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  • SUN IN POOL30 October 2013


    Although the sunis shining today, the sun has in this time of the year no longer the power to heatthe water of the pools. The nights are getting longer and the number of hours of sunshine are not effective. Fortunately, we at Vilado Ouro purchased a heating system for pools this year, which functions in an ecological manner. The traditional pool heaters also have now become more economical, but still they consume more than our system. Our system operates on a Ionizer and solar panels. The Ionizer heats the pool water and will consume less electricity than a standard heat pump. Next, the solar panels maintain the temperature. More information about this will follow on our blogs ...

    Today the sun is shining, even in the pool (see photo), it is 23 º C and there is not much wind.

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  • WINTER SEASON30 October 2013


    An empty pool terrace ! This photo was just taken and in our opinion it is a pretty nice picture to close our 'Daily blog ' from 2013. Although the last guests already have left last Saturday, from now on Vila do Ouro is officially closed for the winter months. This Monday we already have started the renovation of three bungalows. Our cleaning team is also very busy with the winter cleaning. We pick the accommodations completely apart to clean and disinfect everything. Cleaning is our top priority!
    We have also some plans to do some renovations and changes to have Vila do Ouro in a good condition for the season of 2014. As well we have some nice innovations.

    The bookings for 2014 have already been started. If you already are interested to spend your holidays at Vila do Ouro in 2014, please just contact us. The administration is open all year round !

    This winter we use, as said before, for a big maintenance and renovations. Hence we have decided to open again from April the1st in 2014. If you want to have your holiday in April, remember that Vila do Ouro has the pools heated with an ecological system. From April the 1st our pools are warmed up for swimming!

    If you want to read during the winter months something about the Algarve and Vila do Ouro please check the blogs of the past 2 years. There are great tips and you can get a good idea of the weather in your desired holiday period. At the left side of the blog page you can see all months. Just click on it and you’ll get them on the main blog screen.

    Also you can read the reviews from our guests:

    The blog will not be uploaded daily, but from now on just several times a month.We will still give some pictures and information. From April the 1st , we will keep the blog uploaded daily as in the previous seasons in order to bring the pre-holiday atmosphere to our guests and interested people.

    Then the weather of 31 October 2013: bright sun , blue sky, a soft breeze and a temperature of 23 º C in the shadow.

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  • Mango from the Algarve29 October 2013

    Mango from the Algarve

    The weird world works! You do not need to read that on this blog, but we have a funny situation that we would like to share: We bought the fruit on the photo in a local supermarket. The Mango top left of the picture is from Brazil and costs 2.99 euros per kilo. The Mango in the top right of the picture is from the Algarve and costs 4.99 per kilo. The Brazilian Mango has made a long journey and had to fly at least seven hours, but is apparently cheaper than the Mango which has grown over here about 60 miles away from Vila do Ouro in the Tavaria delta. They both taste almost the same!

    Then you would think that it is the same as with the avocados. Bottom left is an avocado from Peru and bottom right is an avocado from the Algarve . The avocados from Peru are 3.99 euros per kilo and the avocados from the Algarve are 1.99 per kilo. Strange but true!

    Anyway, the weather: yesterday afternoon there was a thick cloud on and we had a fresh wind from the north. At night, it blew hard. This morning it was completely sunny, but a bit windy. The breeze cools it considerably. Today it was just 21 º C. It was sunny the whole day.

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  • Santa Eulalia27 October 2013

    Santa Eulalia

    Today could be called a real beach day: 100% sunny, 24 º C in the shade, sea water with 22 º C and almost no wind. The picture of today has been taken at the beach Santa Eulalia near Albufeira. On this picture you can see that a lot of water came down with the heavy rainfalls from last week. A lot of sand has been washed away to the sea. That heavy rain left its traces if you look to the riverbed in the picture. At least it is now an excelent playground for the children!

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  • Blue skies26 October 2013

    Blue skies

    Today was a sunny day in the Algarve! A little further inland, we saw the big fat clouds above the green hills. A beautiful sight (see picture of today). This time it concerns a real blue sky and not the dark blue-grey sky from the picture of yesterday! It was about 24 º C and there was hardly any wind.

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  • Blue sky?26 October 2013

    Blue sky?

    It seems as if a few white clouds are floating in a blue sky, but in fact it concerns a dark gray-blue sky with some low-hanging clouds. The big dark cloud has caused a big downpour over here and is just leaving the Algarve now in north-easterly direction. After rain comes sunshine! That is always a fact in the Algarve. However, this last week we had to wait long for good weather. The last three days were cloudy and today it rained cats and dogs. Normally we have this kind of weather somewhere in November.

