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  • Carnival Paderne28 February 2014

    Carnival Paderne

    Carnival in the Algarve for 2014 has started! The next five days are all about dressing up, dancing, parties and parades. Today the local elementary school of Paderne and Cerro do Ouro, and as well as the creche and the retirement home of Paderne, did their parade through the small center of Paderne. The center is so small that the parade simply walked twice the center. All the children were dressed up by self made costumes. Very colorful! These days the village of Paderne has everywhere speakers in the street corners with Brazilian carnival music playing.

    The upcoming weekend has parades in most villages and towns. Loulé, a town near Faro, has the biggest parade of the Algarve.

     The weather also did well today with 90% sunshine and 21 º C. The picture has been taken today around 11 a.m.

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  • February19 February 2014


    It's already mid-February and we really had Algarvian winter weather for the last four weeks: a lot of wind, rain, fog, overcast, not much sunshine and an average day temperature of 15 º C. At least it gave nice pictures as the one of today, taken from Vila do Ouro. It concerns the valley on the east side.
    Since last weekend we finally have 100% sunny days again and pleasant temperatures. Many plants and trees already have the spring flowers. The summer is nearby…

    Currently the Algarve has few tourists, but those who are there enjoy the empty beaches and the other space that the Algarve has to offer. The beaches has tanned tourists walking, sunbathing and even bathing into the cold Atlantic Ocean. The sea has now only 15 º C, but apparently mainly British tourists have few problems with 15 º C. ....
    Of course, in winter tourists do also a lot of cycling, hiking, playing golf, playing tennis, surfing, sailing, shopping and of course eating. Most of the top restaurants are open in winter and serve delicious Algarvian food.

    At Vila do Ouro, we are still busy with the preparations for the new season. The bungalows are all renovated and the garden looks great. Our ladies are busy this month with sanding and oiling of all the garden furniture. We ourselves are busy with the administration and the maintainance jobs in the accommodations. In March we will finish the painting from the garden walls and then we'll open again in early April for the first guests. We still have some availability in April ... , so if you need some natural Vitamine D, you can think about a holiday in the Algarve and a stay at Vila do Ouro!

    Today, Wednesday 19th February was a sunny day , with 17 º C in the shade, a gentle breeze and occasional some clouds.

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