Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Roof View20 November 2015

    Roof View Panorama roof view Vila do Ouro. Splendid November weather with a lot of sunshine, 24C and almost no wind.. Top of page
  • Paderne11 November 2015

    Paderne Sunset over our village Paderne... Top of page
  • November Sun06 November 2015

    November Sun The rain has gone and the bad weather made place for a big bright and warm sun. Excellent circumstances to have for our work. This month we started the winter cleaning which means that we clean, steam and desinfect everything. As you can see in todays picture, the pool terrace is crowed with baby cots and the lounge is used as an extended laundry. Everything in order to give quality in 2016! For those who want to know: The heavy rain of last sunday did not harm Vila do Ouro. Just the lower parts of this area suffered a lot of water. Purgatorio, Paderne and Ferreiras had a lot of flooded buildings and houses. As everybody have seen in the news, the old town of Albufeira suffered the most. It was a rain what we never have seen before. For 6 hours we hardly couldn't see any drops, it was just like someone was throwing a giant bucket of water over the Algarve. Local people were begging for water for almost 8 months, but nobody thought of receiving the anual rain fall in once! You can really speak of a disaster for Albufeira, but people are working hard right now. We are sure everything will be ready and shiny for the next season. Are you coming to check it? Top of page