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  • Christmas30 November 2012


    The month of December has really the theme of Christmas. Most towns and villages have their Christmas lights and nativity scenes already put on their annual places. The shopping centers deal with large gorgeous Christmas trees (see photo) and even the constant presence of Pai Natal (Santa Claus) himself. Together with an animation team he entertains the children.
    The picture was taken this week in the shopping of Faro. The previous years this shopping had also an ice rink where the Portuguese could learn to skate. It was always funny to see an ice rink between the palm trees. But don’t let the palm tree be a symbol of warmth: most palm trees in the Algarve survive a temperature of -10 º C. At 15 º C, they enter a state of hibernation and they only begin to grow at a temperature of +25 º C. This week was a pretty cold week with a fresh breeze from the north. The temperature did not rise above 15 º C the last few days and the nights have cooled down to 7 º C. The sun is still warm and off the wind was also warm enough to sit in a tshirt.

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  • Brilliant Sun23 November 2012

    Brilliant Sun

    The sun is slowly getting lower during the day and that gives a constant glare on the water. See picture of this week. At sunset the water often colors gold. The days are also shorter, around 7:30 a.m. the sun rises and it is dark at 6:00p.m..

    Last week was a relatively quiet week with the exception of last Friday. The tornado of last Friday which damaged the area of Carvoeiro and Silves was 'the-talk-of-the-day'. The greatest damage is done to public property, such as the municipal swimming pool, schools and the stadium of Silves. The locals joke that it means that it is a punishment for the bad policies of the government!
    There is also damage to private property and there are even injuredpeople. The tornado was about 100 meters wide.

    From Saturday the weather became calmer. There were beautiful days with high temperatures and there were days with bad weather. The average temperature of the week is 18 º C.


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  • November II15 November 2012

    November II

    Lots of sun, temperatures around 25 º C on the central terrace of Vila do Ouro, but also rain, wind and cold were all present in the weather of the past week. Especially Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were warm days. Sunday was the coldest day with lots of wind from the north. It was 100% sunny, but the temperature did not exceed 16 º C in the shade.

    The Algarve is currently fairly quiet in terms of tourism. Many restaurants are closed for holidays. The Portuguese are already quite busy with Christmas. The supermarkets and shopping centers are all full of toys and Christmas snacks. The typical winter products such as figs, chestnuts, nuts and dried fruits are for sale in large numbers.

    November has beautiful skies like you can see on the picture of this week. Next week there will be another blog!

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  • First week November 201209 November 2012

    First week November 2012

    The photo of the week shows exactly how the weather of the past week looked like. For a perfect rainbow you need a heavy rain shower and a strong sun. Precisely these two ingredients were present in the Algarve the last week. One day it rained all the time and the next day the weather was beautiful with blue sky. There were days when it rained for example the morning and the afternoon was sunny. Very occasionally there was a thunderstorm, which really seemed someone turned over a big bucket of water above Vila do Ouro. The drought is over in any case!

    The average temperature of this week was 20ºC. A lot of days did not have wind at all.

    For the first time in two years, there is also water in the river of our village Paderne. Yesterday we made a short movie of a nice wet morning and of the river of Paderne. On the following link you can see the movie and also on the facebook page of Vila do Ouro.

    What you can see as well on the picture of this week, are the pruned trees. Winter chores are in full swing and the next month we will be busy with all kinds of maintenance.

    The Algarve is currently quiet and there are few tourists. Here and there we find some British tourists on beaches to get each hour of sun. There are also a remarkable number of British tourists who take a swim in the sea, while the temperature of the seawater already dropped to 19 º C.

    Next week there will be another blog. If you are thinking about a holiday at Vila do Ouro, you can always send us an email!

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