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  • 31 10 201131 October 2011

    31 10 2011

    The last day of October has been a cloudy day. The morning started quite sunny, but during the late morning a thick cloud came in and covered up the Albufeira area. A wind from the South cooled down the temperature and the highest temperature measured today was 24ºC in the shadow.

    Todays picture shows one of the viewing points of Vila do Ouro. This picture is taken around 5.30 pm.

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  • 30 10 201130 October 2011

    30 10 2011

    Today big waves hit the west-coast of the Algarve, as shown on todays picture taken near the beach of Carrapateira. As well the south-coast received quite a big swell and therefore most beaches had the red flag.

    It was a splendid autumn day with 26ºC in the shadow, sunny and just a weak wind from the south.

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  • 29 10 201129 October 2011

    29 10 2011

    Beautiful evenings.....this picture is taken at the beach of Portimão, Praia da Rocha. Today was an excellent day with 26ºC in the shadow, 100% sunny and almost no wind.

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  • 28 10 201128 October 2011

    28 10 2011

    All beaches of the Algarve have signs as shown on todays picture. These signs show where it is safe to sit at the beaches and where it is not safe to sit, because of the danger of falling rocks.

    Today was a 100% sunny day with a bit wind and 24ºC in the shadow.

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  • 27 10 201127 October 2011

    27 10 2011

    Today it was autumn in the Algarve: 20ºC, rainy, cloudy with some sunny spells and very windy.

    The airport of Faro still is in trouble, but travelers could use the arrival- and departure halls again. Not like yesterday when everything was happening in open air. Normally not a problem, but with this weather from the last days it is not so funny. Public bathrooms were put outside as well. Todays picture shows 5 toilets for all those poor travelers. They were cleaned constantly. In the back you see some damage to the roof of the airport. Many airplanes had to go to Seville or Lisbon. It is a big problem for Faros Airport, but in one way or the other it is well organized.
    Tomorrow the sun will be back and the wind will be gone.

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  • 26 10 201126 October 2011

    26 10 2011

    Todays picture shows the well of Vila do Ouro. Without this well some plants and trees would not survive this climate. Today the well did not have to supply any water for the plants; as you can see on the picture did we have enough rain.

    Today was a cloudy and windy day with some heavy showers from time to time. Maximum temperature was 22ºC.

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  • 25 10 201125 October 2011

    25 10 2011

    This morning started with just 14ºC at 8.00 am. It was a bit cloudy with sunny spells and we had a few showers. After 11.00 am it turned to be completely sunny and the temperature reached a maximum of 24ºC. There was no wind. The evening is cool again and that gives us the winter vibes.

    The South coast had some big waves today. People were enjoying the waves, especially because the water temperature is still 22ºC. Todays picture shows Praia da Falésia which is just a 15 minute drive from Vila do Ouro.

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  • 24 10 201124 October 2011

    24 10 2011

    The sun rises normally after a stormy night, as you can see on todays picture. At 4.00 am it began to rain heavily. A gale force wind made it a bit violent. Faros airport has been damaged as you can see in todays news. Vila do Ouro had no damage.
    Today started sunny, but windy. It kept on being sunny and it was actually a nice day with 24ºC in the shadow.

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  • 23 10 201123 October 2011

    23 10 2011

    Today autumn started: windy, a lot of clouds and just a maximum temperature of 23ºC. We had some small showers during the afternoon. The wind will be stronger tonight with 36 knots and will be blowing straight from the South West.

    Today was sunny enough to be at the beach. Todays picture is from a lifeguard who is preparing himself for the rain with his hood and two parasols.

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  • 22 10 201122 October 2011

    22 10 2011

    These fishing boats are pulled out of the water to safe them for the ocean. This photo was taken this morning in the village of Olhos de Agua, 7 km in front of Vila do Ouro.  For many tourists, the waves of today were a great attraction. The water is still great for swimming. A rough sea is forecasted for next 3 days.

    Today was a windy day with some clouds. We had a lot of sunshine and the maximum temperature in the shade was 25 ° C. Around 4.00 p.m. it was already around 23 ° C and at 9.00 p.m. we had some rain.

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  • 21 10 201121 October 2011

    21 10 2011

    The harvest of the olives has already started a few weeks ago. Next week will be the last week. Forecasted for next week is a very strong wind and that will blow off the olives anyway. Rain is as well forecasted for some days. In any case, the Algarve needs rain, because it is very dry at the moment. Todays picture shows olives which are ready to pick.

    Today was a sunny day, maximum of 26ºC in the shadow and a lot of wind from the South.

