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  • 31 03 201131 March 2011

    31 03 2011

    Splendid spring weather! Todays picture shows our bungalows buried in oleanders. In a few weeks the oleanders will have many many flowers, red, pink or white. The oleander is a hardy evergreen that grows on very poor soils like the soils in the Algarve. VIla do Ouro has not a poor soil, so the oleanders grow fast.

    Today it is already 23C with clear dark blue skies.

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  • 30 03 201130 March 2011

    30 03 2011

    The Algarve has fantastic spring weather. It is nice enough to spend a day on the beach, but if you do not want to be lazy it is not too warm for activities like hiking along the coast. Nearby Vila do Ouro you can make long cliff walks along the Atlantic Ocean. Todays photo is from yesterdays cliff walk....

    Today we have nice weather and 20ºC.

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  • 29 03 201129 March 2011

    29 03 2011

    Vila do Ouro's garden has flowers whole year round. The flowers on todays photo are real spring flowers. Guests who booked a stay in the period of March - May are able to see these flowers. As soon as it starts to be really warm, the flowers will dry out, even thought they will be sprinkled every night. June is the month with the most flowers.

    Today it is sunny, but we have as well some clouds. It is 19ºC.

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  • 28 03 201128 March 2011

    28 03 2011

    A lovely spring morning! Sunny, almost no wind, fresh air and singing birds. Today it is partly cloudy, but it is still a very nice day to do something outdoor. The rest of the week warm spring weather has been forecasted. Vila do Ouro has no guests at the moment and today we continue to preparte everything for summer. Right now a Dutch firm, Jan Neven Matrasreiniging, is cleaning all the matrasses of VIla do Ouro and the villa. As well the matrasses for the baby cots will be cleaned professionally.

    The temperature today is 20ºC.

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  • 27 03 201127 March 2011

    27 03 2011

    Summertime! That means that the birds start singing at 5.00 am. It was a very sunny morning, but because the weather direction is changing, the clouds came in from the North and covered up whole Vila do Ouro. The border blue sky / cloudy sky stays above the Atlantic Ocean what you can see on todays picture. Vila do Ouro might be not that sunny, the beaches get still sunshine right now.

    The temperature is nice though (20ºC) and we have a soft breeze coming from the North.

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  • 26 03 201126 March 2011

    26 03 2011

    Today we had an 3.8 eartquake at 7.36 am. No damage, just barking dogs in the neighbourhood. The weather today is very nice. Todays picture shows nice clouds and sunny skies. The picture is from 8.30 am. The sun is very strong today and it is 21ºC.

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  • 25 03 201125 March 2011

    25 03 2011

    Almond trees are as well quite common around Vila do Ouro. Todays picture shows the almond trees of our neighbour. Right now the leaves have a bright green color. In summer they will loose the leaves. In January these trees will get the first blossom of the year. That gives a real spring feeling already in January!

    Todays picture shows as well the weather conditions: it is cloudy, but the sun behind the clouds is very strong. Today you can get sunburned unnoticed. It is quite warm with 22ºC and light breeze.

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  • 24 03 201124 March 2011

    24 03 2011

    The picture of today shows the olive blossom for this year. They will grow and give small olives. When the olives reach an eatable size, local people will pick them in October and treat them for at least 6 weeks in bathes of fresh water, salt and spices. In local restaurants it is normal they will serve you local olives, bread and butter as soon as you have installed yourself for lunch or diner.

    Vila do Ouro has 4 olive trees on the property. Please note that you cannot eat the olives directly from the tree. They really need to be treated with flavor.

    Today it is 50% cloudy, 50% sunny, strong wind from the south and 20ºC.


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  • 23 03 201123 March 2011

    23 03 2011

    This 'parrot' flower is very happy with this weather. From early February untill Mai and from September untill November we have these flowers all over the place. Today is again a nice and sunny day with just sunshine, a spring breeze and 21ºC.

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  • 22 03 201122 March 2011

    22 03 2011

    Vila do Ouro is situated in the village of Cerro do Ouro. It is in the council of Paderne. Todays picture shows the village of Paderne. On this picture it is very clear what the portuguese people consider as the most important sport. Last saturday it was Father's Day in Portugal. What´s better to give the dads? That´s why they organized a soccer game for all dads with kids on the local nursery school. That took place yesterday.

    Today it is nice weather again. At 9.00 am we already had 18ºC. There's still a strong breeze from direction Morocco and we have very blue skies.

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  • 21 03 201121 March 2011

    21 03 2011

    After a warm day like yesterday, the flower on todays picture starts to open. We call it a 'brush flower'. This always happens in March and is a sign that winter is over. As it is the 21st of March, the flower seems to be very intelligent.....Yesterday was almost a summer day; people were bathing in the Atlantic Ocean to cool down and the terraces of the beach restaurants were full for diner outside.  Today it is very sunny again, but cooler because of the wind. Right now we have 21ºC.

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  • 20 03 201120 March 2011

    20 03 2011

    Yesterday we had a splendid day, with blue skies, lots of sunshine and no wind. Today is not different. Todays picture is actually not from today, but from yesterday 7 pm. The full moon was big and yellow in the clear evening sky. We took this picture, because te scenery was beautiful. In reality it looked better, but we uploaded this picture anyway. The light bowl in the back is the moon....

    Today the temperature will reach the 25ºC.

