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  • Winter Maintenance31 October 2012

    Winter Maintenance

    This fishing boat is taken on land for the annual winter maintenance. Vila do Ouro is currently under the annual winter maintenance as well! Yesterday the last guests of season of 2012 have left and today we already started the annual maintenance. The annual maintenance means that the garden gets a big maintenance, repairs and improvements of the accommodations are implemented, walls will be painted  and the whole area and the buildings of Vila do Ouro will be cleaned from the inside and the outside.
    All accommodations get a 'limpeza bem fundo '. That's Portuguese for "deep cleaning". Our ladies need one or two days for each accommodation to clean it all inside out. What can be disassembled, such as shower doors, drawers, toilet seats, drains, is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and polished. Just about everything is disinfected with steam. After cleaning, the accommodation will be prepared for winter. Vila do Ouro is closed from November 1 t / m 15 February. The accommodations are not used. The items are well-protected stored so that the damp winter weather and possibly pests have no chance.

    In the time that Vila do Ouro is closed, we will not upload a daily blog. We will upload one blog per week instead. Remember that you can read beack all blogs from now untill March 2011. Left on the blog page of our website you will see the months. Click a month and you get all the blogs of the month. If you have nothing to do on a cold winter evening, then it might be an idea to read our warm messages about the Algarve.

    Those with a facebook account, can ‘like’ the page of Vila do Ouro ‘.The weekly blogs automatically appear on your facebook. We will also occasionally upload photos by mobile upload. Follow Vila do Ouro and stay informed about the Algarve!

    Do you have plans to book a holiday at Vila do Ouro for the season of 2013? Then simply contact us through our website. We are always available! Hope to see you in 2013!

    And then the weather of today: a weak sun, some clouds and no wind. It is enough to sit on a terrace with a comfortable 20 º C.

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  • Foggy30 October 2012


    Today we could not upload a better picture than this one of the wet tennis court. The whole day was a bit foggy and wet. The temperature was low with only 17 º C. The fog normally appears around the 10th of November, but this year the fog seems to be early.

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  • Pomegranates29 October 2012


    Our pomegranates were picked today (see photo)! Vila do Ouro has 3 trees with this healthy fruit along the tennis court. The pomegranates can be picked from late October to late December, but if we do not pick on time, they will be eaten by the many birds of Vila do Ouro. For them it is a delicacy as well!

    It was a sunny morning, but in the afternoon the clouds fields were getting fatter and fatter until there was a thick gray layer of clouds  above the entire Algarve. It was 21 º C.

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  • Train to the beach28 October 2012

    Train to the beach

    The beach train from Pedras d'El Rei is a great attraction for the whole family. From the parking lot it is a long walk to get to the beautiful beaches of the island of Tavira (Ilha da Tavira), but with the train it just takes 10 minutes. For 1.20 euro per person per ride (children free) you can take the train and you can enjoy the nature of the Ria Formosa while driving to the beach. From Vila do Ouro it takes  45 minutes by car to drive to Pedras d'El Rei.

    Today was sunny,  a bit windy and 23 º C in the shade.

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  • Krazy World27 October 2012

    Krazy World

    Krazy World is small leisure park near Vila do Ouro. This leisure park is excellent for young children. It is a mix between a petting zoo, pools, mini golf, children's activities and an exotic garden with tropical birds, turtles, snakes and crocodiles. The farm provides a lot of interaction with the animals and there are places where you can feed and pet the animals. See also the website: Todays picture is taken around 11.00 am.

    Today was a wonderful day for trips and activities. Lots of sun, 23 º C in the shade and a soft breeze.

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  • Paderne26 October 2012


    Yesterday was a rainy day. This morning it seemed to be another wet day (see the picture of this morning taken at 9.00 am), but around 10:00 am it was already sunny and the temperature climbed up to 24 º C.

    The picture of today is of Paderne and that is a 2 minute drive from Vila do Ouro! 

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  • Ponta da Piedade24 October 2012

    Ponta da Piedade

    These boatmen (todays picture) are waiting patiently in their boats for tourists. For a few euros you can sail to the Ponte de Piedade. That is a beautiful rock formation with caves, arches and lagoons near the city of Lagos. These boats can be found at the harbor entrance of Lagos.
    This morning was a bit rainy, but at 1 p.m. it started to be a wonderful afternoon with about 24 º C in the shade and very little wind.

