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  • Lagos30 April 2012


    Boats and an old fort. This picture was taken in the town of Lagos, one of the nicest cities in the Algarve to visit. The city has lots of history and is known as the city of "Dom Henrique o Navigador ' or Henry the Navigator in English. Besides the history of the explorers with its castle, slave market and forts, there is also another history to visit such as the dazzling golden church. Outside it looks like a regular church, but the inside is lined with gold and has really a impressive art. The port of Lagos is cozy and from there, many boat trips can be made for example to the rock formation "Ponte de Piedade 'or trips for dolphin watching, sailing or glass bottom boat trips. The cozy center has many nice restaurants. The fort on the photo is situated at the pier and is called Fortaleza Ponta da Bandeira.

    After a fresh start, today became a wonderful day with 22 º C in the shade. There was lots of sunshine, but occasionally there were also big fat clouds.

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  • Cold Day29 April 2012

    Cold Day

    Brrrr! A winter day in the Algarve! It is absolutely the coldest day in the history of April weather at Vila do Ouro. The mercury reached just 17 º C. These are temperatures which are common in January. There were also regular rain showers so that the winter feeling was complete. Fortunately, we know that these kind of days are rare and that bad weather periods normally take not so long. From tomorrow the normal weather will be back according to the latest forecasts ....

    The picture of today is from the beach of Gale. In late April the chairs are normally quite busy, but today the whole beach was empty.

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  • Toys28 April 2012


    The slide boats are already on top of the cliffs, waiting to be hoisted at the beach (see photo today). When these things are in the water, one can say that the beach season for 2012 really has started. The weather is certainly not into the summervibes, because today was quite fresh and felt sometimes really like a winter coldness. For a winter in the Algarve off course, because our guests were today again in swimsuits and bikinis.

    There were some rain showers today. The afternoon was sunny, but around 15.30 hours it started to rain again. Average temperature: 17 º C.

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  • Lemons27 April 2012


    The lemons are still hanging in the tree, while the new blossom is already flowering with delicious smells and colors. You can see it in the picture of today and if you look carefully, you can see that the lemons are wet. This is due to the rain from this morning.

    This morning was rainy, the afternoon was dry, calm and quite pleasant with 20 º C.

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  • Drizzle26 April 2012


    In the Algarve, it is rare have drizzle, but today we had a real dark gray, cloudy, drizzly and wet morning. Outside the fresh air, there was not much to do outside. Therefore, almost all tourists were heading for the nearest shopping centers. The Algarve Shopping, a huge shopping within a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro, was also well-visited (see photo today) and the shops and restaurants were doing brisk business. By lunch time it was dry and it was still a fairly warm afternoon with occasional sunshine. Today had an average of 20 º C. 

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  • BAR25 April 2012


    Starting today, our self-service mini bar on the central terrace of Vila do Ouro is back into use. In February we have removed the old bar and we have build a new one. The self-service bar has delicious summer drinks for sale and is open to all our guests. This year we have a wonderful selection of tropical drinks from places such as Thailand, Mexico, Brazil and of course Portugal.

    Besides the bar-line on the picture, you can also take a look at the weather today. Quite cloudy!! If we are to believe the predictions, then we can expect the coming days a lot of clouds with occasional some rain.

    Today had an average of 22 º C with here and there a small incline or decline.

    Today it is Liberation Day, the Revolution of 1974 will be reminded and the Portuguese celebrate freedom. 

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  • Caves24 April 2012


    The central south coast of the Algarve is made from a type of sand stone and was formed by the Atlantic Ocean. There are numerous attractive bays with nice beaches and there are also caves where even small boats can sail in (see photo today). From the harbour of Albufeira are departing dolphin/cave tours by speedboats. First they search for wild dolphins in the open ocean and on the way back they sail along the coast and visit lots of caves. The harbour of Albufeira is just a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro.

    Today started quite fresh with only 15 degrees Celcius and the sky was covered by a thick layer of clouds. From the moment the sun prevailed, it was a lovely sunny day with 23 º C in the shade.

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  • Seagulls23 April 2012


    The only visitors of the beach of Praia da Rocha today, was this group seagulls on the picture. Praia da Rocha is a huge beach from the city of Portimão, only a half hour drive from Vila do Ouro. It is very touristy, but most tourists could be found on the sheltered parts of the beach. Today was a bit windy and it was also a bit cloudy. The afternoon was more or less sunny.
    At Vila do Ouro we have measured today 21 º C. 

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  • Clouds22 April 2012


    Sunday ('Domingo' in Portuguese) the 22nd of April was a calm day with a lot of clouds traveling through the big blue sky. The temperature raised untill 23ºC in the shadow. The picture is taken around 5.00 pm.

