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  • SUNNY MARCH23 March 2014


    The last few days we just had sunny weather over here in the Algarve. The tourists who are currently visiting the Algarve are enjoying the pre-summer weather. The beaches start to have more and more people and you can see again people in swimwear and bikinis. A few people ventured into the Atlantic Ocean, but that is still quite cold  with just 16 º C! To stay longer in the water, is only possible with a wetsuit, such as the surfers on the Praia Arrifana (photo) are using.

    Our pool water currently has 21 º C. From April 1, the water is supposed to have 26 º C. Each day, the water is heated by solar panels and comesup with a degree. If the sun does not heat up the pools to 26ºC by April the 1st, then we will turn on our Ionizer. This has a very low energy consumption. Our heating system is environmentally responsible!

    For April, we still have some availability. If you want to enjoy our ecologically heated pools in April, you can contact us of course.

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    High temperatures and 100% sun in the Algarve! This afternoon we had 25 º C on the central terrace of Vila do Ouro. The coming week will continue with this kind of weather, but the forecast says that it will be windy this coming weekend. That will bring cooler air for sure. Anyway, we can notice that winter is over.

    Picture of today: a natural loving chain which is hugging the stems of the Strelitzias at the terrace of the apartment 'Deluxo' for 6 pax.

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  • MATTRESS CLEANING11 March 2014


    All the mattresses of Vila do Ouro, including mattresses for the cots and sofas, have been professionally cleaned today and yesterday. Sleeping on a clean mattress is very important for us! That's why we have this annual cleaning and do  we clean all the mattresses after every stay. We use mattress spray and a steam cleaner. Once a year, the mattresses are mechanically cleaned with a machine which kills, through vibrations and UV light, all bacteria and mites. The corpses and feces will be vacuum cleaned by the machine.

    This process is performed by a certified mattress cleaning company from Holland, called Neven - Matras Reiniging. We have been working since 2007 with Neven ​and we were actually the first accommodation in Portugal who contacted the mattress cleaning company (in Portugal we could not find anything). After contacting Jan Neven, who is the owner, he decided to set up a tour in which he visits several accommodations to clean their mattresses. Now, seven years later, the man is about 5 weeks on the road with visits to accommodations in France, Portugal and Spain.

    This is cleaning on microscope level and maybe it does not seem that important, but it has a great effect on the human body. Especially people with allergies, respiratory irritation and sensitive skin will benefit. And there's nobody who wants to sleep in the sweat of the previous occupant. At Vila do Ouro everyone sleeps at least on a clean mattress!

    Jan Neven ​​also does private homes. If you want to clean your mattress you can always contact Jan Neven. Just take a look at the website:

    There is also a list of accommodations that do mattress cleaning. So you know where you can sleep a clean mattress!

    The weather in the Algarve is perfect! In Northern Europe a day like today would be classified as a lovely summer day, but here in the Algarve it was just a lovely winter day : a deep blue sky with a big bright sun, not much wind and 21ºC in the shade. The forecast says it will be even warmer the next few days…

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  • Avocado06 March 2014


    This week we tried to pick all the avocados from our avocado tree, but there were to much avocados that our basket was filled too fast. This year our avocado tree could fill 5 of these baskets. Delicious!
    The avocado is considered a superfood, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We eat the avocado often with a homemade musterd vinaigrette, fresh olive oil or just as an ingredient for the salad. Algarvian restaurants mostly serve the avocado with a shrimp filling. Brazilians often mix the avocado with milk and sugar and drink it as breakfast. There are countless recipes available on the internet!

    After a weekend with cloudy and windy weather, we suddenly have summer-like weather since yesterday. Lots of sun and today we have measured the first 25 º C of 2014 at the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro!

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