    The temperature was fine until yesterday evening with 23 º C, but with the rain, the temperature dropped today to 20 º C.

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  • Autumn22 October 2013


    Thick clouds, rain in the morning, lots of wind, little wind in the afternoon and a temperature of 22 º C. That was the weather of today. How this looked like in Albufeira, you can see in the picture today. The streets of Albufeira, the beaches and the main square were virtually empty. All tourists gathered in the Algarve Shopping and it was therefore busier than in high season. Such a day with bad weather is apparently good for the local economy ...

    For those who are still looking for cheap flights to Faro: Ryanair came up with the flights  for 2014!

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  • Sunglasses Effect21 October 2013

    Sunglasses Effect

    Picture of today: our central sun terrace with the pools in sunglasses effect. The first part of the day sunglasses defently were needed, the second part of the day had thick clouds now and then. During the afternoon the clouds fields joined closer to each other, so the sun had less space left. Tonight the clouds are getting thicker and that is the reason that we slowly are going to believe the predictions for tonight and tomorrow: chance of rain!
    The temperature today was 24 º C in the shade and there was little wind.


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  • Beach Shower20 October 2013

    Beach Shower

    This shower on the beach of Praia Grande in Ferragudo is actually an old concept, but nevertheless still very funny. If the bucket is full, you have a few litres of fresh water to rinse yourself from sand and salt. Very refreshing on such a beautiful October day like today. The sun was shining and the maximum temperature we have measured was 27 º C in the shade. Overall it was around 24 º C.

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  • Heated Pool19 October 2013

    Heated Pool

    Last night a thunderstorm came in the Algarve. It rained from about 5.00 am untill 11.00 am. After lunch it was sunny with an average temperature of 24ºC in the shadow.
    The children's pool in the picture has 25 º C.  We heat this pool in an ecological manner using the sun. The large pool is not connected yet with this new system and has just 21 º C.

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  • Foggy Sunrise18 October 2013

    Foggy Sunrise

    Yesterday was a hot summer day with mild temperatures (28 º C) and lots of sun. This morning began foggy. At least it caused some nice scenes (see picture of today). The entire valley was foggy and slowly the tops of the other hills showed their presence. By 9.00 am the fog had gone. The morning became a lovely morning with lots of sunshine, but after lunch it became cloudy at Vila do Ouro. At the beach it was a little longer sunny. In the past few days some dolphins were spotted fromthe beaches of Albufeira, but unfortunately we were not able to take pictures of them.


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  • Summer in October II16 October 2013

    Summer in October II

    This day could easily be called a summer day: 100% sunshine, temperatures of around 28 º C in the shade, almost no wind and a lovely warm Atlantic Ocean with 24 º C. That means that many people enjoy the sea and over here in the Algarve you can see situations like the picture of today. Sunbathing on the deck of the boat and jumping from the boat into the clear sea. During a holiday in the Algarve boats like the one in this picure can be rented. The smallest boat costs about 400 euros for half a day. That price includes the captain ....

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  • October Skies15 October 2013

    October Skies

    Beautiful October skies! Today we had 26ºC in the shadow and lots of sunshine.

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  • The Algarve & Kids14 October 2013

    The Algarve & Kids

    It is autumn at Vila do Ouro and that means that we receive again families with school-age children. On a day like today, swimming in the pools or in the ocean is no problem with 25 º C in the shade, a gentle breeze and plenty of sun. A day at the pools or a day at the beach is always easy with this kind of weather. But what if the kids want to do something active or if the weather is just too cold for sunbathing? Here are some tips that you can do with school-age children:

    - Zoomarine: dolphinarium with amusement park / zoo with specatulaire shows.
    - Waterpark Aqua Show: water park combined with amusement park / roller coasters.
    - Slide & Splash Water park: water park with numerous slides.
    - Parque Aventura: several trails between tall trees and deep gaps. Definitely a must for an active day. The children will adore it!
    - Spotting Wild Dolphins at the Atlantic: search for the dolphins from a speed boat.
    - A Cave Tour: half-day on a catamaran along the caves from the beautiful coastline. You’ll have to step over to a small boat to go in the caves. Snorkeling and swimming is also possible and perhaps the children can be the captain for a while..
    - Surfing on the west coast: only for the daredevils! Book a lesson at one of the beautiful beaches of the west coast and battle with the waves of the Atlantic.
    - Jeep Safari through the interior of the Algarve: Pick up at the gate of Vila do Ouro and enjoy a day on dirt roads and unpaved roads. Beautiful nature!
    - The last one you can do as well on a Quad...