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  • The Jasmine21 April 2012

    The Jasmine

    The flowers on the picture of today are called the ‘Jasmine’. They are flowering in big quantities at Vila do Ouro right now and they give a strong nice scent of flowers. The Jasmine is a fast climber and can completely overgrow other plants and trees. We need to controle the Jasmine to save the other plants at Vila do Ouro.

    Today was a very nice day with lots of sunshine and a temperature of 23ºC (73ºF)

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  • Eatable Medlar20 April 2012

    Eatable Medlar

    The Common Medlar is eatable now. You can pick them and consume them instantly. This sweet fruit just has a short time for the harvest. The fruits contain a lot of Vitamine C.

    Today was mostly cloudy and 21 ºC. The late afternoon was sunny. 

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  • Swing19 April 2012


    New this year at the villa for 8 persons is the swing in the backyard. The children staying in this villa can always use the playground of Vila do Ouro, but it's also nice to have your own swing in the backyard.

    The entire day was cloudy with occasionally a drop of rain. There were regulary sunny spells, but it was not enough to  speak of "warm weather". We have measured 20 º C on the thermometre of the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro.

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  • Sun18 April 2012


    The sun was not alone in the big blue sky today (see photo today). Clouds needed a big space as well. Because of the clouds, the temperature fluctuated significantly between 19 º C and 23 º C. Occasionally, a vicious wind blew, but there also were warm periods without wind. The summer is coming and with summer comes this kind of days. It provides at least beautiful skies. According to thelatest forecasts the Algarve will have splendidweathernext week..... 

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  • 17 April 2012

    Today’s picture shows the flower of the Hottentot Fig, a plant which grows a lot along the coasts of the Algarve. At Vila do Ouro we have this plant as well. The Hottentot Fig is capable to survive dry soils. More information about this Fig:

    Now they give beautiful flowers in yellow and pink (see photo).

    Today was a warm day with 26ºC measured on the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro. 

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  • Sun Terrace16 April 2012

    Sun Terrace

    The sky was cloudless today and it had a bright blue color as we regularly can admire in the Algarve. The wind was still present, but did not stop the rising temperature. It was finally 24 º C on the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro (see photo). 

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  • Atlantic Ocean15 April 2012

    Atlantic Ocean

    This photo shows the view from the jungle gym for children. Not bad for those who dare to climb high! The Atlantic Ocean is nearby, but it is not within walking distance. There are guests who have made it to the beach by foot, but it took them 2 hours to walk to the beach. We recommend all guests of Vila do Ouro to rent a car. A rental car can be rented through our website. An employee of our reliable car rental company waits for you in the arrivals hall of the airport. So after you have arrived on the airport you can immediately drive to Vila do Ouro after the contract signing. If you rent through our website, you won’t have long queues, no hassle buses to remote parking areas and almost immediately you can enjoy your precious vacation time. What also is important to mention, is that we may intercede with any problems, because we know all of our car rental employees personally.
    If you have a lot of luggage, such as a golf equipment or lots of kids stuff, then we recommend to take a transfer to Vila do Ouro. Also here we can help. The car can be delivered at Vila do Ouro.

    Today was sunny and cloudy, very windy and 19ºC.

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  • Scent of Flowers14 April 2012

    Scent of Flowers

    Friday the 13th was a very windy but sunny day. The temperature wobbled between 19 º C and 21 º C. At night the wind increased a lot and brought some rain and clouds. Today it did not change much: wind and occasionally a small drop of rain. Clouds exchanged regularly with sunny spells.

    Although it is currently a lot cooler than the averages in the month of april, it is really spring. The dry winter can not be compensated with the little rain which we had lately, but one can see that the flora is still very happy with all of it. Everywhere it is becoming greener and flowers rise up. There is often a thick scent of flowers around Vila do Ouro. The Calliandra on the picture of today are typical spring bloomers, but they really do not contribute to the strong floral air. Those which are contributing to this are the Jasmine, the Honeysuckle and the Pittosporum.


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  • Thursday12 April 2012


    Thursday, April the 11th,was a calm dayl, but there were different weather types. It started nice and sunny, but during the morning the passing clouds were getting fatterand fatter. Occasionally it was completely covered as you can see on the picture of today. The temperature was between 18 º C - 22 º C. In the afternoon the wind increased and now in the evening the wind is strong and cool. Not much like a barbecue evening ....


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  • Forecast11 April 2012


    Today was mostly cloudy with again varying temperatures of 18 º C to 22 º C. There were many sunny spells though. The pool was even used by children who do not bother the cold water. It felt nice today because it was almost windless. The forecast tells us that the wind will increase the next few days and that after the weekend the real warm spring weather will return. 

