such a trip to Alte: 19 º C, cloudy and moderate winds.

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  • Rain, Wind and Sunny Spells03 April 2014

    Rain, Wind and Sunny Spells

    Today was a day with rain, sun, cloudy skies and occasional wind. We had an average temperature of 18 º C. Not very pleasant for the tourists, but ideal conditions for our garden.

    The palm tree in the picture of today is the "mama" of the small palm tree what was in the picture of yesterday. Every year around October this big palm of 17 metres, gives  up to 7 bunches of seeds. Each bunch has hundreds of seeds. A seed has the size of a pea. These seeds are carried by birds, wind and rain to everywhere and nowhere. At the end if they are in a good place, the seeds will start to grow. A small palm tree begins his first year as a blade of grass, but may end up to 20 - 25 metres high.

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  • FLOWERS02 April 2014


    All year round we have flowers at Vila do Ouro. The most flowery months are from March untill September. In today’s picture you can see the spring flowers of the Hottentot Fig. This plant, originally a South African plant,  grows frequently at Vila do Ouro, but can also be seen on almost every beach in the Algarve.
    Not everything is planted in our garden: many plants are naturally grown and when they are, in our opinion, in the right place, they may continue to grow. The palm tree in this picture is an example of this phenomen.
    Today was
    pretty sunny at Vila do Ouro with occasional some clouds fields. It was not warm with just 19 º C in the shade, but that is normal with a strong wind from the south, and after 24 hours of rain.

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  • 1 Abril01 April 2014

    1 Abril Vila do Ouro is open again for the season of 2014. Now we do not have any guests. The first guests will arrive next week. According to the forecastsf they will enjoy a lot of sunshine and high temperatures. Today it was a rainy day in the Algarve. Top of page