Vila do Ouro Mini-Blog

  • Last Daily Blog 201431 October 2014

    Last Daily Blog 2014 Flowers enough, sun enough, easy temperatures enough, but no guests. The last guests of the season 2014 has left, although we still are having some groups to stay at Vila do Ouro this autum/winter season. We hope to see you in the next season. For now it means that the daily blog update will stop for now and that we will upload a few pictures per month. Stay tuned! Todays picture is a mix from today. 24C in the shadow, sunny, a soft breeze, the Algarve is great! Top of page
  • Trains30 October 2014

    Trains A typical rail crossing in the Algarve (picture). Portugal has a good network of trains. Vila do Ouro is situated just 2 km from the railway station of Albufeira-Ferreiras. Today 24C, 100% sunshine, a strong breeze and the pools had 24C as well. Top of page
  • Windy28 October 2014

    Windy 23C today with a strong breeze from the south east. From time to time some clouds covered up te Algarve. Top of page
  • Fishing Boats27 October 2014

    Fishing Boats This was a wonderfull weekend with lots of sunshine, great temperatures around 25C and sometimes a strong breeze from the south east. The pools had today 24C. The picture of today shows how it looks like around 18h30. The new wintertime makes longer evenings! Top of page
  • Longer Evenings26 October 2014

    Longer Evenings This was a wonderfull weekend with lots of sunshine, great temperatures around 25C and sometimes a strong breeze from the south east. The pools had today 24C. The picture of today shows how it looks like around 18h30. The new wintertime makes longer evenings! Top of page
  • October Sunshine24 October 2014

    October Sunshine October can have great weather like today's weather: sunny, 27C in the shadow and a soft summer breeze from the south-east. Excellent weather to enjoy our pools (24C), to go to one of the many beautiful beaches of the Algarve, to take a dive in the Atlantic Ocean (22C) or to be active somewhere else in the Algarve. At night you can enjoy good food on the terraces of one of the great restaurants near Vila do Ouro. Top of page
  • Art23 October 2014

    Art Art in the sky! Beautiful clouds in a big blue sky with a big bright hot sun in the middle. 29C in the shadow today. Top of page
  • Albufeira22 October 2014

    Albufeira One of the boulevards of Albufeira. Great summer weather today with 32C in the shadow! Top of page
  • Warm21 October 2014

    Warm This was the sun rise if this warm day in October. 32C in the shadow. Top of page
  • Summer vibes20 October 2014

    Summer vibes Summer vibes in the Algarve! Guests walk whole day in shorts, bikini or swim suit. 30C in the shadow, veil clouds, morning windy and the pools keep their 24C. The Algarve is great! Top of page
  • Summer19 October 2014

    Summer The terrace of our apartement DeLuxo sleeping 6 is now ready for the incheck for the new clients who arrived this morning. They will have a nice apartment, a nice terrace, nice weather, so a nice Today 28C in the shadow! Summer is back again! Top of page
  • Sabado18 October 2014

    Sabado Good weather today, 24C in the shadow and lots of sunshine. Pools 24C! Top of page
  • Mostly Sunny17 October 2014

    Mostly Sunny Algarve Paradise! Today was mostly sunny, 24C in the shadow and a soft breeze from the South East. Pools of Vila do Ouro had today 24C. Top of page
  • Cloudy16 October 2014

    Cloudy Today was a cloudy day with sometimes sunny spells (picture), no wind and 24C in the shadow. Pools 24C. Top of page
  • Vila do Ouro by night15 October 2014

    Vila do Ouro by night Vila do Ouro by night, view from the tennis court. Today was a nice and easy day, sunny and cloudy, 24C in the shade, pools 24C. Top of page
  • Pools14 October 2014

    Pools Although the temperature of today of 22C in the shadow is a bit cooler than the normal average of 24C, our guests enjoy Vila do Ouro for 100%. The pools, the tenis court, the play garden etc etc are used by all. The pools had today a temperature of 23C. They have an ecological heating system which should reach 25C in this time of the year, but because of the low temperatures of the last few days, the water cools a bit during the day. The forecast promissed some higher temperatures for the next days, so the pools will be warmer as well. Pools without heating have now 18C, so if you are travelling in this time of the year, make a good choice as holiday accommodation if you would like to swim. Top of page
  • Coast13 October 2014

    Coast This type of rock is very common in this region of central Algarve. Today we didn't see much of the sun, it was dry though untill the evening. 20C Top of page
  • Pictures12 October 2014

    Pictures Praia Eulalia from East Albufeira just after sunset. The Algarve is a beautiful region and with these lights in October one can take good pictures. Today started sunny and almost all children staying at Vila do Ouro started the day with a morning dive in our pools which just had 23C around that time due to the cold rain from yesterday. Besides the 65% sunsine, there was also room for some small rain showers today and it was quite windy. 21C Top of page
  • Papaya11 October 2014

    Papaya Wet Papayas at Vila do Ouro! This saturday had a rainy morning, a dry afternoon and heavy rain showers in the evening. The papaya plant likes this kind of weather, although it is too cold for the time of the year: 20C in the shadow, cloudy and no wind. The pools have 24C. Top of page
  • Sexta-Feira10 October 2014

    Sexta-Feira This sexta-feira (Friday) had a rainy morning, but a dry afternoon. Now it is sunny and there's no wind. Although Vila do Ouro is more beautiful when the sun is shining, with rain as well Vila do Ouro can have some wonderful scenes. We have made some pictures this morning. 22C in the shadow today, pools 24C. Top of page
  • Rain09 October 2014

    Rain Some heavy showers today and allthough we had some dry periods, we can call this a rainy day. 24C Top of page
  • Oura08 October 2014

    Oura Summer scenes at Praia da Oura today. 25C in the shade, some clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon. Our pools have 25C and the sea has 23C. For tomorrow some rain has been forecasted. Top of page
  • Olhos de Água07 October 2014

    Olhos de Água Portuguese architecture in the small beach village of Olhos de Água, 20 minutes of Vila do Ouro. A nice village to have an evening walk in this time of the year. Today had 25C in the shadow, a cloudy morning, but a sunny afternoon. No wind! Top of page
  • October Holiday06 October 2014

    October Holiday The temperatures dropped today with the strong winds from the North. Just 24C in the shadow this afternoon, 25C in the pools and 95% sunshine. Still excellent conditions to spend your October holiday! Top of page
  • Animals Day04 October 2014

    Animals Day World Animals Day! Like Mahatma Gandhi said: "the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Just take a look to this picture and pray that Portugal will be a great nation soon! In Portugal the bull is not killed in the bullring, just tortured to the bone. The killing of the bull is outside the bullring. Don't go to these events, it has nothing to to do with tradition. Most Portuguese want a total stop of bullfighting in their country, but it is not easy to change an ancient law. World Animal Day had summer temperatures of 28C in the shade. Top of page
  • Secret Places03 October 2014

    Secret Places Picture: this are excellent places to enjoy a meal, a fresh orange juice or just a tea or coffee, while watching surfers who are enjoying the big blue Atlantic Ocean. We keep on saying it, the Algarve is a true paradise with lots of beautiful places which are unknown to the average sun-seeking-tourists. At Vila do Ouro we can tell you where to go! Today we have summer in October with 29C in the shadow and just sunshine. Top of page
  • Butterfly02 October 2014

    Butterfly Search the butterfly! Today has summer temperatures of 29C in the shadow, a lot of sunshine and a soft breeze blowing from the south-east. The water of our pools has 26C (heated by solar pannels). Top of page