    Todays picture shows a part of the harbour of Portimão. In the back you can see the mountain ridge of the Monchique with the highest point at almost 1000 meters.

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  • Afterglow....10 April 2012


    Nice evening colors produced by the current period of the transition of the relatively cool winter air into hot summer weather. This period always brings different types of weather with their own colors as seen on today’s picture. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with 24 º C on the central pool terrace, today instead was a mixed day with changing temperatures, wind, clouds, rain and sunshine. The day started sunny, but it soon became cloudy with a temperature drop to 18 º C. Eventually there was some rain for 5 minutes, but after this weak rain, the weather changed rapidly into a sunny and warm afternoon with 22 º C. The kids were even in the pool. At tea time a cold wind dominated for one hour or so. Around dinner Vila do Ouro received splendid evening weather. 

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  • Happy Easter!08 April 2012

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter! At least all guests of Vila do Ouro were happy, because it was a wonderful day. There was a lot of sunshine, a beautiful blue sky and we have measured 25 º C  in the shade on the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro. The evening was very pleasant as well and all guests of Vila do Ouro were having dinner outside or were having a barbecue.

    The beaches were crowded today and people behave on the beach like it was a summer's day. Last week was obviously not that nice weather, so now everyone wanted to enjoy this wonderful day.

    Portugal knows just Easter Sunday and that was today. There is no Easter Monday. Most Portuguese go to have lunch with family or go to see shows in one of the many villages. The supermarkets and other big stores were still open, so there were as well local people who went for shopping.

    The picture of today is taken at 11.15 am at a beach in Albufeira.

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  • Sunset07 April 2012


    Today was mainly sunny, almost windless and we had a maximum of 20ºC at the sun terrace from Vila do Ouro. Once and a while there were some clouds passing over. Todays picture is taken on the beach of Galé.

    Just as a reminder: you can read all the blog entries from the past year. If you are interested in what the weather was like at the 7th of April 2011, then just go to the left of this page, to 'April 2011' and scroll back to the date you want.

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  • Field06 April 2012


    The small field of our neighbor is doing well. Until recently, it took our neighbour half a day to water all of its plants with plastic 5 liter water bottles. But since last weekend, we had every day a bit of rain, so the neighbor can focus on other things. As today’s picture shows, the Algarve is not enjoying clear blue skies. The weather today is exactly what the picture shows. It was fresh and a fierce wind was blowing. The temperature did not rise above 18 º C. When the sun came through, then the temperature rose instantly. There were at Vila do Ouro 3 rain showers of no longer than 2 minutes. Rain showers are very local. 

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  • Moon05 April 2012


    Today’s picture shows not the standard palm tree – sun theme, but the palm tree and the moon theme. It seems like it was the whole day sunny with clear blue skies, but that was not the case! The clouds left about 6 o’ clock. Today was a cloudy day with occasionaly a drop of rain. It also was also quite cold for this time of year. The maximum measured today was just 18 º C, but the majority of the day the temperature was lower, around 16 º C. 

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  • Just before landing...04 April 2012

    Just before landing...

    An arriving guest from Vila do Ouro took the picture of today just before the plane from the Netherlands landed at the airport of Faro. All flights to the Algarve will fly above the nature park  "Ria Formosa" just before landing in Faro. This is a type of wetland with large tidal differences. Therefore there is a vast flora and fauna. The park can be visited by boats. There are a few beautiful islands, such as the two on the picture. There also people living on these islands and the islands are fantastic with long beaches and a clear blue sea.

    The sun prevailed today, but there were also moments with heavy clouds. It was 19 º C at Vila do Ouro.

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  • Food03 April 2012


    Portuguese love good food. An example of a standard lunch is a chicken or sardines from the grill, sea salt and a tasty dressing, potatoes and some cooked vegetables, a tomato-onion salad and a glass of wine. To start are often served olives, boiled carrots with garlic, bread with butter or sardine pate and a cow / sheep cheese. See also the pictures today of the appetizer of the restaurant 'Os Arcos' in Paderne.
    If the weather is not that satisfying, it is wise to go for the delicious food in the restaurants near Vila do Ouro and enjoy a lunch of 3 hours. Today was such a day. It was a bit rainy and only 19 º C. The entire next week, according to the latest forecasts,has a rain threat. 

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  • Rain II02 April 2012

    Rain II

    The past two days can be called rainy days. Some showers passed over Vila do Ouro. This is exactly where the local people hoped for: rain in April. The fauna is happy as well and the picture of today shows happy plants during the sunny spells. It was 18ºC.


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