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  • Dwarf Fan Palm23 October 2012

    Dwarf Fan Palm

    The plant on the picture of today is the European Dwarf Fan Palm, the only palm species that is originally European. ( The rest of the palms in Europe (and so also in the Algarve) have been imported from other countries. Nowadays more types of palm trees grow here. There are even palm plantations around. The palm on the picture can be find everywhere in the wild while hiking or cycling.
    Today was 26 º C, sunny, windy and at the end of the afternoon in became a bit cloudy. Tonight there has been forecasted some rain and wind.

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  • Sheep22 October 2012


    The rain from yesterday probably let grow some young blades of grass, because the sheep which came along Vila do Ouro this afternoon, found enough green things to nibble. It is in any case always fun when the sheep are passing Vila do Ouro. It is a typical winter thing. In summer there is nothing to eat and it is way to hot for them to walk all those miles.
    Today was a dry day with some fog in the morning and some overcast in the afternoon. Vila do Ouro had occasionally some sunny spells, but the beaches had far away the most sun of today. It was 23 º C and it was almost windless.

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  • Humid21 October 2012


    Sunday, October 21 was a rainy Sunday. Around nine o'clock this morning it begun to drizzle and during the rest of the day it remained overcast and there was about 4 times heavy rainfall. Today had almost no wind and the temperature was quite pleasant 22 º C.

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  • Cave20 October 2012


    The coastline of the Algarve is very impressive and delivers beautiful backgrounds for photos. The picture of today shows an enormous cave and if you look to the couple on the beach you can see what size this cave has. These people had the beach pretty much for them alone, even with this sunny day with 24 º C in the shade.

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  • Beautiful skies19 October 2012

    Beautiful skies

    This morning was sunny and we still could see the tail end of the rainy front of yesterday going down south over the Atlantic Ocean. It was mostly sunny today with 22 º C in the shade. Around the end of the afternoon, a new front came slowly from the north to the Algarve and that produced beautiful skies. The picture of today shows how the white cumulus clouds looked like above the dry lands of the Algarve. Perhaps it will give some rain tonight, but tomorrow would be sunny again.

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  • Rain & Cold18 October 2012

    Rain & Cold

    A winter day in October: rainy, gray, cloudy and cold. The highest temperature measured was 14 º C and this temperature is even a very low temperature in wintertimes. Although not all tourists are happy with the rain, such a wet day like today is very desirable in the Algarve.

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  • Rain is coming17 October 2012

    Rain is coming

    This picture of todays show two amorous couples on benches in the port of Faro. They watch how the clouds slowly wrap around the sun and how they make it disappear. Today's picture was taken at 5.30 p.m. and the first rain drops fell at 7.45 p.m.. Today was a beautiful sunny day with 26 º C in the shade and little wind. Tomorrow will be rainy and very cold for the time of year.

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  • Portimão Bay16 October 2012

    Portimão Bay

    In the bay of the port of Portimão are many boats at anchor. See picture of today. The boats on the picture enjoy a beautiful view!
    Besides the view they could enjoy the sun today as well. It was almost windless and it was 26 º C in the shade. For tomorrow night rain has been forecasted. We will see…!

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  • Empty coastline15 October 2012

    Empty coastline

    The west coast of the Algarve consists of miles and miles uninhabited nature reserve with here and there a building. See photo of today.

    Early this morning we were surprised by a huge difference in temperature. It was cold. It was only 15 ° C at 8.00 pm and that was pretty chilly with shorts. The cold was caused by a strong wind from the North. Fortunately the temperature raised again to a pleasant 27 º C in the shade on our central sun terrace at Vila do Ouro. The whole day we had clear skies.

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  • Lagos 14 October 2012


    The square on the picture of today is the place where once the slaves came ashore and where they immediately were traded. Fortunately, those times are over, but the square is still in Lagos. This city has a lot of history of the Portuguese seafaring. On a fairly cloudy day like today, it is excellent to explore the city. Today the temperature came not above the 26 ° C and it was occasionally quite windy. Fortunately there were a lot of sunny spells and the beaches stayed quite sunny today.

