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  • Autumn 201125 November 2011

    Autumn 2011

    Autumn is as well in the Algarve and has been quite busy already, although the last few days we have very calm weather. Friday, November 25, we have plenty of sunshine and 23 º C in the shade. The beginning of the week was definitely different with many clouds, rain, thunderstorms and afternoon temperatures around 17 º C.

    Autumn in the Algarve may be a little warmer than autumn in northern Europe, here we have as well ups and downs just like every autumn: falling leaves, shorter days, colds and flu epidemics etc. The Algarve has not many trees which lose their leaves, but trees such as the fig, the eucalyptus and the willow do lose their leaves. The picture from this week, taken Friday, Nov. 25, demonstrates two trees without leaves next to the palm tree in the middle. These are almond trees and they lose their leaves in the summer already. In January, they are the first to have blossom.

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  • Mid-November18 November 2011


    This photo is not taken in Britain, but is taken in the Algarve. As this picture looks like a picture from Wales or Scotland, it is an excellent picture to show what kind of weather we have had for the last 8 days: typical British weather! Clouds, sometimes rain, but enough sunny spells to have it comfortable. Average temperature is around 20ºC during the day.

    Today’s photo is not taken by us, but by Martijn van Delft. The photo is taken today, November the 18th, near the village of Sagres.

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  • First week of November 201109 November 2011

    First week of November 2011

    The first week of November 2011 brought lots of rain, but some sunshine as well. The tourists may be gone, but the romance at Vila do Ouro continues, as you can see on the photo of the week. The photo was taken on the sunny Monday and concerns two grasshoppers, deeply in love, nibbling from a leave of a young palm.

    Wednesday, November the 2nd, a low pressure began to sprinkle some rain above the Algarve and it continued untill Saturday, the 5th of November. Sunday and Monday were glorious days with cloudless skies and plenty of sunshine. Yesterday was cloudy and at the end of the day it started to rain. The highest temperature this week was 22 º C and the lowest was 12 ° C on Friday. Now, Wednesday, November 9, it is again very wet, not windy and it's only 18 ºC.

    During the winter season we upload a photo and text once a week.

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  • 01 11 201101 November 2011

    01 11 2011

    This morning when we woke up, Vila do Ouro was covered by a big cloud. It was dark, foggy and humid. Besides that it was silent with just the birds singing around. The sun tried to break through, but did not succeed. When the fog dissapeared, another front with high clouds passed over the Algarve and made it a cloudy day. Around 5.00 pm it started to rain. Highest temperature measured was 23ºC.

    Today was a public holiday, dia de ‘Todos os Santos’ or in English: ‘All Saints’.

    From the 1st untill the 15th of February Vila do Ouro will be closed. In this period we will just give a weekly blog - update from the weather conditions and actual information of the Algarve and Vila do Ouro. We are already preparing ourselves for the next season and that means a lot of maintainance and practical changes to keep Vila do Ouro at its best quality.

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