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  • 20 10 201120 October 2011

    20 10 2011

    It was a great day with lots of sunshine and a maximum of 27ºC in the shadow. Todays picture shows a 'greater flamingo' at the beach of Salgados. At Salgados you can find a lot of birds in the lake behind the beach. More information about flamingos:

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  • 19 10 201119 October 2011

    19 10 2011

    Guests from Vila do Ouro mainly like to visit the cities of Lagos, Silves, Loulé, Faro and Tavira. These cities have a interesting history and have old buildings like castles and churches to visit. Todays picture shows a church in Tavira. As you can see, taken at 4.00 pm. Some churches are always open for a visit, others have opening hours.

    Today started a bit cloudy, but at 9.00 am it was already completely sunny. The maximum temperature in the shade was 28ºC.

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  • 18 10 201118 October 2011

    18 10 2011

    This morning was chilly with 19ºC, but at midday the temperature reached the maximum of 27ºC in the shadow. That is an average temperature for October. Next week it will be much cooler, due to a low pressure area which will visit the coast of Portugal.

    Todays picture shows the view of the east side of Vila do Ouro.

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  • 17 10 201117 October 2011

    17 10 2011

    The picture from today shows the bay of Pera with the beaches Praia de Gale, Praia dos Salgados and the town of Armacao de Pera which you can see in the back. This city has many new and high buildings and just a few original old buildings. In 1577 there were already fishermen who mainly lived there because of the large quantities of tuna that were easy to catch in the bay of Pera. Since the 1980’s, the city grew through tourism. In the summer it is a lively resort. The beach of Armacao de Pera has a fishing village. The wooden buildings are on stilts and there is always activity. The fishermen leave there with their boats, bring back the catch, repair their nets and maintain their boats. In the nearby restaurants, fresh fish can be eaten.
    From Vila do Ouro Armacao de Pera is a 20 minutes drive away.

    Today was windy, as the sea shows. There was a lot of sunshine and it was finally 29 ° C in the shade. The Atlantic Ocean was warm again.
    For the coming week cooler weather is forecasted and the temperature will drop with 5 degrees.

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  • 16 10 201116 October 2011

    16 10 2011

    This Sunday began as a warm October day with lots of sunshine, but around 10 o’clock in the morning the wind began to blow. It was 30 ° C in the shade at 1.00 pm, but in the afternoon the wind was that strong that the the temperature cooled down quickly to 27 ° C. Some clouds apear and reduced the sun power. It brought down the temperature to 25 ° C in the late afternoon and this temperature persisted until late in the evening.

    The picture today shows how hard it blew. Not that the boat went so fast, because after all it was anchored somewhere off the coast of Faro, but the windmill in the mast showing the speed of the blades.

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  • 15 10 201115 October 2011

    15 10 2011

    The beaches of the Algarve has often these signs shown at todays picture. The beaches are divided into areas. You have areas for rented beds and parasols and areas to use your own parasol. The sign on the picture points to the area where you can sit with your own parasol. If you're in the wrong area and open up your parasol, you will be quickly tapped on the shoulder by a big and tanned lifeguard who requests you to move immediately.

    It was a wonderful day today. There was more wind than the last few days, but it was sunny and 29 º C in the shade.

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  • 14 10 201114 October 2011

    14 10 2011

    Today it felt like a real summer day; all day from morning till evening it wasnice and warm. It was 100% sunny, there was hardly wind and the highest temperature measured in the shade was 31 ° C.
    The picture today is taken just before the sun set.

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  • 13 10 201113 October 2011

    13 10 2011

    It was a nice summerday with 31ºC in the shadow. It was completely sunny and we had a soft summer breeze. The water of the Atlantic Ocean has still 22ºC, so it still is possible to make an evening swim as you can see on todays picture.

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  • 12 10 201112 October 2011

    12 10 2011

    Vila do Ouro has several tile paintings. This kind of house decoration is seen all over the Algarve. Tile paintings are for sale in ceramics shops along the N125.

    It still is beautiful weather with 30ºC, sunshine and no wind, but we can feel that the autumn is starting. The nights are getting cooler.

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  • 11 10 201111 October 2011

    11 10 2011

    Roses are always beautiful. We have a few at Vila do Ouro. Everybody knows roses, but it is still interesting to read more about this flower on next link:

    The weather today is beautiful again, sunny, a small breeze and 30º C in the shadow at mid day.

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  • 10 10 201110 October 2011

    10 10 2011

    Not only the mornings are great for a photo shoot, as shown on yesterdays picture, the evenings are as well beautiful to make some nice shots. Todays picture is an example of a colorfull evening.

    Today was sunny, windy, warm with 29ºC in the shadow and the evenings are still perfect for a diner outside.

