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  • It still is oficially winter29 February 2012

    It still is oficially winter

    How can you tell that the picture of today is taken in winter? If you look carefully, you see in the back of the picture a willow tree without leaves. The weeping willow is one of the few trees of Vila do Ouro, which loses its leaves in winter.

    Although it is currently not summer at all, guests do enjoy their stay at Vila do Ouro. The weather is beautiful and for many it feels like summer enough. Today the temperature rose again to 24 º C in the shade on our main pool terrace. There was very little wind and a lot of sunshine. There was a kind of a weather change going on: we could not see the sea from the balconies of our apartments and there were some clouds in the north. This means that we might expect to have some rain and it also means that we're in a transition to warmer weather.

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  • Orange Juice28 February 2012

    Orange Juice

    On busy roads throughout the Algarve you can find in every 250 meter a stall for selling oranges. The picture of today shows how it looks like. Usually the citrus fruit sellers use a van or a pickup to expose their fruits. For a few euros you can buy a few pounds of delicious oranges. Qualitatively much better than the oranges in the supermarkets. These oranges from the supermarkets often come from Spain, while Portugal is full of oranges. It is a strange world!
    The sellers are waiting a whole day next to their trade until a car stops. Apparently it's all worth it, because there are hundreds of them in the Algarve.

    The sellers often seek the shade of large carob trees. That is necessary, because the sun is still shining continuously on the Algarve. Although, this morning it was up to an hour or 9.00 am foggy. It was not very warm today, we have measured only 20 º C in the shade on the central terrace with pools of Vila do Ouro.

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  • Surfers Paradise27 February 2012

    Surfers Paradise

    The south coast of the Central Algarve has normally a very calm sea in summer, but in winter it's a different story. In winter the south coast receives more swell and sometimes huge waves break on the normally calm beaches.The west coast of the Algarve shows a contrast: it receives year-round waves and is therefore the whole year round a paradise for surfers. Last weekend there were huge waves on the west coast, so the surfers could not surf. They were heading for beaches on the south coast where the waves were not higher than 6 feet and broke in perfect sets of 7 waves. This week the south coast keeps on receiving swell and that’s why there are many surfers on the beaches around Albufeira. The picture of today gives a small impression.

    The weather is also ideal for outdoor sports: 21 º C on the pool terrace, sunny and a mild but cool wind.


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  • Snow in the Algarve26 February 2012

    Snow in the Algarve

    When the almond tree blossoms will fall off, then it sometimes seems as if there is snow under the trees. This year, it is not blowing very hard, so this falling off process goes too slowly to have a real snow look-a-like. Allthough we can scrape a handful of blossom from the soil under the almond trees of Vila do Ouro, like the picture of today is showing.

    For real snow, the Algarve is far too hot off course. Today was a wonderfull February day with a temperature of 24 º C on the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro. The sky was clear blue and there was occasionally a bit wind.

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  • Splendid Weather25 February 2012

    Splendid Weather

    The first day of this weekend isfantastic in terms of weather.Today it has reached 24 º C on the pool terrace of Vila do Ouro. The picture of today shows the thermometer in front of our lounge. Tomorrow also will have splendid February weather. Lots of sun, few clouds and a gentle breeze

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  • Roundabouts24 February 2012


    Sometimes it is said that the Portuguese are always late and that the municipality of Albufeira therefore decorated a roundabout in the center of the city with giant watches (see photo of today). These watches show everybody the time, so that everybody can work for a perfection of his / her punctuality. If that is the truth, then we are also curious about the reason for the decoration of the next roundabout: that roundabout has large colored worms in the middle ..... In any case, every roundabout has some art in it’s center and whether it is beautiful or not, it makes it in any case easier to explain a route.

    Today was another great sunny day with 21 º C on our central sun terrace. There was some wind, but that was not experienced as annoying.

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  • Oranges23 February 2012


    Everywhere in the Algarve you see citrus trees. You see them on central squares in villages, along roads, in parks and large orchards. In winter, the fruit is harvested and in this time of year you see along the secundary roads a lot of homemade stalls selling oranges. For 1 euro you get 2 kilos. The picture today shows a random orchard on the road to Paderne.

    The weather was great today, 22 º C, 100% sunny and almost windless.

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  • Winter view22 February 2012

    Winter view

    A winter evening in February in the Central Algarve looks like today’s picture. Taken today around 6.00 pm  from the roof of our appartments. In the distance you can see the Atlantic Ocean and the tall buildings of Albufeira. From the point where the picture was taken, you can have a clear view of our tennis court and some bungalows.

    The temperature today had a maximum of 21 º C on the central sun terrace with the pools. It was cloudless and windless.

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  • Groceries21 February 2012


    Here in the region are still many small grocers to find. The picture of today shows a small one from the village Paderne. They are usually run by old people and they are often visited by old people. The younger people grab the car to drive to a big supermarket. Besides the nice ambiance, the good thing about these small grocers is that they often have fresh fruit and vegetables from the local country side. That is so much tastier than the fruit and vegetables from the large supermarkets.

    Today, Portugal was having a public holiday because of Carnival. It was certainly a wonderful day for carnival parades. Blue skies, 21 º C and there was hardly wind.

