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  • Lisbon16 December 2013


    Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a 2.5 hour drive from Vila do Ouro. The train station of Albufeira / Ferreiras is just 2 km from Vila do Ouro. From the train station goes a direct train to various stations in Lisbon, from where you can easily transfer to the metro. This all makes a day trip to Lisbon during the stay at Vila do Ouro possible!

    Lisbon, like many other huge cities, has its own atmosphere. A small part of that atmosphere can be tasted in just one day, but a stay of a few days is, of course, much better. The evenings for example are 'alive ' in Lisbon and it is a pleasure to be in one of the old quarters to have dinner at one of the many good and inexpensive restaurants while a live fado is played. Despite that Lisbon was destroyed by a massive earthquake and tsunami in 1755, fortunately a lot of history is still available.

    Visiting Lisbon with children is also recommended. There are quite a lot of viewings and leisure to do with children. For instance, the Zoo, the Oceanarium, the Belem Tower, the Castle of São Jorge, the carriage museum and the monument of discoveries. Kids also will love to do a tour in an old tram.

    On hot days it is possible to find some fresh air at the quay of the River Tagus, but you also can have a look at Cascais, a small beach town. It is only 25 minutes by train.

    Should you wish to visit Lisbon during your stay at Vila do Ouro, you can always ask us for tips!

    The weather in Vila do Ouro was last week changeable. We had day with strong wind, days with high precipitation and days with glorious sunshine. 

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  • Just Sunny10 December 2013

    Just Sunny

    Every day a big blue sky with a big thick warm sun in it and an average temperature of 18 º C during the day. That’s what kind of weather we had the past few weeks in the Algarve. Mornings and evenings are quite chilly, but in the Algarve we are every day blessed again to have an outdoor lunch in T-shirts. More or less around 4 p.m. it is time to put a sweater again!
    The weather forecast for the upcoming days is that we might have a chance to see some clouds again.

    With all that sun, our fully ecological pools work at full speed. Our pools are probably one of the most sophisticated pools in the Algarve. Although they are built 20 years ago, the system is what is behind has been completely renovated last year. The filter pump is powered entirely by five solar panels. We also have an ecological heating. On top of the view points at the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro, we have 3 large vaccuum solar collectors in order to heat the filtered water. Now the sun is just not enough for the winter heating. The entire pool has a lot of water to be heated! Therefore, we use an ionizer. The Ionizer heats the pools to an certain temperature and the solar panels ensure that the temperature maintains the same. In the months of May, June, July, August, September and to mid-October, there is no heating required. These month we need to cover the panels, otherwise the water will be too hot. So as you can read, Vila do Ouro has also become a good spring destination! Swimming in April! Also in autumn, we provide a nice pool.

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  • It is not just the shore, there is more to explore!03 December 2013

    It is not just the shore, there is more to explore!

    The Algarve has much more to offer than just beautiful beaches and picturesque villages. What many people do not know, is that the interior of the Algarve also has a lot to offer. There is a huge range of nature. We also have lots of nature around Vila do Ouro. Here you can close an entire day hiking or biking in the countryside without seeing another human being. With half an hour's drive you come to other wonderful places like the lake ‘Barragem da Bravura’ in todays picture. This lake is located near Lagos. Here you can walk through the woods and fields of flowers. You can take even your children, because at the parking there is a nice restaurant with playgarden, runned by a Dutch woman. You can have pancakes and satay!

    10 minutes by car north of Vila do Ouro is also a huge lake, Barragem do Funcho. A wonderful place to walk or cycle. The months of April and May are great months for this type of activities. The Algarve has lovely weather and few tourists in April and May. In these months, most accommodations have a cold pool, but the pools of Vila do Ouro are heated! In an ecological way, of course!

    Current weather is excellent here in the Algarve! Lots and lots of sunshine, outdoor lunch is possible every day, but the evenings, the nights and the mornings are quite cold. Last night it was 7 º C at Vila do Ouro. Fortunately, the sun heats things up quickly.

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