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  • Caves31 March 2013


    Easter 2013 was not as wet as it was foretold. It did not rain until the end of the day, although it was cloudy the whole day. The temperature was around 19 º C.

    Today's picture shows a huge gap of 20 meters deep, which can be seen during cliff walks near Carvoeiro. The holes are bordered by a fence. Without these fences, it would be very dangerous. Under the cliffs of Carvoeiro are huge caves where the sea is playing around with his waves. About 150 meters from the coast, it is possible to see and to hear the ocean in the holes. Impressive!


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  • Lovely Day30 March 2013

    Lovely Day

    The Saturday before Easter 2013 was a lovely spring day. The clear blue sky this morning had lots of sunshine and a high temperature of 23 º C at the central pool terrace of Vila do Ouro. After lunch, it became more and more cloudy, until finally the sky was completely prepared for the next rainy day. According to the forecast, Easter will have a lot of rain. The wet Easter will not be appreciated by everybody, but in the Algarve we should be happy with every rain drop.

    Todays picture shows one of the view points of our central sun terrace with the swimming pools. From here you have a stunning view over the valley and even the Atlantic Ocean can be seen. A good place to have your breakfast, lunch, diner or simpely your tea or coffee.


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  • Restaurant 'Xerem'29 March 2013

    Restaurant 'Xerem'

    Good Friday is a holiday in Portugal. Normally Eastertime is sunny, but apparently not this Friday. It is clouded and occasionally some rain drops fall from the sky.  If we take a look at the forecast for the next few days, it seems that Easter will be rainy as well. The Algarve and rain is not a good combination for entertainment. What we often recommend to do on rainy days, is enjoying an extra long lunch or dinner. Enjoying ‘Culinair Algarve’ is always good. Vila do Ouro is blessed with a very good restaurant nearby. Restaurant 'Xerem', is within walking distance or 2 minutes by car. Almost all guests of Vila do Ouro have diner here during their holidays and our regular clients will undoubtedly have fond memories of the diners in the orange building. See their website:

    Today there blows a gentle breeze from the west, it is 16 º C at 8:00 am and is cloudy.


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  • Life in Paderne26 March 2013

    Life in Paderne

    The man in the picture checks the square of Paderne from his own living room almost every day. Many of the residents of Paderne live all their lives in this village. The village atmosphere is very relaxed. From Vila do Ouro it takes 3 minutes by car to get to the village center. Guests of Vila do Ouro can easily get a taste of the atmosphere of Paderne.

    Today it's cloudy with occasional some rain. The temperature does not go above 17 º C.


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  • Calliandra25 March 2013


    These flowers appear always the beginning of March. When they appear, winter is over. In late April, they are as good as gone. Today the weather was a bit cloudy. The whole week will be a bit cloudy, but the temperature will stay around the 18ºC.


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  • The Right Juice22 March 2013

    The Right Juice

    These types of cars drive around in the Algarve. There are so many of them that they set the scene. These carts are tricycles and they are not going faster than 40 miles per hour. Often there are driven by old peasants, the trunk loaded with oranges, lemons or tangerines.  It is very annoying if you are behind them on roads where you cannot overtake them, but on the other hand, they fit completely in our relaxed environment. You see them in all colors and they basically have two seats though we have seen that they fit 4 people with some creativity...
    Last year a feature film about the Algarve was recorded over here. The film is nearly ready. It is about the movie "The Right Juice '. This type of car is also frequently seen in this movie. Watch the trailer at the following link:
    These last days we are in a period with changeable weather: sunshine, rain, wind and changing temperatures between 15 º C - 20 º C. 

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  • Bungalows Vila do Ouro20 March 2013

    Bungalows Vila do Ouro

    Our bungalows are all buried between beautiful plants in our tropical garden, like you can see at today's picture. Each bungalow has a private terrace and garden. The bungalows are cozy, romantic and give a prefect feeling of living outdoors. The bungalows have plenty of comforts! The kitchen has for example a 4 ring ceramic hob, fridge with freezer, microwave and a full kitchen inventory. The bathroom has a shower with thermostat and toilet. There is a flat screen TV with satellite and there is a double bed and a sofa bed for two persons. All bungalows are equipped with air conditioning and solar heater for hot water.

    Today Vila do Ouro had wonderfully calm weather with lots of sun and a nice temperature of 18 º C in the shade. 

