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  • AlGharb30 April 2013


    The Algarvian architectural style is a mix from different cultures and one of the styles which you can find back in the Algarve, is the one from the Moorish period. Easy to discover if you just take a look at all chimneys and lamps. The outdoor lights of Vila do Ouro are as well in this Arab Style, as seen in the picture today. In the Moorish period the Algarve was called ‘ AlGharb’.

    The weather of today was sometimes fresh and sometimes warm. We had moments when the mercury rose above 23 º C, but most of the time of day the thermometer was stuck at 17 º C. There was plenty of sunshine, but there were cloudy moments as well. In short, no super weather, but that will changein the coming days.

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  • Children's Pool28 April 2013

    Children's Pool

    Our children's pool is situated between beautiful palms, as shown in the picture of today. Despite the fact that today had a very fresh northerly wind, some children were still in the water. Pretty brave! It was a day with lots of sunshine, but nevertheless we still had a bit of a winter feeling. Early morning had just 7 º C and at lunchtime the day had 22 º C on the central pool terrace of Vila do Ouro. That could be temperatures in January!

    The water of the pool had 22ºC - 23ºC today.

    The children's pool is normally a great attraction for the kids. It has two levels, one half has a depth from 40cm, the other has a depth of 90 cm. When the children are having a swim, the parents can relax on our lovely luxurious sun beds in the sun (or under the umbrella) around the pool.

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  • Villa 8 PAX28 April 2013

    Villa 8 PAX

    The back yard of our villa for 8 persons is a lovely place to be. Of course there is the pool, but the garden is furthermore filled with countless trees and Mediterranean plants. In between, we also have a swing set for the smallest guests. In the distance you can see the Atlantic Ocean. The whole area of the villa is fenced and the terrace under the pergola can be fully closed for small children to prevent them going to the pool without supervision of a parent. All in all a beautiful and child-friendly place to spend a wonderful holiday. The villa is still available for 7 nights in June, from the end of August the villa will also be available. The rest of the summer is already booked.
    Today it was 26 º C with lots of sunshine. There is a wind blowing from the north and it seems that it will be bringing cooler air tomorrow. 

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  • Mountains...26 April 2013


    The weather conditions oftoday were great: 28 º C in the shade on the sun terrace of Vila do Ouro, a summer breeze and a clear blue sky. Although, by the end of the afternoon arose a big white and thick cloud just behind the village  of Paderne. It looked just like a snowy mountaintop. With a little imagination Paderne is, on this photo, in the Alps ...


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  • 25 de Abril25 April 2013

    25 de Abril

    A beautifulfacade of a ‘tile housein Fuseta (picture of today). In the Algarve there are many houses tiled and it is always impressive to watchall those different facades

    Today was a holiday in Portugal. The revolution of 1974 was celebrated. See also this link:

    The sun and the temperature of 28 º C in the shade of course brought extra joy to the festivities of today.

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  • First Oleander Flower of 201323 April 2013

    First Oleander Flower of 2013

    The first flowers of the Oleanders of 2013! (See picture). Within a few weeks Vila do Ouro will be very colorful with all those flowers in red, pink and white. In June we have the most flowers.
    Today it was 24 º C in the shade, sunny and a cool breeze blowing in from the Atlantic. 

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  • West Coast22 April 2013

    West Coast

    The west coast of the Algarve is impressive. It's always nice to spend a day at the west coast during your holiday at Vila do Ouro. It is about an hour drive from Vila do Ouro.

    It was sunny today, around 26 º C in the shade and we had a light summer breeze.


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  • Mercado Municipal20 April 2013

    Mercado Municipal

    In Ferreiras, a village between Albufeira and Cerro do Ouro, is the nearest "Mercado Municipal. Here you buy fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs and fish. For small amounts of money you will get the best products, fresh and local! It is really recommended to buy your fruit, vegetables and fish from a mercado municipal and not from the supermarket. You will taste the difference immediately!
    Today it was 26 º C in the shade, 100% sunny and a strong wind was blowing from the sea. 

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  • 30ºC18 April 2013


    Today's picture shows a cool alley in the village of Paderne. If you look closely, you'll see three street dogs relaxing and hiding from the heat of this warm day. Today the mercury came above the 30 º C and it was again 100% sunny. 

