Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Orange Country30 March 2016

    Orange Country Oranges for everybody! Many villages in the south of Portugal have orange trees in the main streets. It is good for the healthy image of the village and it is beautiful with all those colors. If you visit the Algarve then order fresh orange juice in the cafes or buy a few kilos oranges along the roads. It is just 1€ per kilo and they taste great! Greetings from the s☀️nny Algarve! Top of page
  • Tropical Garden24 March 2016

    Tropical Garden How tropic is our garden? Well today we had a real profissional to check the garden and he was really happy to be here. We consider his happiness as a very positive result 😀. This parrot must have escaped somewhere and while flying through the Algarve he saw our small oasis and he must have compared it with his roots... 😉. Lets see for how long he will stay! Spring has begun overhere, temperatures above 20C and a lot of sunshine. Top of page
  • Winter almost over16 March 2016

    Winter almost over The outdoor lights are ready for the season 😀. The winter is coming to an end, the sun is getting stronger and the days are getting longer. Temperature today was 21C in the shadow. Top of page