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  • Spring weather20 February 2012

    Spring weather

    The temperature rose today to 21 º C and therefore we felt it was time again to put the cushions on the sunbeds of the central sun terrace. With this kind of temperatures our guests can get a feeling for sunbathing. However, there were other beings on Vila do Ouro which made use of the cushions, like you can see on today’s picture. This is our cat Fela, who usually knows that they are not allowed to lie on the cushions. The winter stop of 3 months was probably long enough to forget the rules ...

    Today it was a wonderful day with lots of sunshine and a gentle breeze from the sea.

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  • Sunny Weather19 February 2012

    Sunny Weather

    In this time of the year the flower ‘The Bird of Paradise’ is flowering and that makes our garden even in this time of the year colorful. This flower comes from the Strelitzia Family and has its ‘roots’ in South Africa.

    Today we had splendid February weather with19ºC in the shadow, 100% sunshine and a soft breeze from the North. 

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  • 18 February 201218 February 2012

    18 February 2012

    The Algarve has many shopping malls and one of them takes just a 10 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro. The shopping malls have off course a lot of shops, but as well big supermarkets, restaurants, bars & tea rooms, cinemas, childcare and play centers. They all have a big free parking and it is even possible to have your car cleaned both inside and outside while shopping.
    The picture of today is from the shopping in Faro, a 5 minutes drive from the airport and 30 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro.

    This afternoon some clouds fields covered up this part of the Algarve. After a long period of pure sunshine, the sun had suddenly disappeared for a few hours. The late afternoon however was completely sunny again. The temperature was 15 º C and there was blowing a fresh breeze.

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  • Carnival17 February 2012


    It is all about Carnival at the moment over here in the Algarve andtoday was the first parade through our village Paderne. The local school, the creche and the old people of the local retirement home had a place in the parade. The delegation of the elderly people was not very large and the creche just had the best runners sent. The local school had had the largest share in the parade. The theme this year was environment and the earth.
    The picture today shows the elderly as a pop group and in the distance you can see the black balloons of air pollution issues. Paderne was well decorated and had loud Brazilian music in every corner. A lot of people left their work to see the parade passing by.

    The weather was sunny, 17 º C in the shade and a light wind from the north. In the afternoon some thick clouds came in from the north, but they stopped just above Vilado Ouro. This is a typical springtime phenomenon: clouds right above us and the sun shines slanting inward. Beautiful!


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  • The Winter Break is over16 February 2012

    The Winter Break is over

    Today Vila do Ouro reopened for the season of 2012! We hope to have a sunny season again and so far the year 2012 literally started very sunny. The song is the same every day: blue skies and plenty of sunshine. The cold of the past week is slowly leaving us and after the weekend we should have normal average February temperatures.

    The past month we have worked hard to have Vila do Ouro in a perfect state again. All apartments, studios and bungalows have had their necessary maintanance and as well the garden has received the annual cut & cleaning, as shown in the picture of today. Our gardeners use 20-meter long ladders or scaffolds to reach the tops of our plants and trees.

    Today it was sunny, a light breeze was blowing from the north and was about 16 º C in the shade.

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  • Sunny Algarve12 February 2012

    Sunny Algarve

    The sun shines continuously, the skies are clear blue and almost cloudless, there are wonderful sunrises and colorful sunsets, but only the temperature is not as high as normal. During the day the maximum temperature is only around 15 degrees. The nights are very chilly with only 4 degrees. The local residents of the Algarve joke around that they no longer know how precipitation looks like and they wonder whether this year it is even going to rain anyway. It is so dry and there is no rain forecasted. Most locals say that if it doesn’t rain in the next two weeks, it remains dry throughout the rest of the year. We'll see ...

    The photo of this week is of Praia de Santa Eulalia, a beach at the east of Albufeira. The quality of the picture is not quite as good, but in the distance you can see that a training of the lifeguards took place. There were objects thrown into the water and the lifeguards had to search these objects under water and they were timed on speed to get someone out of the water. The sea has a temperature of 17ºC.

    It remains funny in winter on the beaches around. There are people in thick winter clothes and there are children playing in their swimsuit. It's all because the sun gives quite a lot of warmth. As long as you keep moving you will not feel cold and as long as you remain calm, you can easily walk around in winter clothes without getting to hot. Although it is cold, the sun is strong enough to give you a sunburn….

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  • Cold weather in the Algarve05 February 2012

    Cold weather in the Algarve

    The cold that has Europe currently in its grip, has also reached the Algarve. It is extremely cold for this time of year. The highest day temperature was only 11 degrees on February the 4th and 14 degrees on February the 5th. When the sun is not there, we can clearly feel the cold. The sun always stays warm overhere. Nights are cold with temperatures from 2 - 4 ºC.

    The national teams of Portugal, Holland, France and England under 16 and 17 are currently active in the Algarve and play along in the Algarve Cup 2012. Friday, February 3 the Netherlands played against Portugal in the stadium of Ferreiras, just a 5 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro.
    The Netherlands finally won with 2 - 0. The picture makes it look like that the competition attracted few visitors, but the empty seats just show that the place of the seats were not that attractive because of the cold wind. Most visitors were on the other side where the sun still gave a bit warmth.

    The next week will be cold. It remains sunny and occasionally there will be a strong wind blowing. Our tropical plants in the garden do not like the cold, but they will certainly survive this coldest time of year

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