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  • ZOOVER AWARD 201317 April 2013


    And another April day with a temperature of 29 º C in the shade, 100% sunny and a balmy evening. Our current guests enjoy the nice weather and off course their stay at Vila do Ouro. Today we got the message that we have received the ZOOVER AWARD 2013 for being the best holiday park in Portugal. It's always nice to get something like that, but we know that not everybody would like to stay at Vila do Ouro. Tastes differ: one wants a hard bed, the other wants a soft bed.

    We did not receive any award for the past few years (except in 2010), because the website of Zoover needed an average of at least 20 accommodations per category. Our category is holiday park and as the term ‘holiday park’ is not common in Portugal there were not enough accommodations in our category. So we did not receive any award, even as being the best rated accommodation of Portugal on this site (highest rating x number of reviews). Anyway, that's history. In 2013 we are back on the list:

    Our guests who have rated Vila do Ouro put us in the category 'holiday park'. We ourselves do not consider Vila do Ouro as a real holiday park, but we are also not just like a apartment building, a bungalow park, hotel, bed and breakfast, camping or anything else. Vila do Ouro is apparently unique. Actually it is not more than a beautiful park with various accommodations, two swimming pools and a tennis court where you can enjoy wonderful holidays. Perhaps then a holiday park has to be the best description anyway..... 


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  • Summer16 April 2013


    Last week we still had spring temperatures, today we had almost summer temperatures. 29 º C on the central sun terrace, a warm breeze from the south and a night temperature above 20 º C. Today's picture was taken on Praia de Gale, a fantastic beach at a 20 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. The waves were huge today, and the sea had a temperature around 20 º C. As seen in the picture there were already some bathers in the water. 

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  • Views15 April 2013


    Slowly it starts to smell like summer. Figuratively because of the rising temperature; today 27 º C on the central sun terrace with our pools and literally because of the many flowers that bloom again. Of course we don’t have to forget the barbecue scents of our neighbor. In Portugal people grill all year round, but the evening barbecues are still almost exclusively during summer.

    Today's picture is taken from the balcony of an apartment for 4 people. These apartments have stunning views; first Vila do Ouro with our pools and tennis court, further just nature, Albufeira at the coastline and the Atlantic Ocean in the back. 

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  • Sun Day14 April 2013

    Sun Day

    This is the church tower of Paderne. On Sunday’s a lot of local people visit this church. Today was a real ‘Sun'day. 100% sunny, 25 º C in the shade and a light summer breeze from the east.


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  • Summer Vibes13 April 2013

    Summer Vibes

    Currently it feels like the Algarve is covered with a warm blanket and everything and everyone was therefore in the summer vibes today. It was 25 º C in the shade. Today's picture is taken this morning and shows the burning sun which was present in the Algarve from dawn to sunset. The doves on the telephone cable sit there every morning to enjoy the view. The telephone and power lines are an excellent meeting place for birds.
    The coming week will remain sunny and for the guests who arrive this week : don’t forget a good sunscreen! 

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  • Ficus Elastica12 April 2013

    Ficus Elastica

    Today's picture is taken this morning in the sub-tropical garden of Vila do Ouro. It is a type of Ficus (Ficus Elastica) and the beautiful leaves of this plant / tree were full with numerous small dew drops. We had to be quick with taking the picture, because the sun had these small droplets evaporated within a short time.
    This because we had lovely weather today, 24 º C on the central pool terrace Vila do Ouro and lots of sunshine. 

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  • Beaches Albufeira11 April 2013

    Beaches Albufeira

    It was cloudy, not windy and 20 º C today, but at lunchtime our area around Albufeira received a full sunshine for a couple of hours. It was therefore great  to have a lunch at the beach. The beaches were well occupied and many tourists were even bathing in the water of the Atlantic Ocean which just have 17 -18 ºC in this time of the year. After a few hours the clouds came back and there was even some drizzle at the end of the afternoon.
    Today's picture is taken at the coast of Albufeira. On the beach there are many good restaurants where you can enjoy both the delicious food and the beautiful view. 

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  • The Streets of Paderne10 April 2013

    The Streets of Paderne

    The streets of Paderne.... the last two days were cloudy with some drizzle from time to time. The days had an average of 21ºC and there was not so much wind. Better weather starts this Friday, according to the forecast.


