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  • Mattress Cleaning28 February 2013

    Mattress Cleaning

    Currently, Jan Neven ​​Mattress Cleaning is at Vila do Ouro, busy with the annual mattress cleaning. After each stay we clean the mattress with a special cleaner that kills bacteria and mites. The remains are removed each year from the mattress. This is what Jan Neven currently is doing at our place. So sleeping on a clean matrass is guaranteed at Vila do Ouro!

    Jan Neven ​​comes all the way from Holland. Besides his mattress cleaning machine, he brought us as well some cold air from the North. Today was a very cold day with just 12 º C during the day.

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  • Sunny Lunches...25 February 2013

    Sunny Lunches...

    Today was a sunny day! Although the air is still chilly and has a real"winter" feeling with the cold air from the North, the sun gives a different feeling. You can clearly feel that spring is on its way. On a day like this it is perfect for a delicious lunch outside, like you can see on today's picture.

    Today the air temperature was just 15ºC, but in the sun it was springtime…. 

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  • Windy23 February 2013


    This morning it was quite windy and you can see it on the picture of today. Normally, this harbor has quiet waters, but today the Wind of the North made it a bit rough. The sun was shining throughout the day, but the wind made it chilly.
    The past week had more windy days and occasional rain. The past few days we had no internet or phone, so we could not keep the blog not up to date.

    The upcoming days will be sunny, but it will be chilly because of the persistent wind.

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  • Oranges19 February 2013


    Along the road are many orange sellers in this time of the year. If you miss one, you will find another one in the next 300 meters. Delicious oranges for little money. Some sellers also sell avocados, mandarins, lemons and grapefruits.

    Today started cloudy, but it turned to be a sunny day. The temperature was not so high with only 15 º C in the shade.  

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  • Horse and Carriage17 February 2013

    Horse and Carriage

    Horse and carriage is regulary seen in the Algarve! The horse carts are always beautifully painted, especially in the colors green and yellow. This picture was taken in Ferragudo, a cozy fishermens village on the coast, just a half hour drive from Vila do Ouro.

    What not is visible in this picture, is the sun. Yesterday afternoon the sun began to hide behind the clouds. The clouds continued to be present today and will probably remain tomorrow and Tuesday. The temperature is reasonable, 16 º C.

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  • SUNRISE14 February 2013


    Sunrise at Vila do Ouro is always spectacular! Today was a lovely day with temperatures above 20 º C at the central pool terrace of Vila do Ouro. The past week had everything, sun, high winter temperatures, low temperatures and rain.

    Saturday the 16thof February Vila do Ouro will open the gate for the guests of the season 2013 and we will welcome the first two families of 2013. 

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  • Cycling Algarve07 February 2013

    Cycling Algarve

    The Algarve is a true paradise for cycling. Racing cyclists have enough challenge on many kilometers paved road between the hills. Mountain bikers can have a lot of fun off-road. Cycling is very popular in the Algarve throughout the year. As just a way for transporting, the bicycle is not useful, because there are few facilities for cyclists. Sometimes people cycle on roads where cars pass by with 90 km per hour. Allthough a few cities as Vilamoura and Quarteira have nice bicycle roads. In general it is better to leave the main roads and go into the unspoiled nature.
    For the sporting cyclist Vila do Ouro is a very ideal place to stay, because it is in the middle of the Algarve. Once you get out of the gate, you can directly choose for rugged landscape. Near Vila do Ouro is a beautiful valley of the river Paderne. There you can find a Roman bridge and one of the oldest castle ruins in Portugal, a Moorish castle from about the year 1200. In summer, the river runs dry and people even cycle through the riverbed. In winter it is a wild river with waterfalls and people have to cycle on tracks along the river.
    Vila do Ouro works with a local bicycle rental, Cool Bikes. This company delivers the bikes at Vila do Ouro. It is also possible, for a small fee, to go on a bicycle tour with a local 'bike buddy'. This is useful if you want to go out on your own. It is always safer to go with two persons. The bike buddies know the area very well and show the bike tourists the most beautiful spots. Once at Vila do Ouro, we can give you more information.

    The weather of the past week was perfect weather for all kind of outdoor sports. Cloudless skies, a bright sun and temperatures of 17 º C - 20 º C in the shade. The picture of this week was taken the 5th of February around luchtime.


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