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  • TEAM VILA DO OURO29 November 2013


    The cleaniness of our accommodations as well as the condition of Vila do Ouro are often praised by our guests. Our entire team is responsible for that, but those that matters most with the cleaning during the season, are the two ladies in today’s picture. Francieli (L) and Claudia (R). During the season, they are mainly concerned with the exchange cleaning and the preparation of the accommodations for the new guests. They also have the daily organization of the outdoor and indoor furniture, cleaning of public spaces, taking care of the plants and trees, washing and ironing of linen and towels plus running the laundry service for our guests. Guests of the past season will surely have seen, that they have done their duties well!

    Francieli is Brazilian and lives about eight years in the Algarve together with her husband and daughter. She grew up in the middle of South America, near the Amazon.

    The economic environment in Brazil has meanwhile improved, and many of her friends and family who also lived in Portugal, returned to Brazil. That 's difficult, but nevertheless she would rather stay in Portugal to give a stable life to her seven year old daughter. Francieli has already a long relationship with Vila do Ouro, but works only for two years as a permanent employee with us. Cleaning, organizing and presenting are things Francieli does with passion. Another passion is cooking. If you have questions about the Brazilian cuisine, then Francieli will be the one who can tell you more about it. You just have to speak Portuguese ....

    Claudia has been working since last summer at Vila do Ouro. Claudia is not Portuguese, but is Romanian. 10 years ago she came with her husband and son to Portugal and settled in Paderne. In our village Paderne, Claudia has been fully adopted as a real villager. For years she worked in a good restaurant in Paderne, but the owner stopped this summer with the restaurant. Claudia is always cheerful and loves animals. She speaks besides Romanian, perfectly Portuguese and English. Hospitality flows through Claudia 's ​​veins and that’s why her biggest dream is to eventually start her own restaurant in the vicinity of Paderne.

    Currently, both the ladies are just finishing the winter cleaning. Everything is checked and cleaned in order to start the new season organized and prepared.

    Here in the Algarve the weather is nice, sometimes cold, sometimes good, but if the sun is present, it is always lovely.


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  • Sunny November15 November 2013

    Sunny November

    It is a bit incomprehensible that the Algarve has an enormous decrease in terms of tourism the past few weeks. There are hardly any tourists even though it is so great to be in the Algarve. It is a complete paradise over here! Lots of sunshine, a beautiful (green!) nature and a wonderful clear sea. Last Tuesday and Wednesday the mercury even rose above 25 º C.
    The picture of this week was taken on the busiest beach of Albufeira , Praia da Oura. In high season it is towel to towel over here, but as you can see in this picture, it is currently nice and quiet. The few British tourists who spent their holidays at Praia da Oura this week, could at least taste how it feels to have such a beautiful beach for themselves.

    November may not be the month of tourism, though it is the month of maintenance. Many hotels and restaurants close their doors for public and start their maintenance. The staff that has worked hard all summer, is now relaxing and you can see them sitting on terraces enjoying the delicious Portuguese coffee.

    Also at Vila do Ouro we are busy with maintenance these month. Each day around 10 people are busy with maintance and renewals in order to upgrade Vila do Ouro for the new season of 2014. We will keep you informed through the blog, but you better visit Vila do Ouro in the next season to see the results yourself and enjoy our little paradise!

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