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  • Sub Tropical Beach Cafe13 October 2012

    Sub Tropical Beach Cafe

    The beach of Ferragudo (half hour drive from Vila do Ouro) has a few beach bars and beach restaurants between the sub-tropical plants as you can see on today's picture. There you imagine yourself in paradise. The beach is also very child friendly, large playground, organized and little waves. Today was another beach day in a row, slightly chilly in the morning, but the temperature eventually raised up to 27 º C in the shade. It was sunny and not windy.

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  • Dunes, Save Salgados12 October 2012

    Dunes, Save Salgados

    The morning was quite chilly with only 19 º C, but when the sun got more space, the temperature climbed up to 27 º C. We had a cool breeze sometimes. Now and then it was a bit cloudy, but the sun had the upper hand and made the day finally to a nice autumn day in October 2012.
    For the dune plants on the picture of today it might be their last 12th October of their lives. This dune is a natural reserve, but is still on schedule to be built with three large 5 star resorts. No one needs these resorts, it is just the greediness of some members of the local communities. They cannot wait to have their wallets filled with some millions. We have already written twice about this subject, but if you have not yet signed the petition, you still can do this. Salgados, which is the name of this natural reserve, is very popular with guests of Vila do Ouro.

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  • Cooler Air11 October 2012

    Cooler Air

    We had a cloud staying above Vila do Ouro for a few hours (see picture of today), but fortunately this cloud could not stop the sun to shine on the central sun terrace of Vila do Ouro. It was 27 º C and the summer weather from the past few days has gone now. The evening is quite fresh and has just 17 º C.

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  • High Cliff10 October 2012

    High Cliff

    This warm October day was a perfect day to be at the beach untill the sun goes down. It was 30 º C in the shade, sunny and windless. The picture of today shows how high the cliffs on some beaches can be. In summer many bathers search for some shadow of these high rocks, but this is not recommended. Be aware of falling rocks! On every beach is a warn sign at the entrance with the weak spots.

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  • Summer Day in October09 October 2012

    Summer Day in October

    At this time of year it is already dark at 7.30 pm. If we have to describe the state of the weather of today in one word, than we would choose, without a doubt, the word ‘summer’. The sky was clear, the wind was calm and the average temperature in the shade was slightly above 30 º C.

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  • Paradise08 October 2012


    The Algarve has some paradisiacal beaches like the one on today's picture. This beach is located near Carvoeiro, a 30-minute drive from Vila do Ouro. Today was summerish again: a blue sky, not much wind and 30 º C in the shade. The seawater is currently also quite nice with 23 º C.

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  • Holiday with the kids07 October 2012

    Holiday with the kids

    This morning it already felt like summer and it was promissed to be a wonderful summer day. The promise is fulfilled and 7 October will be remembered as a lovely summer day with an average temperature of around 30 º C, no wind and lots of sunshine.
    The pool terrace of Vila do Ouro was full of guests just like as it is in the high season. The only thing that is different is that in this time of the year the children who are staying at Vila do Ouro are very young. The average age of the children in this period is 3 months to 4 years. Vila do Ouro has a lot to offer to the parents and the children to make their holiday as easy as possible. After all most of the young parents are on holiday with their children for the first time in their life and for all of them is it a lot of adapting.
    Vila do Ouro is an excellent place for young families. We provide good cots with quality mattresses which are thoroughly cleaned with steam and mattress cleaner after each change. The mattress cleaner kills all mites and bacteria. We also have a baby DeLuxe Package for rent, we have a wonderful children's pool with two levels and the whole area is fenced. In addition, the pool terrace has a gate. The mom and dad could enjoy a few hours at the pool with a baby phone while their baby is having an afternoon nap. We also have young children between the ages of 6 and 2 years, so we know exactly what it means to be in the Algarve with kids! You can always email us for questions or information. So remember: even for young families Vila do Ouro is a perfect holiday destination!

    The pirate boat in the picture is one of the many attractions that attracts the older kids. They love it to make a trip with that boat. The boat sails from May / October.

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  • Skimboarding06 October 2012


    Today's picture shows a skimboarder on Praia dos Caneiros. This beach is located near Ferragudo. The white buildings in the distance on this picture is the city of Lagos.

    Today had, like yesterday, 28 º C, a lot of sunshine and little wind.