    - You want to have more culture: visit the castle from Silves or the Slave Market of Lagos.
    - Mountain Biking, Horse Riding, Sailing, etc. is always possible.
    - Hiking along the beach, the cliffs or on the mountain. The All - Garve has it all!

    Picture of today shows a part of Parque Aventura.

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  • Fresh Fish13 October 2013

    Fresh Fish

    Fresher than this is almost not possible! The fish is brought in by the boats next to the restaurant on the beach (see picture). Then the fish goes into the display case in the picture. This picture was taken around 6.00 pm in Armação de Pêra, a small  town at the coast, just 20 minutes by car from Vila do Ouro. The beach restaurant was busy with their preparations for dinner. That is one of the reasons that the terrace is empty. The other reason is that the beachgoers were on the other side of the building to enjoy the sun. We cannot speak of many beachgoers this weekend, because a strong wind was blowing on the beach. This weekend had even a temperature drop from about 5ºC. We have measured an average temperature of 23 º C in the shade and cool nights with 16 º C.

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  • Summer in October10 October 2013

    Summer in October

    The last few days it is really like summer in the Algarve. Warm temperatures around 28 º C in the shade, 100% sunshine, not much wind and a lovely warm Atlantic Ocean with water temperatures around 25 º C. Ideal for swimming! To share this swimming feeling we have uploaded a picture taken from the swimmers view. This beach is only 15 minutes drive from Vilado Ouro. All our accommodations have a self-written folder full of tips from the locals in order to help to find beautiful beaches such as this one on today’s picture.

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  • October08 October 2013


    In October the Algarve receives a lot of young families with small children who do not have the school age yet. Beyond that the prices are lower than in the high season, the climate in October is also ideal for young families. It is not that hot and the sea has a lovely temperature (23 º C). Today it was 29 ° C on the central pool terrace of Vila do Ouro, sunny and no wind. Yesterday had the same conditions.

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  • Portimão bay06 October 2013

    Portimão bay

    The bay of Portimão was beautiful on this wonderful day (see photo). In the background you can see the mountains of the Monchique and in the right of the picture you can see the big beach ‘Praia Grande’ of Ferragudo. On the bottom of the picture is a large speedboat and the owner waited quietly untill the tide came in to push of his boat back in the water. 26 º C, no wind and only sunshine!

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  • World Animal Day04 October 2013