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  • 09 10 201109 October 2011

    09 10 2011

    At sunrise, the big house with the apartments and studios is coloring gold-yellow. This picture is taken today at 7.30 a.m.
    It is a splendid summer day with already 29ºC in the late morning.

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  • 08 10 201108 October 2011

    08 10 2011

    While the guests of Vila do Ouro are sleeping, sinister things are happening outside in  the world of insects and reptiles, as shown in the picture today. The gecko has caught a grasshopper and will eventually consume it.
    The Algarve has a lot of geckos, so they're spotted on Vila do Ouro regularly. It is a kind of lizards that are completely harmless to humans, but for insects they are a threat. They catch mosquitoes, crickets, moths, beetles and so on. Actually they are very useful. They are mainly active at night and lurk in outdoor lighting.
    More information about the gecko can be found at the following link:

    It remains summer, the temperature in the shadow was today 30 ° C, there was a strong sun, a summer breeze and a cloudless sky.

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  • 07 10 201107 October 2011

    07 10 2011


    Almost every beach in the Southern Algarve has bins like shown on todays picture. Portugal is having a good system for separate waste. Throughout the country, the waste is separated into plastic and cans (plastic / metal), paper (papel) and glass (vidro). The bins have colors: yellow for plastic and cans, brown / green glass and blue for paper. It starts already at the airport when you arrive at Faro or Lisbon. The bins consist of four parts and you have to choose the good part/color. In the malls, on beaches, in parks etc everywhere the bins have the same color. In fact, each product bought in supermarkets in Portugal, shows the color of the container on the packaging. Just to make sure that you deposit the waste in the right bin.
    Today was windy, but sunny and warm with 32ºC in the shadow.
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  • 06 10 201106 October 2011

    06 10 2011


    Terrific summer weather! Blue skies, sunshine, no wind and 31ºC in the shade. The evening is warm and excellent for outdoor dinners or barbecues.
    Todays picture is taken from a boat and shows one of the busiest beaches of Albufeira, Praia da Oura.
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  • 05 10 201105 October 2011

    05 10 2011

    Today was a public holiday in Portugal, called Republic Day. This day, the end of the Monarchy of Portugal and the beginning of the Republic is celebrated.

     It was an excellent summer day, with high temperatures like 31ºC in the shadow, no wind and plenty of sunshine. Todays picture is taken at the west coast of the Algarve near Alzejur. People were enjoying the beach untill far after sunset.

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  • 04 10 201104 October 2011

    04 10 2011

    Today is World Animal day, so let’s talk about the animals. We all know that Southern European countries do treat animals different than we are used to do in Northern Europe. Also Portugal has not the capacity to solve the problems with abandoned animals. Luckely more and more people are getting aware of the suffering of animals and start to fight for animal rights.

    Below we give a few links, which you can check to know what’s going on with the animals in Portugal.

    What says the law in Portugal:

    For donations or to get a cat or dog, the following links has to be checked:

    In Albufeira are many abandoned cats. Senora Lesley is tries to help them, but she needs donations to buy food:

    Bull fighting in Portugal is different than in Spain, but it is cruel anyway. Check out how this ‘game’ is played on next link:

    There are organisations that fights for animal rights in Portugal, check out next link for more information or donations:

    To understand more about your dog, check this link from world most famous dog whisperer:

    Today was nice, sunny, warm with 31.5ºC and no wind.

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  • 03 10 201103 October 2011

    03 10 2011

    Today was a good october day with plenty of sunshine, a temperature around 30ºC and a soft wind. It was a great day to relax at the swimming pools or at the beach. Todays picture is taken at Praia de Galé around 5.45 p.m.

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  • 02 10 201102 October 2011

    02 10 2011

    This morning was still very windy, but it was much less powerful than yesterday. The sun was there all the time; there were no clouds in the sky. The highest temperature today was 29 degrees C in the shade. The picture today is made ​​at 5.45p.m. There was a pair of sunglasses on our self-service bar and they mirrored the lovely pool terrace with the beautiful evening light.

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  • 01 10 201101 October 2011

    01 10 2011

    Just as the rest of Europe, the Algarve was very sunny today. Only the Algarve was suffering a strong wind from the direction of Africa. This is all due to a low pressure that currently hangs over the Algarve. It was warm with 27 ° C in the shade, but with a strong wind, over 25 knots, it was for example not very nice to sit on the beach. Only for those who liked to be sandblasted. The sea was very messy and wild. The sea was looking like the North Sea, while it is normally very clear. The sea temperature was also great today. When the current comes from the south, it brings always a nice temperature  with it. It was certainly wonderful to walk along the cliffs for a nice breath of fresh air. The picture today is of a palm tree on the pool terrace..

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