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  • WORLD ANIMAL DAY04 October 2012


    Today is World Animal Day!. Like last year we will talk about animals in Portugal. Today's picture shows a herd of bulls in a pasture at Lagoa. These bulls have a great life, only they do not know what their terrible fate will be.
    When they reach the age of 4 or 5 years, they will be loaded into a car and transported to an arena in the city. In the arena the 'nice people' who always gave food and water, suddenly appear to be cruel creatures and they start beating the bull with heavy sandbags. Then the genitals are crushed and the horns are filed. Full of pain and gasping for water, which is not given, there is something worse waiting ...

    Thirsty and tired, time has come to a next level of torture: a door goes open and the bull is pushed into the arena. The bull sees that he ends up in a sandy arena full of people laughing and applauding. Most of them appear Portuguese and Spanish, but he also sees many tourists from the North of Europe. The bull is scared and wants to leave, but he can’t. The whole time bullies jump around him like a swarm of flies. They pull his tail, kick the bull and dive over him. The bull tries to get them, but they are too many and they are too fast. The spectators are smiling.

    Then he hears trumpets, the bull looks around and sees a man on horseback coming. Is that a bully? The bull runs towards it, closes his eyes and thinks that he finally can take the bully on his horns and that he can find an exit. But instead of taking the bully on his horns, he feels something prickling in his neck. A stabbing pain! What’s that? With every movement the bull makes, it hurts more and more. The bull wants to leave, but he does not see an exit. Then again he feels a stab and he sees "the bully on horseback 'passing by. Every time the bully on horseback passes, the bull feels a sting. The bull is racked with pain. In his peripheral vision, he sees that his neck is full of spears with barbs on it. He lost so much blood that the bull is no longer able to run. He is so thirsty that his tongue almost touches the sand. The bull becomes dizzy, he wants to lie down. The spectators start applauding, applauding, applauding louder. They all are smiling and they all are laughing. Why are they doing that? Is it so funny to see a bull suffering? While applauding they all rise up and the man on the horse bends like he has given a ballet show. The bull wants only one thing and that is sleep. He's cold.
    But then the bull feels someone pulling his tail. He feels that the nasty people are getting him out of this horrible scene. Are they good again? Is this just a bad dream?
    The noise of the spectators slowly fades away. Now he just hears what shouts of nervous males. Suddenly everyone is gone and the bull finds himself in a dark room. His neck hurts, his stomach hurts, his genitals hurt. The bull feels cold, he just feels the heat of his blood which flows over his shoulders. The bull falls asleep. After a full night sleep, the bull is awakened by a thumping. Suddenly the door opens and a bright light shines in his eyes. The only thing he sees is a man in a white coat. Then everything went black, the pain flows away and the bull never can think again.

    So, now you know! If you don’t want to see this happening, then don’t go to a bullfight. But don’t close your eyes, because it is happening every week! Help to stop this violence to animals. Why not just sign a petition today?

    Fortunately, many Portuguese do not longer want bullfighting in their beautiful and peaceful country. It is just a small group that likes bull torturing. If you visit Portugal then visit the real culture and their fantastic traditions which has nothing to do with bulls. This region of Portugal was covered today by a blue sky with a big sun in it. 30ºC and there was no wind at all. 

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  • Sand Sculptures03 October 2012

    Sand Sculptures

    Every year near Pera (a 15 minutes drive from Vila do Ouro) is a big area full of sand sculptures as you can see on todays picture. This year the main subject was the 'Idols'. That means that people like Madonna, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Brad Pitt, John Wayne etc were depicted in sand. Not only movie stars and musicians were a subject, but also idols such as Jesus Christ, Buddha and Gandhi, Einstein, Mickey Mouse and Steve Jobs were depicted. Check the next link: Artists from all over the world have worked hard to get some beatiful look-a –likes out of sand. This world of sand is usually open from May / October. For those who would like to see the sand sculptures this year, we still have some accommodation available for the next three weeks. And once one is here, one can enjoy the good weather at the same time: Today was 30 º C in the shade, sunny and windless.

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  • Calm Weather02 October 2012

    Calm Weather

    The weather now in October is very calm and makes perfect sceneries for beautiful pictures (see picture of today, taken around 6.30 p.m) The glassy waters of our large pool made a beautiful mirror. It was 28 º C in the shade and it was clear blue throughout the day.

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  • Afternoon Dive01 October 2012

    Afternoon Dive

    In October it still is possible to take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean just before the sun goes down.... (see picture of today). The seawater had today 22 º C. It was100% sunny, windless and 28 º C in the shade.

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