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  • 30 04 201130 April 2011

    30 04 2011

    Today started with rain and it rained untill 12.30 pm. The afternoon is cloudy, has a little bit of wind and the temperature is 20ºC. It is a very nice day for activities, such as tennis.

    Todays picture shows one of the fields around Vila do Ouro. This kind of weather feeds a lot of flowers. We have flowers all around and most plants and grasses are hip-high.

    Tomorrow, the first of May. it is Dia do Trabalho. There will be a lot of festivals around, but the weather forecast is not that good...   

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  • 29 04 201129 April 2011

    29 04 2011

    This picture shows how the Bungalow Special from Vila do Ouro looks from the fields around us. The Bungalow Special enjoys all the nature around it and off course the privay. This Bungalow Special has its own private barbecue, a slightly bigger terrace than the standard bungalows and it has a feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.

    Today its cloudy, but you can feel the sun behind the clouds. Sometimes it breaks through. Around Vila do Ouro we can hear clearly the thunder and rain is nearby. We already took the sun beds and the parasols inside, but untill now (2.30 pm) we haven't had a single drop of rain. It is 25ºC. 

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  • 28 04 201128 April 2011

    28 04 2011

    The clouds in the North look like snowy mountain tops. The sky is beautiful today; the intense blue color and the white wind clouds give nice figures. The wind is turning to the south and is increasing. It feels a little bit cooler than yesterday. It is 25ºC.

    For those who read this blog for the first time: every day we post a small summary of the local weather report, some information of Vila do Ouro or Portugal and we upload a 'fresh' picture so that you can see what it is like over here right now.
    You can check all the uploads since the 5th of March 2011. It is as well nice to give this link to family or friends staying at home, so that they can check out your holiday address when you are enjoying your holiday over here. Maybe they catch you on a picture....

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  • 27 04 201127 April 2011

    27 04 2011

    This picture shows the fruit & fish market of Ferreiras. Ferreiras is a village nearby Vila do Ouro (2 km) which has a railway station, a good supermarket with its own bakery and butcher, several restaurants, coffee shops, schools etc. The Mercado Municipal which is shown on the picture sells cheap, but good and fresh fruit, vegetables and fish.

    Today is a very sunny day, it is 26ºC, a light wind and it feels like we get some thunderstorms tonight. 

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  • 26 04 201126 April 2011

    26 04 2011

    It is warm spring day with full sunshine and a temperature around 28ºC. There is almost no wind at all. The guests are enjoying the swimming pools of Vila do Ouro and others off course the beaches and other nice things of the Algarve. One family is visiting Zoomarine, which is a leisure park with a very nice dolphin show, aquarium with sharks, sea lions show, seals and loads of atractions for the children. Zoomarine has swimming pools and it is possible to swim with dolphins. Zoomarine is just a 15 minutes drive of Vila do Ouro:

    Yesterday afternoon the Algarve got again a visit from a huge thunderstorm. Out of nowhere, the clouds came in fast and gave a heavy rain for at least one hour. People had to flew from there sunbeds after a day in full sunshine. The evening was dry and sunny again. Like we said yesterday, perfect weather for the garden. Todays picture shows how green it is... 

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  • 25 04 201125 April 2011

    25 04 2011

    Perfect spring weather! Very blue skies, full sunshine and almost no wind. It is 26ºC at Vila do Ouro. Today it is Liberation Day, the Revolution of 1974 will be reminded and the Portuguese celebrate freedom. Shops are open normally. They just close with Christmas...

    Todays picture shows this soft leaf Yucca at the entrance of our sun terrace. The Yucca is very happy with this kind of weather. Lots of sunshine, an average temperature of 22ºC and rain. Yesterday night at 8.00 pm a big thunderstorm came over Vila do Ouro and left loads of water. After a sunny day with 25ºC, this weather is perfect for the garden. 

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  • 24 04 201124 April 2011

    24 04 2011

    Happy Easter! Summertime is back again. Guests, especially the children, are enjoying the swimming pools. The Portuguese people are having barbecues with family. Beaches are crowded. We have 25ºC at midday, there is a very light wind from the North and there are almost no clouds in the neighbourhood. 

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  • 23 04 201123 April 2011

    23 04 2011

    This weekend the Algarve has a lot of turists from the North of Portugal and as well from Spain. Tomorrow it is Easter and Monday it is Dia de Liberdade (Freedoms day). The 25th of April Portugal celebrates the end of dictatorship and the beginning of democracy. Together with Good Friday, it is a short break for the Portuguese and a lot of them choose to go for a short stay in the Algarve. It is the first 'peak' in the turist season.

    Although a lot of hotels in Albufeira are fully booked, the weather is still in winter vibes. It is cloudy, now and then sunny spells or light rain. The wind is blowing from the North and we have 20ºC. 

