Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Clean Matrasses at Vila do Ouro29 February 2016

    Clean Matrasses at Vila do Ouro All our matrasses have had the yearly cleaning by Jan Neven Matrasreiniging BV. That means that they all are cleaned by UV-lights, vibrations and a very strong vacuum cleaner in order to get out bacterias, mites and all other organism what lives in matrasses. After each family we clean the matrasses with a special desinfectante for beds. In this way we can guarantee clean beds to all our clients. As you can see in todays picture, even the little ones at Vila do Ouro will sleep on a clean matrass...! Check out the website for more information. Greetings from the sunny Algarve! 🌞 Top of page
  • Maintenance22 February 2016

    Maintenance A busy car park, but not with cars from our clients. In winter we have have days with a lot of maintenance workers and builders. Right now we are working on several projects in order to have a better Vila do Ouro. As soon as we have something finished we will post the photos. We'll keep you informed! Today we had sunny weather and temperatures around 20C! Top of page