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  • Touristic Trains08 April 2013

    Touristic Trains

    In every city with tourist attractions, you can find trains or double-decker buses which take you along the highlights of the city. Today's picture has such a train as you can see. This photo was taken in Faro. Faro is the capital of the Algarve and has quite some nice history. Besides the old buildings, there is also a harbor, from where many boats can take you into the swamp of the 'Ria Formosa' for bird watching. Faro has a cozy little center with nice shops and good cheap restaurants.

    Today had 22 º C as an average and lots of sunshine. Summer is almost there! 

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  • Advertisments07 April 2013


    Advertisments on painted tiles last very long! Today's picture was taken in Boliqueime, a village nearby. It is a tableau which is probably made in the 60's or 70's. As you can see, it survives the road signs, painted walls and street signs. In Portugal a lot of these kind of tiles have been used to promote things. In Lisbon for example you see on many street corners these tile panels with advertisements from the 60s. Very nice to see.

    This advertisement in the picture is for both Schweppes as for the Algarve. The typical sand rock of Algarve is shown and, of course, the almost always present sun. The Algarve has the most sunny days of Europe, about some 300 days a year. Exactly as today: sunny with 22 º C in the shade. There is still a wind blowing from the North. 

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  • Cerro do Ouro06 April 2013

    Cerro do Ouro

    Without the cool wind from the north, this sunny Saturday could be a real summer day.

    At our pool terrace, we measured 23 º C, but that was out of the wind. In general, the average temperature did not came above 18 º C.

    The picture of today is the sign of Cerro do Ouro. This is the village where Vila do Ouro is located. If you see this sign, you are within two minutes at Vila do Ouro. 

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  • Sun and Pool05 April 2013

    Sun and Pool

    Today blew a cold wind from the North, but despite that, we still have measured 23ºC on the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro. The sun is already very powerful in April! Today's picture might a bit weird, but it is the shadow of a palm leaf in our pool.


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  • World Stray Animal Day04 April 2013

    World Stray Animal Day

    April 4 is world stray animal day. Here in the Algarve are a lot of strays. It are mainly cats and dogs. It remains very difficult to see stray animals, often emaciated or sick. There are also groups of dogs and cats that live near the dumpsters. There they can find their daily diet (see picture of today, taken in Ferragudo). Fortunately, there are people who care for the strays with foundations or just with giving some food. Our neighbor for example is very committed to the strays and Vila do Ouro as well has helped a lot of stray animals to find a home.
    A few years ago we had a group of dogs in the street and they knew a hole in the fence of our villa for 8 people. Once the dogs decided to have a nocturnal swim in the pool of the villa. In the middle of the night four dogs were having fun in the pool and they were making a lot of noise. Our guests in the villa were frightened, because they thought it were strange people in the pool. Since then, we have built a higher fence and we haven't seen dogs on the property anymore..

    There are several foundations in the Algarve which you can help by making a donation. For example http://www.bambooalgarve.com

    The day started beautifully and the temperature rose rapidly to 20 degrees. Around lunch time it started to blow and a big grey cloud came in. The afternoon had a couple of showers. 

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  • Castle03 April 2013


    Vila do Ouro has a beautiful view over the valley of Paderne and the backland of Albufeira. We can even see the Castle of Paderne. This castle was built in the 12th century. You can visit the ruins. From Vila do Ouro you can walk or bike to get to the castle. The castle is situated in a beautiful area and one of the routes takes you over an original Roman bridge. The route is indicated by the sign which you can see in today’s picture.
    Bicycles can also be hired. The firm Coolbikes bring them to Vila do Ouro adjusted them to your needs. More information can be obtained when you are here.
    There was all day rain forecast, but we have seen no drop. The sun was actually the whole day present! What was not pleasant, was the wind from the north. We have measured 18 º C  

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  • Spring!02 April 2013


    Today was sunny and we have measured 20 º C in the shadow. This real spring day was well used by many people. Most Easter Tourists spend their day at the beaches and although the sea is just 18 º C, there were a remarkable number of bathers in it. By now, the Algarve is slowly coming out the winter mode, though we will get some precipitation in next few days. 

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