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  • Winter24 December 2012


    It is winter in the Algarve, but the last week had a lot of sunshine and an average temperature around 18ºC during the day. A sunny Christmas is forecasted!
    Winter in the Algarve always gives nice skies to make beautiful pictures, as you can see on this weeks’ picture, taken in Armação de Pêra. This is a big holiday village that lives mainly in summer. The beach, with many fishermen's cottages and fishing boats, the beach promenade and rocky coastline are beautiful parts, but the city itself is often considered as ugly by the many high-rise buildings.
    Currently, the 24th December, everyone here in the Algarve is preparing themselves for Christmas, families join together to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner. So nothing else than what the rest of the world does when celebrating Christmas ...
    Bom Natal! (Merry Christmas) 

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  • GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW15 December 2012


    Perhaps it is not a myth that there is gold to find at the end of the rainbow. The photo of this blog, which was taken last week, shows clearly that the rainbow ends exactly on the apartment building of Vila do Ouro. And let 'Vila do Ouro' literally mean 'Village of Gold'...

    That there is gold to be found at Vila do Ouro gold is a myth, but for many, Vila do Ouro is a golden spot ': beautiful location, beautiful garden, beautiful surroundings, good, clean and spacious apartments, cozy bungalows, good pools, great tennis, kid friendly and above all there is a relaxed atmosphere.

    Currently the Algarve is also very relaxed. There are few tourists and the local people are preparing themselves for the approaching Christmas. The weather has been pretty quiet the past week with a large number of sunny days. There were also some cloudy days with rain like yesterday and today, Saturday 15 December. 

    Check out our brand new video of the villa for 8 pax:

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  • First week of December06 December 2012

    First week of December


    The week started with lots of sun and not much wind. It was lovely to be outdoors! 
    From Tuesday on, more and more clouds appeared and it became as well a bit warmer. Currently it is raining. (Thursday 6 December).
    The average temperature in the shade was only 14 º C this week and the nights already cooled down to 5 ° C. This shows that we have ended up in the winter months.
    In the sun and off the wind it was warm enough to be in a bikini or swimsuit.
    The picture of this week is taken in Santa Luzia, a small village between Olhão and Tavira.
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