    World Animal Day

    This, mostly sunny, day with 25 º C in the shade is also World Animal Day. So today we put the spotlight, just like the previous years, on the animals in the Algarve . In this case the blog is about the kittens we have found this summer (see photo). The blog from Thursday, August 8, was about these kittens as well.
    It started all on a quiet day in July, when Linda and our oldest daughter walked along the main road between Ferreiras and Paderne. Suddenly, near Café Por do Sol, appeared a kitten from the embankment. The kitten followed Linda and kept meowing . The animal was not older than a month. Linda didn’t see a mother or a house where the kitten belonged to. The kitten followed Linda until  our house and even inside our house. She fell flat on the carpet, spinning, and fell asleep. Just like she belonged here.
    We have two cats and we do not need a third, so we got all together in the car and drove to a few houses down the road to ask if anyone had lost a kitten. Nobody knew the kitten. Eventually we took the kitten home  and we gave her some food from our cats. We called this kitten Winkey.
    The next day, Claudia, one of our employees at Vila do Ouro, said that she probably knew what happened: a few days before she was drinking a coffee at the café when a mother cat with her kittens crossed the main road. The mother cat was hit by a car that was driving way too hard. The mother cat was killed and the kittens were sitting around her body in the middle of the road. Suddenly a car stopped and an English lady stept out of the car to help the kittens. She caught them, but one of the kittens escaped to the roadside. That was probably Winkey . The woman drove away with the other kittens.
    Ok, now we have to accept we have a kitten! We have been able to give many animals a new home (with a lot of effort). Just read the story of the four puppies from last summer for example on last years blog. So now we should succeed as well!!
    But of course it is not as easy as it sounds! Although many guests loved Winkey and find her very cute, nobody wanted to adopt her.
    Barely three weeks later we were dining on one of the beautiful beaches of Albufeira. Suddenly our phone rang. It was a guest who said she had found a kitten. "Ah , that 's probably Winkey", we thought. The guest claimed that the kitten could not eat and that she heard more kittens. We thought she might have heard other, unknown to her, animal sounds. But that was not the case:
    Once home, the guest came up with a tiny kitten in her hand , not bigger than her palm. We had not seen them so small. The teeth of the poor animal were almost not visible and the eyes were barely open. She didn’t respond on kitten food of Winkey.
    This kitten has need for a mother! The guest said that she had found this kitten behind the bungalows in the back of the plot. We quickly brought the kitten back to the place in the hope that the mother would come. To verify this, we put a bowl of cat food next to kitten. If the food was gone the next day it would be a sign that a cat had been near the kitten.
    The next day the food was still there and we heard two other kittens . One of them was easy to localize between the tall grass, but the other kitten was deep in the bushes. We could not locate the animal. The whole morning we were trying to get the third kitten from the deep jungle bushes, but we did not manage to cut the kitten out. Eventually it took us two days to get the kitten out. Hungry and trembling the little kitten crawled out of the bushes. Meanwhile we had already bought kitten milk and got the other two kittens the bottle. There was still no sign of a mother cat. We were strongly suspecting that again someone had put the kittens over our fence, in the hope that we could give them a better life.
    So the kittens went to our garden, where they were intensively cared by Linda.
    6 times a day a bottle, in the evening a hot jar in the cage and a teddy bear to simulate a mother, but nevertheless they were still looking for a living mother. At that time Winkey came around the corner! Barely two months old and she acted as a surrogate mother. She washed the kittens, played with the kittens and slept with the kittens. Beautiful things of nature!
    Now we had four kittens, Winkey ( F ), Keesje ( F ), Koos ( M ) and Dr . Brown (M). The last one was the one how was stuck  in the bushes for a few.
    The kittens grew and became more playful. Children of our guests stood in line to pet the kittens, but no one volunteered to take one home. Understandable, because you have them for at least 18 years... but on the other hand it was difficult for us. All cats centers of the Algarve were crowded and they could not take the kittens. Nobody we know had possibilities to take the kittens.
    Early September we got the plan to ship the kittens to the Netherlands and to try to find a nice home from there. The brother of Joris has a kennel: ‘Dierenpension The Bongerd' in Duiven. From there it would be easier to find a new home. It are very beautiful cats, you do not see much of this kind of cats in the Netherlands. Along with his brother Joris went to prepare the kittens for their journey. Vaccinations (which were possible), chip, passport etc, we arranged with Kirsten a Dutch vet in Alcantarilha. The only problem was that the kittens should have at least 3 months to get permission to fly. So the brother of Joris could not take them to the Netherlands in september. The plan was now that he would come to pick them up in October.
    The kittens played a lot in our garden, at the park and with many of the children of our guests. One day a kitten was missing. It was Koos. The next day we found Koos, wedged between a log and a trunk. Koos had got the falling log on his belly and died.
    So three kittens left and they will soon go to the Netherlands and they are urgently looking for a home.
    - Winkey is, sweet , friendly , good with children and a little naughty. She has a special and warm caracter as she adopted the kittens while she was a teenager herself.
    - Keesje is a beautiful and cute cat, she wants to be hugged. She needs people around. Keesje is always where we are. She is just like a purring machine: you touch her and she starts purring!
    - Dr.Brown is very curious and follows everything with his big eyes. He has a beautiful tiger fur and he also wants to be cuddled. He is very obedient .
    All three are certainly housebroken and used to kids.
    Do you want one of these special kittens ? Please contact us: .

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  • SOLAR03 October 2013


    At Vila do Ouro we try as much as possible to generate energy from the sun. The last few days with those thick grey clouds were a bit tricky, but on a day like today, the panels (see photo) had no problem at all. There was plenty of sunshine, occasional clouds, little wind and 25 º C in the shade.

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  • CLOUDY AGAIN02 October 2013


    They said, last June, that this summer of 2013 would be the coolest summer of the last 200 years. And yes, it was indeed a few degrees cooler than usual in recent months, but that was just delicious. September and October would be warmer than average, but that prediction has not come true. Certainly not the last 6 days. Today it was cloudy weather with even some rain at the end of the afternoon. We have measured 25 º C and occasionally we had some wind. Hopefully the sunshine will be back tomorrow!

    Rain or shine, our all-weather tennis court is always nice to play. (see photo) Though it was a very appropriate day to play tennis, no-one was playing at the time of the photo.

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