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  • Procissão dos Passos18 March 2013

    Procissão dos Passos

    Yesterday our village Paderne had the 'Procissão dos Passos'. It started in the afternoon with a Mass in the church. After the Mass started a tour through the village with all the church images. In the village of Paderne the villagers prepared 13 tables in different places. On these tables were paintings depicting the various steps to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Around the paintings were flowers placed by the villagers. The streets were full with fresh lavender and the entire village smelled really delicious.
    At 19.00 o'clock the procession begun. The villagers started from the church and they took all the church images for a walk through the village. They followed a route along the 13 paintings. At each painting the tour was stopped and the village priest gave a sermon. It was fascinating to see that the whole village was silent.

    Today was a sunny day with no wind and an average temperature of 18 º C. The sun felt much warmer and that is the sign that spring is approaching.

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  • Misty Sunday Morning17 March 2013

    Misty Sunday Morning

    Yesterday was a fairly pleasant day with an average temperature of 19 º C. There was a lot of wind and a lot of sunny spells Today, Sunday March 17, has different weather. The morning began with some fog and a small thunder storm (see picture of today) and the rest of the day is a bit rainy. The temperature is allright with an average around 19 º C. 

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  • Sun15 March 2013


    This is what you get if you take a picture from the sun with an I-Phone! Today was sunny and we could already feel the strong spring sunbeams. Currently (late afternoon) there are some clouds coming in from the west. The wind made it a bit chilly today, it was 18 º C in the shade at Vila do Ouro. 

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  • Beach Playgrounds14 March 2013

    Beach Playgrounds

    Most large beaches in the Algarve have playgrounds. The playground shown in the picture of today is the most child-friendly beach in the Algarve, Praia Grande. The beach is big (Grande) and there are no dangerous currents, because the beach is situated in front of the harbour of Portimão. The only bad thing is that the bathing water has not the high quality like the other beaches in the Algarve. But still ok!
    Other beautiful beaches with playgrounds are Praia da Rocha and Praia da Luz. The beaches near Vila do Ouro are too small for playgrounds, but most children are already very happy with a beach scoop and a bucket.

    Today the sun shines again in a beautiful blue sky. 

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  • 'Bairro Alto' Lisbon12 March 2013

    'Bairro Alto' Lisbon

    It rained the whole night until this morning and then the sun frequently appeared between the dark clouds. The picture of today is not taken in the Algarve, but in Lisbon. It's the lively city district 'Bairro Alto'. On a rainy day like today you won’t find the cozy atmosphere on the streets. You have to search for it in the cafes and restaurants.


    Vila do Ouro is not only well situated to explore the Algarve. We are also well situated to explore the big city of Lisbon. The Albufeira train station is only 2 km away from us. The intercity train takes you directly to the center of Lisbon. From there you can take the metro to all the places you would like to visit. A day Lisbon is very easy to do. A train ticket costs about 30 euros per person.

    Visiting Lisbon by car is also easy to do when staying at Vila do Ouro. Vila do Ouro is situated near the motorway to Lisbon. It is a straight road (toll road) to the north. It will take a 2,5 hour drive to the center. 

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  • Strelitzia11 March 2013


    Spring is in the air, even though it sometimes seems like it still is winter with all these small  rain showers. The sun and the rain and the fairly pleasant temperatures give the flora a huge boost. Many plants are flowering and you can see the flowers shine with happiness.
    One of those flowers from our garden is the Strelitzia, as shown on the picture of today.
    This beautiful flower, called by many ‘the parrot flower’, is present at our park. We have many of them. This flower certainly contributes to the colorfulness of Vila do Ouro. All those flowers with their scents, the whistling and singing birds, the chirping crickets, the warm sunbeams make the spring feeling complete. If there is a bit of rain ocasionally, then that's not bad at all.
    This morning we measured 16 º C.
    More information about the Strelitzia:

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  • Rainbow week (sun + rain)10 March 2013

    Rainbow week (sun + rain)

    It's raining rainbows this week! One after another appears and disappears. The weather is quite pleasant though. The temperature is nice (around 18 º C), we have enough sun and occasionally it is better to seek a shelter for the rain. The wind is sometimes hard and that's the only thing that could be a little less. At least this kind of weather gives nice pictures, as shown in the picture of today. 

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  • March 2013 begins wet05 March 2013

    March 2013 begins wet

    Normally the beginning of the month of March is overloaded with sun and good temperatures, but this March begun very wet instead. The whole week will be wet according to the latest forecasts. Frankly, we are very happy with this rain, because we had a shortage of water last summer as our guests of August / September 2012  probably can remember. After the extremely dry winter of 2012 our borehole could not meet our demand. Meanwhile the borehole has been filled up again by the rain of this winter and we are confident that our garden can enjoy enough water upcoming summer.

    Today's picture shows a wet pool terrace. The temperature is reasonable (16 º C). Occasionally it is blowing quite hard and the sea is very wild. 

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