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  • Winter22 December 2011


    Winter started like a day in spring time; today the 22nd of December we measured 24ºC at the swimming pools of Vila do Ouro as you can see on this week's picture. This picture is taken today the 22nd at 1.00 pm. This week was mostly sunny with temperatures around 20ºC. The nights are a bit chilly though with just an average of 12ºC.

    If we can believe the forecast for the next few days we will have a very sunny Christmas.

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  • The last month of the year18 December 2011

    The last month of the year

    The winter months are perfect for long hikes through the rugged nature of the Algarve. The winter weather, such as we have had the past week, is perfect to be active. It's too cold for sunbathing and it's too hot to stay indoors. The last week was sunny, but we had cloudy days with occasional rain too. The average temperature was 18 ° C.

    Around Paderne beautiful hiking and biking trails are to be found. Paderne has a 12th century castle built by Moors(photo of the week, see link: which can be visited all year round. Near the castle is an original Roman bridge to be seen. Everything is situated in a beautiful valley where time seems to stand still. From the main terrace of Vila do Ouro the castle can be seen.

    Next week’s forecast looks good: lots of sunshine, but cold nights with temperatures of 10 º C

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  • December 201110 December 2011

    December 2011

    Good weather, lots of sunshine, an average temperature around 20ºC and not that windy. The Algarve is not suffering rough autumn weather, although now and then we can have some raindrops. Next week’s forecast is great with lots of sunshine.

    Right now the Algarve does not receive a lot of tourists and the local people are preparing themselves for Christmas. Although Portugal is in deep recession, people are spending a lot for Christmas presents and off course for food for the family diner.

    After Christmas, most Portuguese will travel to the Algarve, the Alentejo or Madeira for New Years Eve. Albufeira receives for this evening a lot of tourists and organizes big parties and festivals with well known artists.  

    Most locals are just doing now what they are always doing, like fishing. This week’s picture shows two men trying to catch a fish from the cliffs of Sagres, even though it is prohibited to stand this close to the sides. 

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  • Last week November 201102 December 2011

    Last week November 2011

    The Algarve received nice and quiet autumn weather the last few days with an average temperature of 20ºC and lots of sunshine. Today, Friday the 3th of December, is a bit chilly with a cold wind from the North.

    The coming week will have again very pleasant weather with lots of sunshine and little wind.

    Yesterday Santa Claus has arrived in the Algarve and gave a big welcome party for all children. Everything now is dominated by Christmas: everywhere Christmas lights shine above the streets, the palm trees along the road are decorated with lights and figures and the shops are overflowed with gifts and especially lots of food. In main streets and shopping centre the typical Christmas songs are played. You can feel it everywhere: Christmas is coming!

    This week’s picture shows a chestnut vendor in the town of Silves. Chestnuts are a delicacy over here and in this time of year they are sold in paper cones on street corners in most towns. The picture is taken by Maggie ten Velden.

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