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  • 19 03 201119 March 2011

    19 03 2011

    In this time of the year you can play tennis at any time of the day as long as it has day light. In summer it can be very hot. Today we can not find a single cloud in the big blue sky. It is sunny and the temperatures will reach around 23ºC. The picture of today shows a part of our tennis court, the view over the 'campo' and in the back you see the Atlantic Ocean with a bright sunshine on it.

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  • 18 03 201118 March 2011

    18 03 2011

    Yesterday afternoon was sunny, bright and blue. Today started sunny and stays sunny with a big blue sky without clouds. Todays picture shows the sky and as well 3 sorts of palm trees which we have at Vila do Ouro, the one in the middle, which look like a big pineapple, is under threath in the Algarve. Since 5 years a beatle from Egypt conquerred the Algarve and kills now palm trees from more than 30 years old, in just 2 month. Many beautiful palm trees have died in the Algarve. It is really sad to see this happen, while a treatment exists. Vila do Ouro has 13 trees of this specie and we are doing our best to protect our trees for this insect.

    Today we have 19ºC. 

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  • 17 03 201117 March 2011

    17 03 2011

    This morning the gardener put a basket full with fresh oranges on our table. One of the many nice things in the Algarve.... Around Vila do Ouro you will find many orange trees, especially when driving direction Alte.

    Todays picture shows the basket and as well the cloudy sky. Not forecasted! We have 16ºC, almost no wind and it is really covered with clouds. A good day for a nice lunch in one of the restaurants nearby. Besides the fruit, the basket and the cloudy sky, the picture shows the well of Vila do Ouro. It is still in use, but the top part is just for the show.

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  • 16 03 201116 March 2011

    16 03 2011

    March an April have the most windy, but sunny days of the year. Today it is a day like that with a lot of wind, a strong sun and some clouds. In this time of the year the Algarve has a nice bright green color. In summer it is dry and mostly red/sand colored. Todays picture shows the view of the Bungalow Special, right in the middle of the 'campo'. You clearly can see the fresh green color. The wind makes it feel cool and we just have 17ºC.

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  • 15 03 201115 March 2011

    15 03 2011

    The year round we have flowers, even in winter. The flowers on the picture are starting the end of February and they cover Vila do Ouro with a very nice smell untill June. Today started sunny, stays sunny and the family staying at Vila do Ouro enjoy the sunbeds at the swimming pool. The swimming pool is still cold, though. The water temperature is just 17ºC which is not really inviting to jump into it. In the sun it feels like summer, in the shade it still is cold with as well 17ºC.

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  • 14 03 201114 March 2011

    14 03 2011

    Some heavy showers last night. This morning it was dry, 15 ºC and no wind. Today´s picture shows the river of Paderne, which is dry in summer, but a wild and violent river in winter. Just 3 minutes by car and you can find nice hiking tracks along this river.

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  • 13 03 201113 March 2011

    13 03 2011

    The quests of Vila do Ouro enjoyed the sunny saturday, although a big fat cloud full with rain passed the Algarve between 11 and 12 am. Most quests came back to Vila do Ouro with very tanned faces. Their faces can have a rest today, because it is a rainy sunday. Heavy rains this morning, no wind and 15ºC. The forecast of the rest of the week is, besides for tomorrow, 100% springtime!

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  • 12 03 201112 March 2011

    12 03 2011

    Yesterdays afternoon was dry and even had some sunshine. This morning the sun woke up all the guests from Vila do Ouro. All of them prepared themselves to enjoy the high temperatures and the clear skies. On todays programme: beach, market of Loulé and golf course.

    Todays picture shows the typical algarvian chimney which we won't use for 9 month a year. A small bird on the right side is enjoying the morning sun.

    No wind, 17,5ºC and a few clouds.

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  • 11 03 201111 March 2011

    11 03 2011

    Yesterday turned to be a very nice day with lots of sunshine in the afternoon. People were enjoying the swimming pool terrace, beaches and golf courses. Today started with dark skies and at 10.00 am the tap opened. It rains cats and dogs.....

    See todays picture.

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  • 10 03 201110 March 2011

    10 03 2011

    Although we have a low pressure around the Algarve, it doesn't mean that our guests have a bad week. From the swimming pool area you clearly can see where the sun is shining. Our guests just follow the light and have magnificent days at the beach. Happy tanned faces return to Vila do Ouro in the afternoon before they are heading for dinner in one of the excellent restaurants nearby.

    Today it is very windy, 60% clouds and just 15ºC.

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  • 09 03 201109 March 2011

    09 03 2011

    Today it is cloudy, windy and chilly with just 16ºC at 9.30 am. The 6 families staying at Vila do Ouro are preparing themselves to visit markets, to go hiking or to visit some nice places in the Algarve. One family is heading for a golf course nearby...

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  • 08 03 201108 March 2011

    08 03 2011

    It's a rainy day.... 16ºC

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  • 07 03 201107 March 2011

    07 03 2011

    Today it's windy, 70 % covered and small drops of rain. Sunny spells makes the day a good day for hiking.

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  • 06 03 201106 March 2011

    06 03 2011

    Today started with a thunderstorm, which woke up all the 6 families staying at Vila do Ouro. We even had a general powercut in whole the village. After 9 am the sun was back again. Some clouds are traveling by the heavy winds, but the sky above Vila do Ouro stays often clear.

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  • 05 03 201105 March 2011

    05 03 2011

    The Blog will show what is going on at Vila do Ouro today. We will replace the photo every day, so check our website to see todays' weather. 

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