    Todays picture shows how green the Algarve is after all that rain...

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  • 22 04 201122 April 2011

    22 04 2011

    It is not usual that guest from Northern Europe are champing to go home. Normally it is the other way round. This night we had some low temperatures (12ºC) what we normally have in February and today it feels chilly with just 18ºC. It is cloudy, now and then we have some sunshine and as well now and then light rain. It gives nice rainbows as you can see on todays picture. This picture is actually not from today, but from yesterday afternoon.

    Although the Algarve has bad weather, the Dutch family who arrived yesterday jumped into the pool this morning and had a 15 minute swim!! The water has just 21ºC.... Good weather is forecasted for next week. 

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  • 21 04 201121 April 2011

    21 04 2011

    Rain, sun, cloudy, warm, cold, no wind, windy...we have it all today. Often, in April, when Northern Europe receives good spring weather, the Southern part gets bad weather. DIfficult for the North European turists who came for sunshine! At home everybody is enjoying the sun, while they are suffering in rain overhere.

    It is not as bad as it looks like; it is not raining all the time. Just once in a while we get some showers and when te sun comes trough, it is directly hot.

    Todays picture is from our tennis court just after a shower has left some water on it. It is an all-weather court.... 

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  • 20 04 201120 April 2011

    20 04 2011

    Like yesterday rain woke us around 8.00 am. It rained until 10.00 and now it is dry again, but covered. The Algarve is close to a low pressure which brings this rain. Although it is not so nice for the turists, it is very good for the Algarve water deposit and off course for the plants and trees. A big chance that this is the last rain before summer really starts and the vegetation has to survive 4 or 5 month without any rain.

    Todays photo shows the olive tree blossom. The rain and wind make a carpet of olive blossom on the streets. 

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  • 19 04 201119 April 2011

    19 04 2011

    Yesterday afternoon was bright, sunny but windy. Our guests were enjoying our swimming pools and we even have a family who visited nearby waterpark Slide & Splash.  They said they had a spectaculair day with all the slides for themselves.

    Heavy rain woke us today at 8.00 am. At 9.30 am it was dry again, less wind and sunny spells. Good enough for an outdoor lunch! It is 22ºC. 

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  • 18 04 201118 April 2011

    18 04 2011

    Yesterday turned to be a nice sunny day. From 1.00 pm the clouds went away and we had just sunshine. 25ºC was the temperature measured at 3.00 pm. Today it is cloudy, windy and 22ºC. Tonight we should have rain, but we will see what will happen.

    Todays picture shows the oleander flowers. This one is one of the first oleander with flowers this year. The oleander is flowering from april until november. We have them all over the place in the colors red, pink and white. They make the garden very beautiful, colored and tropical. It is a strong plant, which can grow very high. The juice from the trunk is pure poison and feels like glue on your skin. Inhaling the smoke from burned oleander or consuming this juice will make you feel sick.

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  • 17 04 201117 April 2011

    17 04 2011

    And than summer is suddenly over... strong winds, clouds and just 20ºC. The sun wants to break through the clouds, but it is just not enough to relax at the swimming pools or at the beach. A great day for sight seeing or to have a lunch in one of the top restaurants around Vila do Ouro!

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  • 16 04 201116 April 2011

    16 04 2011

    Today we do not have 30ºC. We have to do it with just 25ºC. There is a strong wind blowing from the east which brings cooler air. It is forecasted that this wind will increase during the night. For Monday, a little bit of rain is forecasted. That will be very nice for the garden, because the plants are still in a kind of a shock to live in 30ºC the past weeks.

    25ºC is an average temperature for April. Today we have full sunshine as you can see on todays picture.

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  • 15 04 201115 April 2011

    15 04 2011

    Again a hot summer day! Today we will have 30ºC again. Yesterday we even had 32ºC. The water temperature of the swimming pools is raising every day. Cooler weather is forecasted for this weekend.

    Todays picture is from nextdoor villa. This villa sleeps 8 and is enjoying the sunshine right now. Find out more about this villa at chapter accommodations.

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  • 14 04 201114 April 2011

    14 04 2011

    Summer at Vila do Ouro keeps on going! Today we have a really hot summer morning. At 9.00 am we already are looking for some shade. We will have a +30ºC today again, because there is absolutely no wind at all. Next week it will be much cooler with the normal average temperature of April which is 24ºC.

    Todays picture shows a fruit, the Common Medlar, which is almost eatable. We have 2 trees at Vila do Ouro, one at the entrance and one in the childrens play garden. This fruit has a lot of Vitamime C and is sweet.

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  • 13 04 201113 April 2011

    13 04 2011

    Again a hot summer day at Vila do Ouro! Today we have 31ºC in the shadow at the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro. The Algarve is breathing summer vibes and the tourists are enjoying the Algarve like it is high season, except in this time of the year it is with 75% less tourists. So our guests are extra happy!

