Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • 201631 October 2016

    2016 The season of 2016 is almost over, most turists in the Algarve are returning home, beaches are getting less visits every day and even the lifeguards are not present anymore. The quiet en peacefull time of the year is coming! At Vila do Ouro we are already starting the winter cleaning as you can see in todays picture. If you had a stay this season then we would like to thank you for your booking and we hope to see you back again in one of the upcoming seasons. If you want to stay at Vila do Ouro in the season of 2017 then please contact us by email. The bookings for 2017 already have been started. We hope to see you! Meanwhile we are continuing uploading blogs and pictures during the winterseason. As you can see in todays picture we still have plenty of sunshine, 24C in the shade and a nice but strong breeze from the east! Top of page
  • Warm Pools18 October 2016

    Warm Pools Our heated pools are a big succes in this time of the year. As you can see in todays picture are they even used on cloudy days. The pools have now 25C. Without heating the pools in the Algarve have a temperature between 18C and 20C. So be carefull when you book something for October 2017!! Our heating system is an ecologic one so the environmental impact is very low. Today was cloudy which was not really forecasted. The temperature was around 28C. No wind! Top of page
  • NIGHT SHOT WITH MILKY WAY09 October 2016


    Anneloes Warring from Vancouver Island stayed here last week and she have send us some really nice pictures. This is the first night shot of Vila do Ouro where you can see the milky way. Beautiful! Thank you Anneloes!

    We start to notice that summer doesn't last for ever. We had cold nights this weekend, but during the day temperatures raise untill 27C in the shade. Pools have 25C! Mostly sunny off course...

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  • Animal Day04 October 2016

    Animal Day Dinner at the pool of Vila do Ouro😸! It is World Animals Day, so the cats at Vila do Ouro also got some extra attentention and an extra snack. These cats were all stray kittens and we didn't found a home for them. So now they live at Vila do Ouro and they are completely used to the clients. If you don't like them, then just give no attention and they will go away. Summer continues over here in the Algarve. We had today 30C at the pool terrace, the pools have 25C and the sea had 23C. Completely sunny and almost no wind. Top of page