    The water of the swimming pool is already 23ºC, so our guests are enjoying the pool all day. Even the Atlantic Ocean has 19ºC and people are going for a swim like it is July.

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  • 12 04 201112 April 2011

    12 04 2011

    Again a beautiful day at Vila do Ouro! We do not have 30ºC today, because there is a warm wind blowing from the east. Actually the 27ºC what we have now, is better than 30ºC!

    Todays picture shows some flowers which like this kind of weather. In one week time they grew like this and they are hosting a lot of bees now.

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  • 11 04 201111 April 2011

    11 04 2011

    It is 12.15 pm en we have already 30ºC. It is a splendid summerday with just sunshine and blue skies. There is no wind at all, excellent weather to grill fish and that is what our neighbours are doing right now.

    DId you know that you can check all the blog entries of the past two month? Just click on the 'BLOG ENTRIES' on the left side of this picture and scroll down. Besides the weather we put some usefull information about Vila do Ouro and surroundings.

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  • 10 04 201110 April 2011

    10 04 2011

    These clouds are lost in the big ocean of the blue sky. This lovely sunday morning has a dark blue sky, full sunshine and a small breeze. There are hardly clouds. The one on the picture looks like a dolphin in the blue ocean. Did you know that you can spot dolphins nearby? Speedboats are departing from Albufeiras harbour every day to watch wild dolphins swimming along the Algarvian coast. You can find different species.

    Yesterday we had 26ºC in the afternoon, today we will have the same. Right now 10.43 am we have 21ºC.

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  • 09 04 201109 April 2011

    09 04 2011

    The brush flower tree is very happy with this lovely spring weather. As you can see on the picture, almost all  brush flowers are enjoying the sunshine. Not only the brush flowers are present, as well other flowers are pushing themselves towards the sunlight. We will upload some pictures with fresh flowers this week. Vila do Ouro is getting into summer vibes very fast now. This morning started with lots of sunshine, some small clouds now and then and still a little bit of wind. Right now it is 20ºC

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  • 08 04 201108 April 2011

    08 04 2011

    A windy morning, sunny and already 19ºC. Today it will be a warm day again. Todays picture is from yesterday. This is the town Tavira, one of the 5 favorite cities to visit during a stay in the Algarve.

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  • 07 04 201107 April 2011

    07 04 2011

    Splendid weather! Still a bit windy though, but Vila do Ouro will have high spring temperatures today. Right now we have 18ºC, but it is still early morning.

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  • 06 04 201106 April 2011

    06 04 2011

    A very windy, but very sunny day. The wind is coming from the East and sweeps up the Atlantic Ocean. The wind makes it feel cooler and it will be around 20ºC. Todays photo is from the typical Algarvian sand rocks. You will find them along the coast from Albufeira. This seagull on the top of the rocks is looking for some fish in the choppy ocean.

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  • 05 04 201105 April 2011

    05 04 2011

    This cat is going for a tan today! It is very sunny, windy, but nice with 22ºC. The Algarve has a lot of abandoned animals and it seems that nobody cares about them. There are a few people who are doing their best to save animals from a live without food, water and a home. Abandoned animals are heading for places with lots of people like Vila do Ouro. The past 5 years we have sent 8 cats to Holland (to guests who wanted to take a cat home), we have brought 10 cats to cat refuges in the Algarve and we have brought 3 dogs to and we have given donations off course.

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  • 04 04 201104 April 2011

    04 04 2011

    A lovely spring morning! The Algarve is heading for a very nice week with lots of sunshine and good temperatures. Unfortunately we still cannot upload a photo today.


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  • 03 04 201103 April 2011

    03 04 2011

    Due to internet problems we cannot upload photos today. Today was a little bit chilly comparing to the last week. Tomorrow it will be nice weather again.

    We had 19ºC today, wind and a lot of clouds.

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  • 02 04 201102 April 2011

    02 04 2011

    Today it was nice weather, not windy as yesterday, but cloudy. Rain is not forecasted anymore. Todays photo shows the brush flowers. Every week there are more flowers. Next week we will upload a photo of the brush flowers again.

    Today it was 21ºC.

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  • 01 04 201101 April 2011

    01 04 2011

    It sounds strange, but in the Algarve we need a little bit of rain to raise the temperature. This weekend a small low pressure is forecasted with a small chance of rain. After this weekend, the temperature will raise and we will have an average of 22ºC. After the next low pressure the temperature will raise again and that continues like that untill we reach the average of 35ºC in summer.

    Right now we still have blue skies, but that will change at the end of the day. We have wind from the south east. We have 20ºC this early morning, but it will be higher today.



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